How to Set Up a Rent to Own Agreement That Will Help You Sell Your House for the Highest Price Possible

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This agreement is intended to be entered into by and between ______________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyers“) who may become residents of [Market City]/homeowners in Colorado Springs, and _____________, LLC (“We \) (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

The transactions contemplated herein are evidenced by documents prepared by We at the Buyer’s expense. Throughout this document, pronouns refer to both singulars and plurals unless otherwise expressly stated. All references to time periods shall mean those days, weeks, or months that have elapsed following the execution of these documents. A person includes any natural person, trust, corporation, or other legal entity. References hereto where there is a conflict with the agreement.

In order to rent-to-own your home, you will need to use a professional rent-to-own company like HBR Colorado. They have been helping people move out of their houses fast for years with their unique service and they will help you sell your home in just a few weeks from now.

Maintenance and Repairs: The Standard RTO Agreement

Many rental agreements that involve trading equity for the initial payment or monthly rent payments include clauses about maintenance and repairs. There is no single page that covers every situation that might happen during the term of your agreement, so it’s important to understand some basics before signing any contract.

Get Your Asking Price

Selling your house using one of these methods will also allow you to be more flexible with your house-selling timeline. By not having to worry about getting your Colorado Springs property sold at a certain time, the pressure is off. You can take as long as needed or want to get the optimal price for your home because you’ll already know how much money you’re going to walk away with. Plus, if needed, it’s wise and possible to list a home for sale using one of these methods 3 months before it goes on the actual market with an agent, provided there is decent financing in place and no potential complications arise during this staging period between listing with a real estate agent and closing on the property when finished renting.

Potential Buyers

Selling your house when you are looking for a rent-to-own agreement and Colorado Springs renters are looking for temporary housing can be the perfect scenario to profit from your home sale.

Rent-to-Own Agreements Can Work To Your Advantage

A rent-to-own agreement is simply an alternative financing option that sellers can offer buyers, enabling them to pay for the purchase of their new home over time. Renters pay in monthly installments, with each payment going towards ownership of the property as well as building equity in it. This allows prospective buyers who would otherwise not have been able to come up with all of the money upfront for a down payment on a traditional mortgage loan an opportunity to pursue homeownership with lower initial cash down.


Selling a property using one of these agreements can be a quick and easy solution for both parties in a rent-to-own agreement.

Rent-to-own deals are structured as contracts between the buyer and seller, which is why it’s important your contract protects you from potential legal problems. As part of our service, we edit your rent-to-own agreement based on local laws, including those in Colorado Springs. Before deciding whether or not to pursue an agreement with a tenant who has bad credit, it’s important to understand how these agreements can affect you as the landlord. If you want to learn more about setting up and working with a rent-to-buy deal, contact us today!

At HBR Colorado, we are committed to doing business the right way! We are guided by a code of ethics, and it is our commitment to provide full disclosure about each of our available properties. Your rent-to-own agreement will include all pertinent information regarding the property and any associated terms that may affect your ability to purchase. If you have questions or need clarification on any portion of your rent-to-own agreement, please feel free to contact us at any time during or after your visit to HBR Colorado. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to help answer any questions you may have during this exciting time in your life! Send us a message or call HBR Colorado at (719) 286-0053.


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