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Selling A House With Tenants In Colorado

Table Of Contents Can A Landlord Sell A House While Tenants Are Still Renting In Colorado? Common Challenges When Selling A House With Tenants Inside What Happens After The House Is Sold? What If There Is No Lease In Place? Getting Tenants To Play Ball Negotiating With Tenants Selling A House With Squatters Still Inside … Continued

5 Challenges of Selling Your House in the Winter in Colorado Springs

Sellers face many challenges, from deciding which sales method suits their circumstances to when to list their house on the market. Winter can bring the need to change your approach to how you handle a variety of tasks.  If you’re selling your house in Colorado Springs during this season, information about handling these tests of … Continued

Selling Your House Fast to an Investor in Colorado

If you are considering selling your home in Colorado, you may be wondering how quickly you can get things done. Selling your home can be a time-consuming process that requires patience, research, and knowledge. However, if you are looking to get things done quickly or if you need the cash right away, selling your house … Continued

How to Take Your Portfolio from 1 Property to 10 in Colorado Springs

If you are just starting your real estate investment business, you must treat it as such. If you’re like other beginning investors, you may be wondering how to increase the holdings in your portfolio; however, as an investor, your job is to acquire assets. Rental properties offer great potential to help achieve your goal, along … Continued

What Homeowners in Colorado Springs Can Expect During the Foreclosure Process

If you’re concerned about your property going into foreclosure due to circumstances beyond your control, the optimum scenario would be to work with your lender for a resolution before things go any further. However, going through the foreclosure process can be made easier when homeowners understand what lies ahead, so read on as we explore … Continued

How to Quickly Sell Your Unwanted Investment Property in Colorado Springs

Sometimes plans don’t come to fruition, and investment property can become a burden, depleting your time and funds. If you’re holding an unwanted investment property, you can take steps to exit the property quickly. Likewise, if you’ve inherited real estate and it’s draining your wallet and wearing on you emotionally, as challenging as it may … Continued

How to Find the Best Tenants for Your Colorado Springs Investment Property

You’re not alone if you have been wondering how to find the best tenants for your Colorado Springs investment property. After all, the tenants you place are the source of your income stream and the base upon which you will build significant wealth. Real estate offers a secure investment that has proven to build significant … Continued

5 Benefits of Owning Multi-Family Properties in Colorado Springs

Savvy investors understand the benefits of owning multi-family properties in Colorado Springs. Beginning investors appreciate multi-family properties for the advantage of house hacking to lower your housing costs, living in one of the units as the tenants pay down the mortgage and build their equity. In addition, multi-family properties offer cost and time-saving benefits worth … Continued

What You Should Know About Rehabbing Condos in Colorado Springs

Condominiums can bring in great returns for investors following the BRRRR method of investing, buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. They offer the benefits of homeownership in a private residence at a more affordable rate due to the shared features, such as walls or roofs, like apartments, with the common areas owned jointly by the community. … Continued

Should You Sign a Trust Deed When Selling Your House in Colorado Springs?

With so much paperwork to sign and complicated terminology involved in the transaction at closing, it can be confusing to understand just who signs a trust deed and when. However, holding real estate in a revocable living trust comes with many benefits, including estate tax savings, protection from creditors and avoiding probate. So read on … Continued

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