Denver Colorado Real Estate Market Stats

Denver Housing Market 2024: Navigating the Peak or Preparing for a Downturn?

The Denver housing market, once a soaring hot air balloon, seems to be finding its altitude in 2024. After years of rapid price increases, experts predict a shift towards a more stable, even slightly declining market. Let’s explore the current Denver housing landscape, analyzing prices, trends, and forecasts for the rest of the year: Current … Continued
How To Target Motivated Sellers With Facebook Ads For Real Estate Investing, Wholesaling, and Flipping

How to Use Facebook Ads to Attract Motivated Sellers

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use Facebook Ads to generate motivated seller leads. I’ll reveal the exact strategy I used on my website. It has generated over 1,300 leads from motivated sellers. Introduction In this post, you will learn: Let’s get started. What Are Facebook Ads? Advertisers pay for Facebook … Continued
Colorado Springs Property Tax Rates 2024

Strategies for Maximizing Savings in Colorado’s Evolving Property Tax Landscape

Living in Colorado comes with unparalleled beauty and adventure, but the state’s ever-shifting property tax landscape can hold hidden challenges. Navigating the terrain of exemptions, assessments, and deductions can feel like scaling a mountain without a trail map. Fear not, intrepid taxpayers! By employing smart tax planning strategies, you can maximize your savings and conquer … Continued
Colorado Mountain Town Real Estate

Colorado’s Mountain Paradise Plateau: Has the Real Estate Gold Rush Finally Gone Cold?

Colorado’s mountain towns have been a magnet for real estate investment in recent years with their majestic peaks and endless adventure. But like a skier navigating moguls, navigating the current landscape requires agility and understanding. 2023 saw a dramatic shift: transaction volume plummeted while prices stubbornly clung to record highs. What’s going on in this … Continued
Colorado Rental Property

Ensuring Livable Rentals with Colorado’s Habitability Standards

Finding a place to call home is a basic human need, yet not all rentals in Colorado offer the bare minimum for safe and healthy living. Fortunately, the state boasts robust habitability standards, empowering tenants to secure decent living conditions and landlords to maintain responsible property management. This article delves into the crucial realm of … Continued
Colorado Construction Defects Law

Navigating Colorado’s Construction Defects Law: A Comprehensive Guide

Living in a beautiful Colorado home shouldn’t come with hidden flaws. Unfortunately, construction defects can turn dream dwellings into nightmares. But thankfully, Colorado has a comprehensive law in place to protect homeowners – the Construction Defect Action Reform Act (CDARA). Let’s unpack this critical legislation and understand how it empowers you as a homeowner. What … Continued
Donald Trump Colorado Real Estate

Does Donald Trump Own Any Real Estate in Colorado?

Donald Trump, the former president and renowned businessman, has built an empire spanning hotels, apartments, casinos, and golf courses across the globe. But does Colorado figure in his real estate portfolio? The answer, as with many things Trump-related, is not straightforward. The Official Story: According to publicly available records, Donald Trump currently owns no real … Continued
Colorado Universities

Colorado’s Educational Excellence: A Guide to Top Schools and Universities

From the snow-capped peaks of the Rockies to the vibrant heart of Denver, Colorado is a paradise not just for outdoor enthusiasts, but also for those seeking academic excellence. The state boasts a diverse and dynamic educational landscape, catering to learners of all ages and backgrounds with a commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity. A … Continued
Colorado Springs, CO Real Estate

Battling Headwinds: Colorado Springs Real Estate Grits Through a Challenging 2023, Anticipates Rebound in 2024

Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs real estate market reflects resilience in the face of challenges, navigating a testing 2023 marked by headwinds and uncertainties. Despite the hurdles, industry experts and stakeholders express optimism, anticipating a rebound and renewed vigor in 2024. Key Highlights of Colorado Springs Real Estate Landscape in 2023: Expert Insights: Susan Realty, … Continued
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