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If you have been searching online and wondering which company can buy your house fast in Colorado then you should definitely get in touch with us today at https://www.hbrcolorado.com to get an instant free quote in less than five minutes without any delays or deliberations.  You can get in touch with one of our home buying specialists for an instant quote at (719) 286-0053 right now, or you can simply click on the live chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen and find out exactly how much cash you can get for your home.

Our team is actively seeking 2 – 3 new properties per month in Colorado so please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started!

Selling your home in one week is extremely valuable to people who are facing extremely difficult life situations and circumstances which are forcing them to make sacrifices and liquidate assets to pay down outstanding debts and loans.  When you are thinking about the decision of whether to list your home on the market vs. selling through a quick sale company such as us here at HBR you must consider the different price points and timelines for each particular transaction.

Abandoning Traditional Listing Methods And Standards

Each day more sellers are thinking about abandoning the traditional methods of listing their home on the open market and are starting to consider other alternatives to selling through an agent such as liquidating fast to private investment firms such as us right here at HBR Colorado Home Buyers.  Our tag line is “home buyers and renovators” because that’s exactly what we do – buy homes with cash and renovate them and then relist them on the open market for a nice profit.

We are highly experienced in the art of real estate investing and home buying which enables us to act quickly without any delays and close on properties with a very fast timeline, sometimes even as fast as seven days without any other parties involved in the transaction.

Top Benefits Of Selling Fast Vs. Listing With An Agent

  • No commissions or fees.  When you list your property on the open market you will be forced to pay repair costs, listing fees, and commissions once the home finally sells to the appropriate buyer.
  • Sell in as-is condition.  Unlike listing your home on the open market, when you choose to liquidate your home for quick cash using a private real estate investment company they allow you the option to sell the home in 100% as-is condition without having to invest any of your own funds into fixing the property up.
  • Much shorter timeline.  Selling to investors instead of listing with an agent is beneficial to a lot of homeowners because house flipping companies buy houses fast using their own cash so the closing date is able to be pushed up to as little as one week compared to months or more when listing your property on the open market with a licensed agent.
  • Stop paying holding costs.  Most homeowners forget to add holding costs into their calculations when they are running the numbers on selling their home to investors vs. agents.  Holding costs are any fixed recurring monthly costs that must be paid out regularly.  These costs include but are not limited to: taxes, utilities, homeowner’s insurance, mortgage payments, and other similar fees.

For more details on locating companies who can pay cash for your unwanted house fast in Colorado please read the following article – https://www.hbrcolorado.com/who-can-buy-my-house-for-cash-in-colorado-springs/

Which Company Buys Houses Fast In Colorado?

HBR Colorado is the number one company based in Colorado Springs who buys houses fast without the seller having to pay any of the closing costs, repair costs, holding costs, commissions, or listing fees.  If you are looking for a real estate investment firm who can buy your house fast in as-is condition without you having to list it on the market, make repairs, or perform other tasks then please feel free to get in touch with our firm directly via call or text at (719) 286-0053 and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a risk-free quote in less than five minutes once we have gathered some preliminary information about your home.

Our team buys several houses per month and we constantly strive to keep our pipeline filled with new deals, so if you have a property that you are looking to sell as-is then please fill out the form below and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 – 48 hours with a free quote.

We have already bought, flipped, and resold several properties in the Colorado area which you can read about on our projects page

There you will be able to see a complete breakdown of all of the homes that we have successfully flipped so far and what types of repairs were performed on them.  We are a legitimate home buying and selling operation that is rapidly expanding and looking to network with other investors as well as anyone who is looking to sell their home.  We are cash buyers who can close fast in a very short amount of time, so please feel free to fill out the form below if you are ready to get started with the process right now.

Five More Reasons To Sell To A Home Buying Company

  1. No closing costs.  We are professional house flippers who like to help our sellers out of the bind that they are facing by alleviating as much stress and tension from their lives as possible….this means covering as many of the fees and costs as we can possibly absorb.
  2. Cash in one week.  We work very closely with all of the major Colorado title companies including Heritage Title, Land & Title Guarantee Compay, and all of the other major brands and we can have cash, a check, or an ACH deposit put directly into your personal or business bank account in as little as seven days flat!
  3. No drawn-out process.  We all know the common frustrations of having to list a home on the open market with a real estate agent, and how the process is often delayed for weeks or even months at a time.  When you choose to sell directly to a professional home buyer there are never any delays or complications, just fast cash with no hassles.
  4. Stop making phone calls.  Most homeowners who are looking to sell are simply sick and tired of making phone calls, so it’s a huge relief to have someone who can make a firm, concrete cash offer in less than 20 minutes once you have provided your basic property information such as the estimated cost of repairs.
  5. Alleviate stress.  When we buy your house fast in Colorado it will immediately alleviate all of the stress and headaches that you have been dealing with over the years so please consider this when you are going through the various options for liquidating your property with those who mean the most to you in your household.

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