5 Things You Should Know About FSBO Property Listings

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Let’s review the basics of FSBO sales in order to understand where we are today: market_city is a highly competitive market with limited inventory and rising prices — this drives demand. Supply and demand drive pricing, which leaves buyers negotiating over picky details; however, due diligence also reveals problems that no one saw coming. Some sellers get stuck financing two properties at once as closing dates overlap or they’ve overextended their resources — neither of these is a positive outcome for either party involved. When you think “selling my home without an agent,” it’s important to consider everything that comes along with it.

Time and Toil

And while there are certainly a number of business owners and other high-level professionals who are out there selling their own home without an agent, we firmly believe that in most cases it just isn’t worth the time or effort if you have no prior experience.

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Another thing to consider: FSBO sales rarely result in a higher sale price. While some agents may try to make this claim during negotiations (typically at the risk of losing the sale so they make something out of nothing).

Lower Offers

For example, maybe you have beautiful pictures of the home and a virtual tour on your website. Or perhaps you’ve already rented out the home for an upcoming open house. Still, buyers want to be able to speak with someone who is familiar with the property, can answer questions about it, and provide more information such as repair histories or comparable sales data. Buyers prefer working with agents because they know that their agent will take care of details that could otherwise be missed during the showing which increases their chances of making an offer. You don’t need to go crazy spending money on fancy staging… but if the house looks like a wreck compared to other homes in your area then buyers may assume it is as well!


Worse yet, you could end up with multiple offers from buyers who know enough about the property to make an offer. Then you’ll have a choice of accepting the lowest offer or facing a legal quandary if you reject it and still need to sell your home. It may be tempting to say that everything in the house is functional and adequate, but remember that buyer agents will notice issues just because they are trained to do so! Also, don’t forget about major safety hazards such as carbon monoxide detectors or electrical wiring. You should either fix these before putting your home on market or at least disclose them during open houses as well as online.

Legalities and Paperwork

I’ve heard that many FSBO sellers actually get less money using the For Sale By Owner process as opposed to working with a real estate agent? Is this true? A: If you are selling in an area where Colorado Springs homes have sold recently unless your home is much larger or has significantly more upgrades, chances are it will not sell for more money without the benefit of an experienced Realtor professional involved. FSBO owners usually come up short because they have higher asking prices and don’t know how to properly market their property.

Holding Costs

The best part about HBR Colorado is that you stay in control of the deal from beginning to end. When other offers and contingencies arise, you are in charge of how to handle the situation. You may also be able to skip certain steps, such as repairs or upgrades because you have a cash buyer.

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