The Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Colorado Springs

When it comes to buying a house in Colorado Springs, it’s essential to consider the neighborhoods that offer the best combination of amenities, affordability, and quality of life. With its stunning natural surroundings, vibrant culture, and strong community spirit, Colorado Springs has become a desirable place to call home. Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, there are several neighborhoods worth exploring. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to buy a house in Colorado Springs:

  1. Broadmoor: Known for its luxury homes and upscale living, Broadmoor offers a blend of breathtaking mountain views, lush landscapes, and prestigious amenities. The neighborhood is home to the iconic Broadmoor Hotel and Resort, which offers world-class dining, golf courses, and a spa.
  2. Old Colorado City: This historic neighborhood combines charm and character with a vibrant arts and culture scene. With its eclectic mix of shops, galleries, and restaurants, Old Colorado City offers a unique and lively atmosphere. The neighborhood is also known for its Victorian-style homes and proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities.
  3. Briargate: Located in northern Colorado Springs, Briargate is a family-friendly neighborhood with excellent schools, parks, and shopping centers. The area features a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condos, making it an ideal choice for families and professionals.
  4. Northgate: Situated at the northern edge of Colorado Springs, Northgate is a rapidly growing neighborhood known for its newer construction homes and modern amenities. The area offers easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and outdoor activities, including the picturesque Flying Horse Golf Course.
  5. Rockrimmon: Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Rockrimmon offers stunning views and a peaceful suburban atmosphere. The neighborhood features a mix of housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby hiking and biking trails.
  6. Stetson Hills: Located in northeast Colorado Springs, Stetson Hills is a popular choice for families and young professionals. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses, as well as convenient access to shopping centers, restaurants, and parks.
  7. Cheyenne Mountain: Situated near the base of Cheyenne Mountain, this neighborhood offers a tranquil setting with beautiful views and abundant wildlife. It is home to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, and the renowned Cheyenne Mountain Resort.
  8. Cordera: Known for its well-planned community and family-oriented amenities, Cordera offers a range of housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses. The neighborhood features a community center, parks, trails, and a swimming pool, creating a strong sense of community.
  9. Flying Horse: Offering luxury living and resort-style amenities, Flying Horse is an upscale neighborhood with a private golf club, spa, and extensive trail system. The neighborhood features a mix of custom-built homes and luxury estates.
  10. Wolf Ranch: Located in northeast Colorado Springs, Wolf Ranch is a master-planned community known for its well-designed homes, parks, and open spaces. The neighborhood offers a range of amenities, including a recreation center, pool, and miles of walking and biking trails.

These are just a few of the many great neighborhoods in Colorado Springs that offer unique features and amenities. When choosing the right neighborhood for your needs, consider factors such as proximity to schools, access to outdoor activities, local amenities, and the overall community atmosphere. Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent can also provide valuable insights and guidance to help you find the perfect neighborhood and home for your needs.

Discover the best neighborhoods to buy a house in Colorado Springs. Explore pros, cons, average home prices & more in this comprehensive guide.

Exploring the Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs: A Wonderful Place to Live and Invest in Real Estate

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains’ southern edge, Colorado Springs is a beautiful city that offers breathtaking views and an abundance of outdoor activities. The city has a population of over 465,000 people and is home to several military installations, including the US Air Force Academy. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or someone who enjoys big-city amenities, Colorado Springs has something for everyone.

When it comes to buying real estate, Colorado Springs is an excellent place for investment. The city’s real estate market has been booming in recent years due to its rapidly growing population and strong economy.

According to Zillow, the median home value in Colorado Springs is $370,000, with values predicted to increase by 8% over the next year. Additionally, with low-interest rates and high demand for homes, investing in real estate in Colorado Springs can be a smart financial decision.

The Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood to buy your dream home in Colorado Springs, there are several options available. Each area has its unique charm that caters to different lifestyles and preferences.


Located on the northern side of town near Interstate 25, Northgate is one of the most popular neighborhoods for families. The area boasts excellent schools such as Discovery Canyon Campus and Pine Creek High School that rank among the top-performing schools statewide. Northgate’s proximity to major highways makes it easy access all parts of town quickly.

The average home price in Northgate ranges from $400,000-$5000,000. It’s essential to note that new homes are being built regularly as people continue moving into this growing community.

Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City is a historic district located between downtown and Manitou Springs. The area has a charming small-town feel with plenty of shops, art galleries, and restaurants that showcase the city’s rich history.

The average home price in Old Colorado City ranges from $300,000-$500,000. It’s essential to note that some of the houses in this neighborhood are over 100 years old with unique architecture that adds to the charm of the community.


Located on the northeastern side of town, Briargate is one of the city’s fastest-growing residential communities. The area is known for its excellent schools such as Rampart High School and Liberty High School.

Briargate also features several parks and walking trails for residents to enjoy. The average home price in Briargate ranges from $350,000-$5000,000.

It’s vital to note that there are both new and well-established homes available in this neighborhood. Colorado Springs offers many wonderful neighborhoods suitable for people looking to buy their dream homes or invest in real estate.

Each area has something unique to offer residents depending on their lifestyle preferences and budget. With a growing population and strong real estate market, now is an excellent time to consider investing in Colorado Springs real estate market.

Broad Overview of Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

Colorado Springs is a desirable city to live in, with beautiful mountain views, outdoor recreation opportunities, and a thriving economy. When considering buying a house in Colorado Springs, it is important to have an understanding of the different neighborhoods and what they offer. Here are some broad overviews of three popular neighborhoods: Northgate, Old Colorado City, and Briargate.


