Evicting Squatters In 72 Hours In Colorado – How To Get Rid Of Squatters Fast – New 2022 Law

How To Remove A Squatter From Your House In Colorado

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How To Evict Trespassers In 72 Hours In Colorado (New Law In Effect For 2022)

I have some great news!

You can now evict a squatter who is trespassing in Colorado in 2022 in 72 hours flat!

Just follow the simple instructions below, fill out the forms, and take them to your local courthouse to get your day in court and evict your squatters promptly!

How To Evict A Squatter In 72 Hours If They Are Trespassing

  1. Follow Form JDF 153 – Instructions For Removal Of Unauthorized Person(s)
  2. Fill Out Your Proper PDF Forms Listed In The Instructions For Removal Of Unauthorized Persons Document

squatter steps for eviction colorado pdf

Step 3 – Fill Out Forms JDF 148 – 152 And An Affidavit Of Service

And for those of you who just read through all of that and said to yourself “I’m not doing all of that, isn’t there a faster, easier option” the answer is definitely a resounding yes!

You can choose to sell the house as-is with the squatter inside to a professional cash home buyer like us here at HBR Colorado.

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What Are Colorado Squatters Rights In 2022?

This article will help define what rights squatters have in the state of Colorado.  If you are looking to learn about squatting rights in Colorado then this article will help you learn exactly what rights squatters have and how you can evict squatters from your property if they are staying there without permission.

Colorado Squatting Laws are very complicated, but the main thing that you need to know is that if a squatter has trespassed on your property by breaking and entering and does not have a lease, you can evict them but must give them 90 days to clear the premises; unless you follow the quick-eviction guide at the top of the page which allows you to evict them quickly within 72 hours.

Can Someone Evict A Squatter From A Property That They Are Purchasing?

If you are the one who is buying the property you can get an Attestation of non-lease signed by the owner and then file the court summons and complaint yourself to get the squatter evicted by the Sherriff swiftly in just 72 hours.

Do Squatters Need Color of Title to Make an Adverse Possession Claim In Colorado? 

You are bound to encounter the term “Color of Title” when looking up what rights squatters have in the state of CO.  Squatters will often cite this law as entitling them to some sort of rights to the property if they have lived there for a certain period of time.

With it, a squatter will need to have lived in the home for only 7 consecutive years before being able to file an adverse possession claim. 

Squatting Vs. Trespassing – How To Differentiate

Squatting Laws in Colorado are designed to protect tenants who are being wrongfully evicted, but they usually end up protecting squatters who are illegally trespassing on someone’s property, unfortunately. 

The problem is, if you don’t have direct evidence that they have broken into your home without permission then you have to evict them through the steps listed above.

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It is not legal to shut off someone’s utilities in the State of Colorado

Shutting off the utilities of anyone staying inside of a home is a crime and that is what’s known as an unlawful eviction and should not be done under any circumstances!

Unless, of course, you are willing to take on the legal risk of getting a criminal charge against you, in which case you will be the one who needs to show up in court to answer for charges, not the squatter!

Proper laws landlords must adhere to when legally evicting a tenant

  • Landlords must follow the right process when evicting a tenant.
  • If not followed, the tenant can file a lawsuit with the county court or the district court.
  • If the tenant wins:
    • The County Court can award the tenant money (damages).
    • A District Court can stop the unlawful eviction while the case is pending (injunction).

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What Is The Difference Between Squatting and Trespassing?

If a person is living in a home without expressed consent from the owner of the property, then their status of “squatter” and “trespasser” hinges on how they obtained access to the property in the first place.

If the person used force to gain entry to the home, then they are considered a “trespasser”, and if they gained entry by other means then they are considered a “squatter”.

Trespassing is a crime, and calling your local sheriff’s office is probably your best bet when dealing with this particular situation.  If the local law enforcement team deems the person is trespassing, then they will be removed or arrested immediately on the premises.

(The number one thing that you must not do is to leave the property unoccupied for an extended period of time, as this will attract squatters and trespassers alike)

You may also be interested in our other article detailing how to sell a rental property in Colorado.

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What Rights Do Squatters Have?

