How To Remove A Squatter From Your House In Colorado

How To Remove A Squatter From Your House In Colorado
Hey guys, how’s it going? My name’s Brian with HBR Colorado Home Buyers based out of Colorado Springs. We also buy houses in Denver and all along the front range, basically, all throughout the State of Colorado. Now, what we specialize in are squatter removal and evictions. Or more specifically, we specialize in purchasing houses with the squatters still inside.

Now I know that many of you who are familiar with this type of situation are aware of the amount of destruction, drama, financial hardship that squatters can cause when they’re holding up your property from being rented, sold, gifted to friends, and family, and other important things that you want to do with your property. So I’m just going to run through the eviction process, just to provide some information and content that’s valuable. So if you want to go the traditional route, you’re not even sure how to evict the squatter. First thing, you got to file a notice to quit. You got to send them a letter registered mail, and also, you need two copies, two copies. You want one copy sent through registered mail. You need to get an official notice to quit document. You can find them online or you can pick them up at the local courthouse.

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So you need two copies of that. One copy sent registered mail. That’s your proof. You saved the little ripoff receipt that the post office gives you. And second letter, you want to tape it to their door and then take a picture. And then, you take all that evidence down to the courthouse and you file it in a summons. And then, you have to hire one of those servers to actually go out there and serve them the document too. So it’s very complicated process. It’s a long drawn out process, but once you do that, then you actually can get a court date. And then, you’ll have a hearing where the judge will rule probably in your favor because it’s your property. So then at that point, the sheriff will go out to the property and forcefully remove the squatter.

Now, what are some alternative options for sellers that have squatters living inside their houses? There aren’t many, because even if you try to like turn off the utilities, like yeah, there’s some gangster tactics that people joke about using. Oh, I’ll just go in there and push them out. I’ll hogtie them. I’ll hire some mobsters off of Craigslist and get them to go break their ankles. I’ll turn off the electricity, turn off the water. That’s all illegal evictions. I know many people get angry during these situations and they want to result to these things, but it’s not the right way to go because it can actually hurt you. And you could end up with criminal charges pressed against you for breaking the law, which is the last thing you want when you’re in this type of position.

So long story short, we are real estate investors and house-flippers that buy houses with squatters inside of them all throughout Colorado. So if you have a house with a squatter inside and you’d like to get a fair cash offer today, visit us at or give us a call at 719-286-0053. You can also give us a text as well. Thank you. And good luck. And peace.

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