Common Questions About Selling Homes For Cash In Colorado

If you have questions about selling homes fast in Colorado Springs then feel free to reach out to our professional home buying company directly at (719) 286-0053 or visit the homepage to speak with one of our home buying specialists who will be able to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Additionally, we are going to run through some of the most common questions that we are asked by sellers when they first learn about programs such as ours, that way you will be able to get a much firmer grip on these types of services, and what you can expect when you decide to sell your house to a private home buyer such as us.

Only 5% Of All Homeowners Sell To Investors

Selling your home to a private real estate investment company is a smart choice for only about 5% of all total homeowners who are choosing to liquidate their property in an alternative fashion to the traditional methods of listing with a licensed agent.

Listing with an agent is the best way to get the most money, but it’s not the best way to get the fastest, most reliable money.  That’s what investors are for, and our home buying services are designed to streamline the home selling process in the fastest, most effective way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Homes Fast To Investorswe buy houses frequently asked questions

  1. Do you pay for houses with cash?  One of the most common questions that we get asked is whether or not we pay for houses with cash.  The answer is yes and sometimes, but not all of the time.  While we do mainly use cash for most purchases, we also utilize what are called “hard money lenders” who are basically private individuals who will loan money out (to flippers like us) based on a percentage of the value of the property. If a property is worth 100k then a hard money lender would be willing to lend up to 60 – 70% of that full value to a flipper like us, for the purposes of repairing the house and then reselling it on the open market for a profit.  The idea is that the lender’s funds are secured through the “hard” asset of the real estate, so they are protected.
  2. Where and how does the transaction take place?  Another common question that we get asked a lot is where will this deal go down at?  Are we going to show up at your house with a giant pillowcase filled with money?  No.  We will hold the closing at a local title company just like any other normal real estate transaction.  You will be able to work one on one with the closing agent at the title company to ask any questions that you have about the payment, closing process, fees, or anything else that might be on your mind.
  3. Who picks the title company?  By default, we write our contracts to where our company will select the title company in every transaction that we participate in.  That isn’t to say that we aren’t necessarily opposed to you the seller choosing the title company, it’s just that we have a long working history with the companies in the area since we perform a lot of transactions with them over time, so they are used to dealing with us regularly, and our transactions tend to go much faster and smoother…which is one of the main benefits of utilizing a professional home buying service like ours.
  4. How do I get paid?  First, you can choose to show up at the title company in person on the day of closing to sign the warranty deed and other documents, and then get cut a check right there at the closing table.  Alternatively, you can opt to do what is called a “mail out closing” where the title company will mail the documents to your house 48 hours prior to the closing date, and you will get them signed and notarized at a local UPS store or bank, then mail them back in.  When you choose to do a mail-out closing, the title company wires the money directly into your checking account after you provide them with your bank’s ACH details.
  5. Who pays for the closing costs?  Since we are private investors, and we only purchase homes that we are going to make money on…we feel that it’s our responsibility to pay for all of the closing costs on every single transaction that we participate in.  We do this as a courtesy to our sellers and clients as a thank you for choosing to do business with our company and giving us the opportunity to work with you by purchasing and rehabbing your home.  We know how personal your home is to you, and we respect that you chose us to sell your house to, and this is our little way of saying thank you.

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Is Your Situation A Good Fit For Selling To An Investor?

If you are trying to figure out if your situation is a good fit for selling to an investor then there’s one important question that you need to ask yourself: do you need to sell in less than 30 days?

If the answer is yes, then your situation is a good fit for selling to an investor, if not, then your best bet is probably to list with a real estate agent.  On the other hand, there are a handful of situations where selling to an investor is a good fit even past the 30 days, due to the more flexible terms and conditions that can be negotiated in deals with investors.

For example, we can execute various different types of contracts that allow you to remain in the property even after the closing has taken place and the money has been deposited in your bank account.

Get A Cash Offer On Your Property Right Now

One fast way to figure out if selling your home to an investor is a good fit for your specific situation is to get a custom quote from us right now to see if we can come to a win-win agreement.  If we are able to find a cash purchasing solution for your property, and we are able to put a deal together, then we can close it extremely fast, in as little as seven days.

It’s simple and easy to get a quote, all you have to do is call or text us at (719) 286-0053 or click on the live chat button in the lower right corner of the screen to speak with one of our live reps.

You can also simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll provide you with a free quote in less than 24 hours.

We’re Looking For Win-Win Situations And Solutions

The reason that only 5% of homeowners choose to sell their homes to investors is that there are only that many situations out there where a win-win deal is able to be found in a seller/investor relationship.

In all of the other cases, the default option of listing the home on the open market through a licensed agent is going to come out as the best option.

So, if you think you are in a situation where selling fast for cash to an investor is a good option, and you want to get a free quote on your home right now, then give us a text or call right now at (719) 286-0053 and one of our home buying specialists will speak to you about our program, and let you know exactly how much we can pay for your specific property.

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