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If you have recently inherited a house in Colorado, and you live out of state, then you are likely looking for a professional home buying service that you can turn to who advertises We Buy Houses In Probate In Colorado who can come in and purchase your home quickly, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of listing it with a local real estate agent, fixing it up, and paying expensive repair costs, holding costs, commissions and fees. A lot of people who inherit houses live out of state, and they are forced to attempt to manage the sale of the property from another location, which is extremely difficult.

If you want to avoid the stress, headaches, and hassle that comes with trying to sell your inherited house through a realtor, and you want to get a fair, no-obligation cash offer today, then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and someone from our team will give you a free online quote in under 24 hours.  If you like our offer and decide to accept it, then we will close out the deal at a local title company in as little as one week, or whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us immediately, as we can likely move your house very quickly for cash, and you won’t have to use a licensed real estate agent.

Reasons To Sell Your Inherited House To An Investor

  • No commissions or fees.  Since we buy houses in probate with our own cash, you don’t have to pay any expensive commissions or fees to a local real estate agent.
  • Fast closing times.  Since we don’t have to wait around to get approved for traditional lender financing, we can close on the deal in whatever time frame works for you, oftentimes within one week.
  • No repair costs.  Since we are purchasing the property in as-is condition, you won’t have to worry about making any repair costs whatsoever.  We are professional home buyers and flippers, so let us worry about making all of the necessary repairs.
  • No closing costs.  Since we are the flippers, and we’re going to be making money on the deal, we feel it’s only right that we will cover 100% of the closing costs, leaving you with more cash on hand to walk away from the closing table with.

For more information on selling a property in probate please read How To Sell A Property In Probate In Colorado

Get A Risk Free, No Obligation, Fair Cash Offer On Your Inherited House Right Now!

If our professional home buying services sounds like it’s a good fit for your particular situation, and you’d like to take the next step and receive a risk-free, no-obligation, no-hassle, fair cash offer on your property right now then please give us a text or call right now at (719) 286-0053 and someone from our team will provide you with a free quote on your home within 24 hours.  We operate under a very strict stress-free, no-hassle policy which means that if you tell us, no, we know that means no, and we will simply move onto the next customer.

We know that our home buying service is not a good fit for everyone, so if our numbers don’t line up with what you are expecting, we will either refer you to a licensed real estate agent or there is no deal to be made.  We aren’t interested in trying to force someone to take less money than they are comfortable with, and all of our sales representatives are trained to provide the most sensible customer service that gives our clients the space to make their decisions comfortably and conveniently.

You have my personal guarantee that no one from our sales team will ever try to pressure you into a sale that you aren’t 100% comfortable with.  We will do whatever it takes to earn your business every step of the way, and we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and support to our clients throughout the entire sales process of your home.

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