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If you are a local homeowner who is searching for the best way to sell your house quick in Colorado then you are in luck because we are a local home buying company that will purchase your house in as little as seven days using our own cash, and we will close the transaction at a local reputable title company that you can work with closely to monitor the transaction, and control it to your liking.

Best Quick Sale Property Buyers In Colorado

We don’t like to brag or toot our horns too much, but we are the best quick sale property buyer’s in Colorado, and maybe even Denver…but we won’t go there, for now, that’s not really our main turf, but we do operate there on occasion.  Anyway, the reason that we are the number one quick sale company in the area is that we are able to offer much higher payouts and much faster closing times than our competition.  Also, we are able to make multiple offers using our marketing and listing service, which can net our sellers and clients up to 95% of ARV, depending on the area and how fast homes are moving, and other factors…of course.

Are you ready to get a quick sale offer on your Colorado Springs home right now?  Then give us a call or text directly at (719) 286-0053 or visit our homepage and one of our home buying specialists will assist you.

Benefits Of Doing A Quick Sale

  1. Faster closing times.  Unlike listing your house with a real estate agent, when you choose to do a quick sale and sell your property directly to an investor, you are able to close the deal much faster.  The reason is that we are cash buyers, and we don’t have to wait for financing to get approved by the banks before we can close on the deal.  We can simply wire the cash right over to the title company and buy the house right then and there.
  2. No real estate agents involved.  Many sellers these days are fed up with a lot of the run of the mill real estate agents from the major firms (we won’t say any names…for now…ahem!)… so this opens people up a lot more to alternative methods for selling their homes which don’t involve using real estate agents, like selling to investors.
  3. Ability to add special clauses in the contract.  When you sell to an investor, you have a lot more leverage and control in the transaction, and we will often go out of our way to work with you to get you the terms and conditions that you want on your sale.  For example, you can add a special clause that allows you to keep your refrigerator if you wanted to, and there are thousands of other possibilities when working with investors, and we are extremely flexible, so just ask us if we can do something if you are wondering because we probably can.
  4. Sell in as-is condition without fixing anything.  Since we are the house flippers, and we’re going to be the ones performing all of the rehab work on the transaction, you can sell the home to us in 100% as-is condition without having to invest any money out of pocket into fixing the house up in order to get it ready to list on the open market like you would if you were listing the home with an agent.

To find out more about how much we buy houses pays during quick sale transactions please read https://www.hbrcolorado.com/how-much-does-we-buy-houses-pay-in-colorado-springs/

We Are Experts At Closing Transactions Fast!

Our main goal as professional home buyers is to streamline the home selling process for our clients to the best of our abilities, and that means providing lightning-fast closings.  We know the value of selling a home for fast cash is the amount of speed in which you can get it…for example – someone might rather have $20,000 in one day than $30,000 in two days depending on their circumstances and how badly they need the money.  If you don’t have any food or clothes on your back then you might opt to take the $20k in 24 hours, and we factor that into our home buying process, and we attempt to close deals as fast as possible and get the check or wire transfer into your hands and/or bank account as quickly as possible.

We Work With All Local Title Companies Regularly

Since we are prominent investors in the local area, we work with all of the major title companies on a regular basis, and that means that we can get deals done even faster because we know and work with the closing agents at these title companies on a regular basis.  We have a good track record with most of the local companies, and they are able to pull mortgage payoffs and title commitment reports in as little as 24 hours in some cases.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions specifically about the closing process, how it works, payments, deposits, or anything of that nature, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Our team has been through quite a wide variety of different situations, so rest assured that we can handle whatever you are dealing with, no matter how complex or complicated it may be.  We have helped homeowners get rid of squatters, liquidate cars and unwanted property, move, and many other things that are unrelated to real estate in a way.  The point is that we are willing to go above and beyond to earn your business, and we will outwork every single competitor out there in the marketplace.

You can reach us any time via call or text at (719) 286-0053 or you can simply fill out the form below, or click on the live chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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