Is Your Colorado Landlord Breaking the Law? Fight Back with the Attorney General!

Living in Colorado should be a dream – breathtaking mountains, vibrant cities, and a thriving community. But what if your dream turns into a nightmare due to a law-breaking landlord? Don’t despair! The Colorado Attorney General’s Office (AGO) stands ready to protect your rights as a tenant.

Common Landlord Misdeeds:

  • Ignoring habitability issues: Leaky roofs, broken appliances, pest infestations – if your landlord refuses to fix essential issues impacting your health and safety, they’re breaking the law.
  • Wrongful eviction attempts: Proper legal procedures must be followed for eviction. If your landlord tries to illegally force you out without due process, they’re in the wrong.
  • Security deposit woes: Unjustified deductions, refusal to return deposits within the legal timeframe – your landlord can’t just pocket your money without reason.
  • Discrimination: Renting based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected classes is illegal and unacceptable.

Taking Action:

If you suspect your landlord is breaking the law, don’t stay silent. Here’s how to fight back with the AGO:

  1. Gather evidence: Document everything with photos, videos, emails, and written communication. Keep receipts for repairs you made yourself and note missed appointments with your landlord.
  2. Know your rights: The AGO website has a wealth of information on tenant rights and landlord responsibilities. Familiarize yourself with Colorado’s tenant protection laws.
  3. Contact the AGO: You can file a complaint online through the Stop Fraud Colorado portal or call the Consumer Line at 1-800-222-4444. Explain your situation and provide all your evidence.
  4. Stay informed: The AGO will investigate your complaint and potentially take legal action against your landlord. Keep in touch and follow their instructions.


  • Filing a complaint with the AGO is free and confidential.
  • The AGO can’t guarantee a specific outcome, but they will work to ensure your rights are protected.
  • You may also consider seeking legal counsel for additional support and potential litigation.

Don’t let a bad landlord steal your peace of mind! Take action, file a complaint, and hold your landlord accountable. With the Attorney General on your side, you can reclaim your rights and find the safe, fair housing you deserve.

Is Your Landlord Breaking the Law? How To Report Issues in Colorado

As a tenant reliant on your landlord upholding safe, habitable living conditions per Colorado law, you retain important protections against overreaching owners even without a formal lease. Understanding your statutory housing rights also means knowing where to turn when landlords disregard established regulations.

Common offenses like refusing reasonable maintenance requests, locking out tenants illegally, or retaliation like abruptly increasing rent get rightfully questioned. If verbal discussions fail to resolve disputes, the Colorado Attorney General’s office fields online complaints documenting potential violations against state landlord-tenant and consumer protection laws.

To file a landlord complaint in Colorado:

  1. Gather documentation like written requests for repairs, before/after photos evidencing issues, relevant lease snippets, or screenshots of inappropriate messaging. These strengthen claims.
  2. Visit and locate the complaint form under Consumer Services topics.
  3. Select Housing on the complaint intake form then choose Landlord/Tenant Dispute in the following menu.
  4. Provide property details, landlord contact info, brief explanations identifying the most pressing concerns, and upload all supporting documentation.
  5. Get email confirmations as staff review submissions to determine if adequate grounds exist for opening investigations or if complaints require forwarding to alternative agencies.

While not immediate resolutions, Colorado Attorney General reports create paper trails holding negligent landlords accountable to legal standards protecting tenant safety and rights. Depending on claim validity, landlords may face financial penalties or binding orders to rectify breaches. When asking nicely fails, put unlawful practices on formal notice.

Colorado Landlord With Keys

Here’s How to File a Report with Colorado’s Attorney General

Renting a property comes with certain rights and responsibilities for both landlords and tenants. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you suspect your landlord is breaking the law, it’s crucial to take appropriate action. Filing a report with Colorado’s Attorney General can be a necessary step to address any legal violations and ensure your rights are protected. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this process.

Identifying Potential Violations:

Before filing a report, it’s essential to identify any actions or situations that may constitute a breach of landlord-tenant laws. Common issues include:

  1. Illegal Eviction Attempts:
    • If you’re facing eviction without proper notice or for reasons not allowed by law, it may be a violation.
  2. Unlawful Retaliation:
    • Landlords cannot retaliate against tenants for exercising their legal rights, such as filing complaints or requesting necessary repairs.
  3. Failure to Maintain Habitable Conditions:
    • Landlords are obligated to provide and maintain a habitable living environment, including essential services like heating, plumbing, and sanitation.
  4. Unauthorized Entry:
    • Landlords must adhere to proper procedures and notice requirements before entering a rented property.
  5. Discrimination:
    • Any form of discrimination, such as based on race, gender, or disability, is strictly prohibited.

Steps to File a Report:

1. Document the Violations:

  • Collect evidence of the alleged violations, including photographs, communication records, and written notices or agreements.

2. Review Colorado Landlord-Tenant Laws:

  • Familiarize yourself with Colorado’s specific landlord-tenant laws to understand your rights and the obligations of landlords.

3. Contact Your Landlord:

  • Before filing a report, please communicate with your landlord about the issues and allow them to address them.

4. File a Complaint with Colorado’s Attorney General:

  • Visit the official website of the Colorado Attorney General and locate the consumer complaint section. Provide detailed information about the alleged violations, attaching relevant documents as evidence.

5. Seek Legal Advice:

  • If the issues persist or escalate, consider seeking legal advice from tenant advocacy groups or an attorney specializing in landlord-tenant law.

6. Contact Local Authorities:

  • In some cases, contacting local housing authorities or code enforcement offices may be necessary, especially if the violations involve health and safety concerns.

7. Maintain Records:

  • Keep copies of all communications, notices, and documents related to the violations. These records may be crucial if legal action becomes necessary.

Know Your Rights as a Tenant:

Understanding your rights as a tenant is paramount in addressing potential violations. Colorado’s landlord-tenant laws outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties and being informed empowers you to take appropriate action when needed.


Filing a report with Colorado’s Attorney General is a step towards upholding your rights as a tenant and holding landlords accountable for any legal violations. It’s crucial to approach the process with diligence, gathering evidence and following the proper channels to ensure a thorough investigation. If you find yourself facing challenges, seeking guidance from legal professionals or tenant advocacy organizations can provide valuable support in resolving the issues.

Remember, tenants have the right to live in safe and habitable conditions, and taking action against unlawful practices contributes to maintaining a fair and just rental environment in Colorado.


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