How To Sell A Vacant House In Colorado Springs In As-Is Condition

If you have been searching online looking for the best way to sell a vacant house fast in Colorado then you are in the right place, as we are cash buyers and professional real estate investors who can purchase your home quickly and efficiently for a fair price.  If you want to skip the education and get a free quote on your vacant home right now please give us a text or call at (719) 286-0053 and talk with one of our customer service specialists who will discuss possible creative solutions for your particular real estate problem.  Click here to find out more and get a free quote.

Normally, when a house sits vacant, it can often become a huge headache for the owner, as there will most likely be repairs and upkeep, taxes, insurance, mortgage payments, letters from the city or county asking you to clean it up, and on and on and on.  We know, because we’ve been buying vacant properties in Colorado for several years, and we have seen every type of situation imaginable, from mold to fire damage, to leaky pipes, to termite infestations.  No matter what the situation, it doesn’t matter how bad of shape your vacant property is in, we would like to make you an offer.

Why Do We Buy Vacant Properties?

We are real estate investors, and we’ll be 100% honest: we are in this to make money.  After we buy your vacant property we’re either going to a) fix it up and resell it on the open market for a profit or b) sell the contract to another investor, let them buy it, fix it up and resell it, and we make a small fee for finding the deal.  That’s how our business model works, and we have a very specific formula for determining our “maximum allowable offer”, which is the highest price we can afford to pay for a property while still being able to turn a profit without too much added risk…and there’s always a risk.

Think about it from our perspective:  yes we are getting a great deal on the home, but we have to handle the responsibility of fixing it up, hiring contractors, managing the rehab, pulling the permits, and then finally marketing and selling the property during constantly changing market conditions where we sometimes aren’t even sure if we’re going to be able to find a buyer for a particular property.

With all of these other factors taken into consideration, it probably doesn’t seem that ridiculous now that our formula is to pay 80% of the full market value (after repair value) of your home minus the estimated repair costs.  That extra 20% is our padding that’s going to cover all of our overhead, so it’s the cutoff point, and we won’t even risk buying a deal unless it meets those numbers.

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Why Sell Your Vacant House To An Investor?

  • 24-hour cash offer.  Get a cash offer on your vacant house in 24 hours or less.  There’s no risk involved, see how much we would pay for your house and just have it there as an option.  It doesn’t hurt to find out!
  • Fast closing times.  If you like our offer and would like to do business, we can close out the deal at a local title company in under one week.  How’s that for speed and convenience?
  • Check in your hands within a week.  We can close the deal fast, and since we use our own cash, we can have a check in your hand from the title company in under one week.
  • No repairs are necessary.  We are the flippers and rehabbers, so let us worry about hiring contractors, purchasing materials, paying for labor, and fixing up the place.  You just cash your check and do what you need to do in your life, and forget about this burdensome property.

It’s All About Finding Win-Win Deals

Look, we’ve been doing this a long time, and what it all comes down to is this:  are you willing to sell your property in the price range that our 80% minus repairs cash buying formula determines or not?  And don’t get us wrong, we understand that our home buying service is not right for everyone…and if you want to get full retail value for your home then by all means, feel free to list it with a licensed real estate agent, and we can even refer you to a good agent that we recommend and work with regularly….but if you don’t have the time or the means to get your property listed with an agent, and you just want out from under it, and don’t want to deal with it any longer, and you are okay with selling it at the price point of 80% of the full market value minus the estimated repair costs, then we have a win-win solution where you can get some quick cash for a property that you no longer want, and we can get a good deal on a fixer-upper that we can make a little bit of money on when we resell it down the road.  That’s what our core business is about, it’s not about stealing anyone’s house, or making someone sell their house for less than it’s actually worth, it’s about finding win-win solutions where we will both benefit, and that’s what we spend our time focusing on.

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Get A Cash Offer On Your Vacant House Today

If you like what we have to say, and are interested in our cash purchasing program, and you’re ready to see how much we will offer you for your home then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and tell us about your situation.  One of our customer service reps will ask you some questions about your property and attempt to get a good idea of what repairs are needed, and then they will use the 80% minus repair costs formula to determine how much cash we’re willing to pay for the home. If you decide that the price works for you, and you want to accept our offer, then the next step is to close the deal at a local title company of your choice on the day that you choose, and you will walk away with a check in your hand for that specific dollar amount.  That’s what our home buying service ultimately boils down to speed, flexibility, and convenience.

It’s basically a quick way to liquidate a house into a usable form of equity.  If you want a million dollars for your house then call up your local agent, they’ll be happy to tell you what repairs are needed, how much the listing fee is, how much commissions they will charge you for the sale, and how many months it will take for the deal to close and for them to find a qualified buyer who has the credit score, income requirements, and other references and criteria that are needed to be approved for a conventional mortgage loan in 2016.  Or you can skip all of that hassle and sell today for cash?  I’ll let you decide.

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