Evicting Squatters Colorado…

If you have a squatter who is staying at your property without consent:

  • 2018 Updated SB 15 Law – Senate Bill 15 passed, which will aid homeowners in evicting squatters. Property owners must still file a complaint with the county court, but SB 15 only gives squatters two days to appear in court to present their case instead of months. If the unlawful occupants fail to appear in court, then the sheriff can be given the power to remove them from the property within the next 24 hours.
  • Colorado requires that you provide the squatter with at least a 3-day written notice, and once you have given them notice you may file an unlawful detainer to evict them through a standard court order.
  • If the individual refuses to vacate the premises within 48 hours, you may file the unlawful detainer with your local court office.  At this stage in the process, you may want to seek legal counsel to ensure that you are operating within the boundaries and guidelines of your state and local laws.  You can usually download an unlawful detainer form from the court website, then all you have to do is fill it out and file it at your local office.
  • Ensure that you are serving your squatters/trespassers with the required paperwork such as proof of service, and any other relevant documents that pertain to their current living situation.
  • Your local court will schedule a hearing that all parties must show up to, and you can present your case, and they will make a ruling based on the evidence provided to the courts.
  • Once the squatter has been served and has been given the chance to tell their side of the story, a hearing will be conducted which usually doesn’t take longer than 1 hour.
  • After the judge makes his ruling, you can then pass that along to the local sheriff, who will post a 5-day written notice to the squatter, and if they don’t leave within that time frame the local police will forcibly remove them and change the locks on the property.


Alternative, Slower Method For Legally Evicting A Squatter In Colorado

Once you file the lawsuit, the case is held, and you win the lawsuit, you can now take that paperwork downtown and recruit the local sheriff to formally evict the squatter.

If you are still confused please read the official INSTRUCTIONS FOR FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINER (FED)/EVICTION

Please keep in mind there is also a $97 filing fee

Some Things To Think About…

You may also run into scams when dealing with squatters in Colorado, so stay aware of your current surroundings and how people may be poised to take advantage of your property.  

Some dishonest people may attempt to rent out your property to another tenant, and the person renting the property will have no idea who the actual owner is.  

Other scams include squatters asking for large cash deposits in order to vacate the premises.  They will also often lie and say that they are renting the property from someone else, when in fact they are simply living for free without paying any rent.

Oftentimes, if sellers are living out of state and have inherited the property that the squatters are living in then they aren’t available to file the forms and formally evict the trespassers.

I just want these unauthorized people out of my house but the process is so overwhelming!

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Can You Sell Your House With Squatters Still Inside?


Our local home buying company HBR Colorado has successfully evicted plenty of squatters all across the state of Colorado and we know the law inside and out, so we can confidently have them evicted fast!

If you are dealing with squatters and are wondering if you can sell the house for quick cash while they are still inside?  The answer is yes.

Please contact us by filling out the form below to get a free quote on your house in under 24 hours and sell your house fast right out from under those pesky squatters and you will never have to hear from them or deal with them again!

What If I’m Living Out Of State?  Can I Still Sell My House With Squatters In There?

Of course.  Selling your Colorado house while living out of state is no problem because we can perform the close 100% virtually as outlined below.

Once we send the paperwork and contracts to you through email and they are signed and sent over to the title company, the closing agent will work with you to get your wiring instructions for the transaction.

Once you have signed the paperwork and sent the title company your wiring instructions, the next step is for us to wire in the funds so that the closing agent can close the deal and get your cash wired directly into your bank account through a domestic wire transfer.

This is known as a “mail-out closing”.

The only caveat is that the forms must be notarized so you will have to drive to a local notary in your area to sign the closing documents.

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Are There Any Other Options Available To Quickly Get Rid Of Squatters?

Evicting squatters in Colorado can be an extremely challenging, time-consuming process that costs you a lot of money.  HBR Colorado is here to help you throughout the entire process, and we are able to make you an all-cash offer on your property and help you with evicting these squatters that have no right to be there in the first place.

We are willing to offer alternative solutions to sellers who are willing to “partner with us” on the deal.

For example, if you want to come to some type of agreement that we will evict the squatters and spend our money to fix up the home and then resell it, our company will be entitled to a percentage of the proceeds from the sale.

This is only for our more trusted clients, so we would prefer to get to know you a little bit more first before we consider doing something like this with you.  

But we are definitely open to it and that option is available for select clients.

Selling Your House For Quick Cash With The Squatters Still Inside

 Selling your Colorado house As-Is for Cash is the best way to clear the stress of dealing with squatters because then you will no longer have to worry about the property, as we will take over the deed and continue the eviction proceedings under our supervision.

If you want help selling your home fast for cash, and want a free online quote for your property today then please fill out the form below.

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