4 Unconventional Ways Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Property

There are several key methods available to homeowners looking to sell their homes quickly. You also could use a real estate agent, but there are some compelling reasons why you may not want to always rely on this method.

1) Sell your home through Amazon Local (for FSBO)

2) Rent your home out via Airbnb or HomeAway

3) Sell your home online

4) Fractional Ownership of Real Estate

Sell Your Home with Amazon Local for FSBO:  Colorado Springs homeowners today can take advantage of the marketplace that Amazon has created in order to sell their homes themselves for cash. Sometimes the best things do come in small packages and don’t require any advertising either! Many people are surprised at how easy it is to list and get an official offer within days instead of weeks or months.

Owner Finance

These types of strategies are available in all markets for high-end and distressed properties, but the technique is more common than you might think. The simplest way to do it is to offer financing in some manner with the purchase contract (most commonly a good faith deposit) that can be used when the buyer obtains conventional financing within a specified period of time. You come away with an attractive price upfront, and if they don’t get financing, the deal is over. If they do make it happen, you have a great new client who came to you because everything fell into place at just the right time.

One of the biggest benefits of these types of contracts is that neither party has any motivation for doing anything other than what’s in their best interest as self-preservation is the driving factor for each person involved.

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Rent with an Option

These monthly expenses will continue to accrue whether the home is occupied or not. Making sure your tenant has a solid rental history and good references will protect you from these damages, as well as damage to your credit score. A better choice is self-managing your investment property on a long-term basis. You can save yourself the cost of paying property managers to handle day-to-day management tasks while still receiving income that’s comparable or even higher than what you were receiving when renting it out monthly. If your tenants are determined enough, they may try to fight back against their removal by filing wrongful eviction lawsuits against you in civil court, which could potentially be expensive for you in both legal fees and lost revenue from the sale of the during those months.


Suggestions on how to sell your home quickly include a Colorado Springs real estate sales pro who does not charge up-front commissions and has a proven track record for selling homes in the local market. You can receive an unbiased analysis of your home’s current market value through various online valuation tools that are free, no-obligation websites that provide you with a list of recent sales data and previous listings within your neighborhood. We encourage you to call or email us if you need additional information regarding getting TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR HOME!

Direct Sale

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There are many reasons that homeowners choose to sell their homes directly to a buyer over going through an agent or choosing to list the property themself. The first reason is so the homeowner can save time – if you were to list your home on the MLS yourself, you would have to host showings for potential buyers, answer questions from each one of them, and prepare your home for each showing. You’d also need to deal with inspections and all the other final steps involved before selling your house By dealing directly with a real estate investor you can sell your house cash in 10 days with no fees.


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