The Impact of Housing Shortages on Colorado Communities

Colorado’s housing shortage is more than a challenge to be solved; it’s a multifaceted issue that has profound consequences on the state’s communities, businesses, and overall quality of life. CEO Brian Rudderow of HBR Colorado sheds light on the far-reaching impact of housing shortages and delves into how different regions, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Durango, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, are affected.

The Human Toll: Denver and Colorado Springs

Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado’s largest cities, are the frontlines of the housing crisis. The shortage of affordable housing impacts residents in various ways:

  • Rising Homelessness: The lack of affordable homes pushes more individuals and families into homelessness.
  • Long Commutes: Workers often face long commutes as they search for affordable housing further from their workplaces, increasing stress and reducing time spent with families.
  • Economic Strain: The high cost of living hampers economic growth, making it challenging for businesses to attract and retain talent.
  • Quality of Education: Children may have to attend schools far from their homes, affecting their education and quality of life.

Pueblo: A City in Transition

In Pueblo, housing shortages are a barrier to the city’s growth and revival:

  • Economic Revival: Pueblo has been working to reinvent itself as a hub for renewable energy and manufacturing. However, housing shortages have hampered the city’s ability to attract workers in these industries.
  • Local Businesses: Small businesses in Pueblo are affected as their employees struggle to find affordable housing in the area.

Durango: A Tourist Hotspot

Durango, known for its picturesque landscapes, is a victim of its own beauty:

  • Tourism Workforce: The town relies heavily on the tourism industry. Housing shortages affect the availability of affordable housing for seasonal and full-time workers, putting stress on the industry.
  • Affordability: The demand for second homes from out-of-state buyers drives up property prices, making it harder for locals to find affordable housing.

Westminster and Wheat Ridge: Suburban Challenges

In Westminster and Wheat Ridge, two suburban communities in the Denver metropolitan area, housing shortages impact the suburban lifestyle:

  • Changing Demographics: Families, millennials, and retirees choose suburban living for different reasons. A lack of diverse housing options makes it difficult for these communities to adapt.
  • Economic Development: Attracting businesses and talent to these areas is compromised when affordable housing options are limited.

The Way Forward

Addressing the housing shortage in Colorado is a collective effort that involves policymakers, builders, real estate professionals, and community leaders. CEO Brian Rudderow of HBR Colorado emphasizes the importance of holistic solutions that not only increase housing supply but also promote affordability, sustainability, and diverse housing options.

In summary, the housing shortage in Colorado is not just a real estate issue; it has widespread implications that affect individuals, families, businesses, and the vitality of communities. By understanding the unique challenges faced by regions like Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Durango, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, we can better tailor solutions to address this critical problem and ensure that all Coloradans have access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing.


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