How Technology Has Changed the Way People Sell Real Estate in Colorado Springs

It used to be common for homeowners across the country to list their homes with a real estate agent, even if they never planned on buying or selling another property. Selling your home by yourself was considered taboo because you had little chance of understanding how to market it properly. Gimmicks like “For Sale By Owner“, were meant more as a joke than an actual service available to consumers.

These days are over now that technology continuously improves the way people sell real estate in Colorado Springs. Thanks to websites like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia combined with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram agents can reach far beyond their local community. The success of these sites is due entirely to the power of technology that allows anyone to list their home for sale and sell it quickly without putting out much effort.

At Your Fingertips

Please note: This is a constructive example. The use of phrases like “a licensed agent,” and “our professional hybrid agent investors,” and “the professionals” suggest that this article is being presented from the company’s perspective. This should be rewritten to include more focus on the buyer, rather than the company, as well as removing words or phrases that place undue emphasis on how qualified or exceptional the company’s agents are. For example, “In that case, a professional hybrid agent from HBR Colorado may not be able to buy your property directly.” would be a better option here.

Comparison Shopping

Working directly with a real estate investor to sell your home can be difficult to navigate, though. There are plenty of websites online that will offer to pay cash for a home without going through an agent. Many of these sites state instant offers and promises of a quick transaction, but the flashing neon signs pointing you toward them could end up leaving you empty-handed. Once you sign a contract with one of these companies, they can claim ownership of your property once they have been paid half of all the money from selling it to someone else.

This is where using a professional hybrid agent as our company is beneficial for homeowners as we help provide additional protection during the sale process by acting as an intermediary between you and any potential transactions made on your behalf.

Understanding the Data

Working with a real estate investor comes with some major perks. First of all, our investors are experts at buying homes in your neighborhood. They know the local market and they know what it takes to buy real estate fast so you can get on with your life without feeling too overwhelmed.

That’s not all though. Because we don’t represent either party (sellers or buyers), we can be very frank about the market value of your potential home. We won’t waste time trying to convince you that you should list higher than the price that is needed to sell quickly because we understand that selling real estate isn’t like selling stocks; it shouldn’t be based solely on demand. When you work with us, you get an honest assessment of your property and situation and what options are in your best interest.

We offer several options because of the flexibility of our professional hybrid agent investors at HBR Colorado. Whether you are under a time crunch or selling your property is a solution to your financial problems, we are here to answer your questions about the best way to sell your home. HBR Colorado will help you get all of the information you need to make the best decision. HBR Colorado has what it takes to sell your real estate in Colorado Springs all under one roof. Contact HBR Colorado at (719) 286-0053 today. 


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