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If you are a homeowner who is interested in selling their home fast for cash, and you don’t want to list it with a realtor and pay commissions and fees, and you’d much rather sell quickly without the added hassle, then you’re probably searching online for real estate investors who advertise we buy homes fast in Aurora, Boulder, Lakewood Colorado.  One of the best things about working with a private real estate investment firm to sell your house is that you have complete control over the situation, and you aren’t working on someone else’s timeline.

When you sell fast to an investor for cash, you get to choose the closing date, and this gives you both speed and flexibility, something that normally doesn’t come pre-packaged into most standard real estate transactions.  If you’ve ever sold a house, then you know how difficult and time-consuming the entire process can be, which is why we consistently strive to offer our clients a fast, effective solution for liquidating their homes quickly and extracting the equity out of their properties and into their pockets.

What Price Will I Get For My Home If I Sell Quickly To An Investor?

Excellent question!  And the answer is of course that it varies based on a variety of different factors:  what neighborhood and school district your house is in, what other similar homes are listed for, and have recently sold for in the same subsection of the city, how much equity is in the home and how much debt is still owed on the mortgages and liens, and many other factors that we won’t get into right here.  But, we can give you a good basic understanding of the general formula that we use to get rough estimates for our cash offers, which is often the starting point where we build from, and the number that we use as a foundation to analyze how much we can pay for any given property.

How Our Simple Home Buying Formula Works

Our simple home buying formula is very straight-forward and effective.  Essentially what we do is take 80% of the full market value (or after repair value, meaning how much the home will be worth once it’s fixed up to the fullest use of the property) and we subtract the estimated repair costs to give us a rough estimate of how much cash we can safely pay for the home and still have enough of a margin to fix it, flip it, market it, sell it and turn a profit.

Look, we’re in this business to make money, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it just means we use very specific criteria to value homes to see if we’re going to be able to buy them or not, so if our numbers are within the price range that you’re looking to sell and we can draw up a purchase and sale agreement that makes for a win-win situation, then that is what we’re looking to do.

We aren’t interested in forcing someone to sell their home for less than it’s worth, and are only looking for truly motivated sellers who simply want to get out from under their house, and are willing to give a significant discount in order to sell it quickly and release some of their equity.

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Types Of Sellers Who Benefit The Most From Our Program

  • Foreclosure.  If you’re facing foreclosure, then you are likely very motivated to sell your house quickly before it negatively affects your credit report, and often times these sellers will simply want to pay off the balance of their mortgages and have some extra cash to walk away within their pocket to continue living their day to day lifestyle.
  • Divorce.  People who are going through a painful divorce need to sell their house fast to liquidate the assets and divide them up between the two parties.  A lot of times the couple will be struggling financially, and they don’t have the time or money to wait around while the home gets listed with a real estate agent…so they are often motivated to sell quickly.
  • Inheritance.  These are some of the most common types of situations that we handle, especially when someone living out of state inherits a home, they simply don’t have the time or resources to manage the sale of the home, make repairs, get it listed with an agent, and other related tasks.  These people are often VERY motivated to sell quickly, and as long as they get a fair price they are usually on board.
  • Job Relocation.  If you’re getting ready to move out of state, and you have a specific dead line that you’re working with, then you likely are very motivated to sell your home quickly for cash so you can have the speed and flexibility to pick everything up and move to your new location, without worrying about dealing with the hassle of listing your home with an agent and waiting to find a qualified buyer.
  • Job Loss.  Someone who loses their job still has to pay their mortgage, and often times they will know right away that they are not going to be able to maintain their monthly payments, so before the home goes into pre-foreclosure, sometimes the best option is to simply sell quickly, extract your equity, and use the money to fund your lifestyle until you can find more work and get back on your feet.

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Get A Fair, No Pressure, No BS, All Cash Offer On Your Property In 24 Hours!

If you are ready to sell your home and are interested in possibly utilizing our professional home buying service, and you’d simply like some more information and to get a free online quote to see how much you would get it you sold it quickly, then please give us a text or call at (719) 286-0053 and someone from our team will take down your information and often times can provide you with an instant free quote right then and there.

Otherwise, we will contact you back within 24 – 48 hours after doing some basic research to let you know exactly how much cash we can pay for the home, and if you decide to accept our offer, then we can close out the deal at a local title company where you will walk away with a check for that specific dollar amount.

You will not pay any repair costs, closing costs, or other hidden fees.  Our cash offers are real offers, so don’t fall for other companies who slip hidden fees, clauses, and contingencies into their contracts that only benefit them.  We are only interested in win-win deals and partnerships with our clients where everyone involved will benefit from the transaction, instead of just simply looking out for ourselves like most of the “we buy houses” companies do.

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