Northgate is located on the north side of Colorado Springs and is known for its proximity to Air Force Academy. The neighborhood has grown in recent years with new shopping centers, restaurants, and housing developments.

One benefit of living in Northgate is its access to outdoor recreation activities such as hiking and mountain biking trails at North Cheyenne Cañon Park or playing golf at one of the nearby courses. However, it’s important to note that while there are amenities in the area like The Promenade Shops at Briargate Mall which has more than 50 shops and restaurants for shopping enthusiasts – it can be expensive.

The average home price in Northgate ranges from $450k to $1 million depending on size and location. While this may be out of some buyers’ budgets, it’s worth noting that homes here often have larger lot sizes than other areas in Colorado Springs.

Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City is situated on the west side of town just minutes from downtown. It’s known for its historic charm with brick sidewalks, antique shops, and art galleries alongside modern bars and restaurants making it a perfect place for people who want a mix between traditional culture & modern lifestyle.

Old Colorado City offers easy access to Garden of the Gods Park which features stunning red rock formations or Manitou Springs where you can enjoy hot springs baths or take a cog railway up Pikes Peak tall summit. Homes tend to be older in this area, which may mean more maintenance costs.

However, the historic architecture and unique character of each home add to its charm. The average home price in Old Colorado City is around $350k.


Briargate is located on the northeastern side of Colorado Springs and is one of the city’s largest neighborhoods with a variety of housing options from spacious ranch-style homes to modern apartments or townhomes. It’s known for its family-friendly environment, quality schools, and parks.

Briargate has easy access to major highways making it convenient for commuting or traveling outside the city limits. It also boasts plenty of entertainment options such as Chapel Hills Mall or the Sky Sox minor league baseball team at Security Service Field.

The average home price in Briargate ranges from $300k to $600k depending on size, age, and location. While it offers many amenities for families and professionals alike – it can be crowded during peak seasons making it less desirable for some buyers.

Overall these neighborhoods offer unique experiences with different pros and cons that suit different lifestyles. It’s important to consider your budget, priorities, and what you’re looking for when choosing which neighborhood suits your needs best before buying a house in Colorado Springs.

The Broadmoor Area

Description of the area

The Broadmoor Area is located in the southwestern part of Colorado Springs. It is known for its luxurious homes and stunning views of the mountains.

The neighborhood is named after The Broadmoor Hotel, a famous resort that has been attracting tourists since 1918. This area consists of large lots with well-manicured lawns and mature trees, giving it a sense of exclusivity.

Pros and Cons

The Broadmoor Area is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. It offers residents a sense of community with its many social events and activities, including hiking trails, parks, and golf courses.

However, living there comes at a high cost as home prices are among some of the most expensive in the city. Additionally, some residents have complained about increased traffic in recent years due to new development in the surrounding areas.

Average home prices

The average home price in The Broadmoor Area ranges from $1 million to $5 million depending on location and size.

Popular attractions nearby

One popular attraction in The Broadmoor Area is The Broadmoor Hotel itself. It features multiple restaurants, a spa, golf course, tennis courts, and other amenities. Cheyenne Mountain State Park is also located nearby which has several hiking trails with magnificent views.

Downtown Colorado Springs

Description of the area

Downtown Colorado Springs is located at the heart of the city’s business district. It combines old-world charm with modern amenities such as boutique shops and trendy restaurants all within walking distance from each other.

Pros and Cons

Living downtown offers residents access to vibrant nightlife scenes as well as community events such as farmers’ markets and art shows. However, downtown living also means having to contend with increased noise levels and traffic congestion. Additionally, homes in the area tend to be smaller and more expensive due to the location.

Average home prices

The average home price in Downtown Colorado Springs is around $400,000. Homes in the historic district tend to be even higher due to their age and character.

Popular attractions nearby

One of the most popular attractions downtown is Pikes Peak, which visitors can climb on foot or via a scenic cog railway. There are also several museums such as The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and The Fine Arts Center. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are multiple parks such as Acacia Park located in the heart of downtown.

Rarely Known Small Details on Specific Neighborhoods

Northgate’s Proximity to the Air Force Academy

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a home in Northgate is its proximity to the United States Air Force Academy. Homeowners in Northgate get the privilege of seeing fighter jets and other military aircraft fly overhead on a regular basis.

However, despite the thrill of watching planes fly overhead, this could also pose a problem for some homeowners who are sensitive to noise. The Air Force Academy runs flight operations regularly, so it is not uncommon for residents to hear loud noises from aircraft.

Another rarely known fact about Northgate is that it houses one of Colorado’s largest shopping centers — The Promenade Shops at Briargate. This outdoor mall features excellent dining options, high-end retail stores, and entertainment venues like movie theaters and arcades.

Additionally, those who love outdoor recreation will appreciate that Northgate is close to several hiking trails and parks in the area like Fox Run Regional Park. On a final note, homeowners in this area also benefit from top-rated schools within Academy District 20.

Final Thoughts

Colorado Springs has many great neighborhoods that cater to various preferences and lifestyles. Choosing a neighborhood involves considering factors such as proximity to schools or job opportunities, accessibility of amenities like parks or malls, average home prices, and appreciation rates over time.

For those looking for highly desirable areas with great amenities such as fine dining options and high-end shops should consider buying homes in Broadmoor or Downtown Colorado Springs. Families with children seeking quality schools within walking distance of their homes can benefit from buying homes in Briargate and Northgate neighborhoods which have some highly-rated schools located within Academy District 20.

Overall investing in property around these neighborhoods is highly recommended due to their growth potential over time as well as stable real estate markets that are always highly sought after. The best way to start is by defining one’s priorities and then working with a trusted and reputable realtor who will help guide you through the process of finding your dream home in Colorado Springs.


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