5 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is in Colorado Springs

This can provide you with answers to the commonly asked questions with selling your property, such as “should I sell my house for cash?” or “I want to sell my home quickly – how do I get rid of it fast?”, and can even help to answer “how can I sell my house near me?”.

1. No need for broker representation

When you sell a house directly without an agent, there is no commission involved so you may be able to save thousands of dollars in fees, depending on the market value of your home.  It is important to note that this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any obligation toward your buyer in terms of maintaining a standard level of disclosure or protecting the confidentiality of potential sellers.   

2. Sellers are able to choose their own closing date

When you sell directly to a cash buying investor the seller can actually choose the exact date when the closing will take place and it puts them in the driver’s seat and gives them much more confidence throughout the transaction.

Save Money

Once these repairs have been completed, your home will then need to go back on the market for someone else to purchase.

Selling a home as-is in Colorado Springs is an excellent way to browse and be entertained by all of the fantastic homes that are up for sale at HBR Colorado. Plus, you have the opportunity to choose from several different listings instead of being limited by what’s available on the market. And if cash isn’t an issue, you’ll receive top dollar for your house because there aren’t any upgrades or price reductions due to condition; we make it easy! Our expert Realtors® can get started now with just one phone call or email so call today before your property loses its appeal.

Save Time

This can enable you to have more valuable information than your listing agent to negotiate with the investors who are buying or selling on an as-is basis.

While you may not get as much money for your home, a direct sale will be less of a hassle, preserve your credit and avoid possible tax liability. According to recent research, unless they’re living in their new home, homeowners are often better off paying the 10 percent capital gains tax so that they don’t have to deal with fixing up their old home and keeping it until it’s sold. This stands out from other methods such as refinancing because you can receive cash at closing rather than paying your bank back over time.

As experts in Colorado Springs real estate for more than 5 years, we know how to sell homes fast.

No Repairs

When you work with a direct buyer like HBR Colorado, you can stop worrying about making repairs which is another reason to sell your house as-is in Colorado Springs.

Having the opportunity to deal directly with a knowledgeable and trusted contractor puts your mind at rest. And that’s the kind of help we provide with our house inspection services in Winston Salem, NC.

We know that when you are buying a home or business property here in Colorado, you want to be sure of what you are getting yourself into. That’s why HBR Colorado offers accurate and reliable inspections throughout Winston Salem and the surrounding areas. We have been providing exceptional service since 2016 and look forward to being able to offer our expertise to you as well!

No Commissions

Selling to a real estate agent can cost you thousands of dollars in commission and closing costs, leaving you with less money than if you sold directly to HBR Colorado.

For more information about selling your house as-is for cash in Colorado Springs, contact us today. We will make you an offer quickly during a no-obligation consultation. For the quickest response possible, please call us at (719) 286-0053 or email us at rapidhomeliquidation@gmail.com.

How Selling Your House Directly To Us Benefits You Most: -No Waiting On The Market For A Buyer -You Don’t Need To Accept Any Low Ball Offers Or Multiple Offers Before An Offer Is Accepted By You.

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No Buyers Backing Out

There is no risk when you sell your house as-is in Colorado Springs with a direct buyer such as HBR Colorado.

A direct home buyer will often purchase a property with the intention of fixing it up, renting it out, and then selling at a profit. By offering to buy your house “as is” even with tenants you are virtually starting on equal footing with these prospective buyers. They understand that you want to close quickly and they are willing to turn things around fast because having an occupied rental property helps them make money faster. You should be aware that many investors offer low ball offers for homes where the condition is unknown since there are risks involved but their offers can still be fairly substantial in comparison to other cash home buyers who just leave properties vacant after closing.

No Holding Costs

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Lydia Peterson-People that have already used our services, told us they sold their house as quick as 1 day after placing their ad. Some of them even said we are faster than selling a car. They all recommend us to sell your house, property or condo fast in Colorado Springs. We will make you an offer on your property within 24 hours (we close really quick) and can tell you how much time we need to take over the property. So if you don’t want to lose more money on maintenance fees, renovations, repairs or paying someone else to manage it – just sell it with us!


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