How to Use Facebook Ads to Attract Motivated Sellers

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use Facebook Ads to generate motivated seller leads.

I’ll reveal the exact strategy I used on my website. It has generated over 1,300 leads from motivated sellers.


In this post, you will learn:

Let’s get started.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Advertisers pay for Facebook Ads. Facebook and its apps, like Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, show them.

Facebook Ads aim to reach specific audiences with your message. For example, sellers who have motivation and interest in selling their house for cash.

Facebook Ads are powerful and versatile. They help businesses, individuals, and organizations to:

1. Increase Brand Awareness. Show your brand, products, or services to a wider audience. They may not have heard of you before.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website or Landing Page. Encourage users to click on your ad and visit to learn more, sign up, or buy.

3. Generate Leads and Conversions: Collect contact info from potential customers. You have piqued their interest with what you offer. This paves the way for further communication and sales.

4. Build Engagement and Community. Spark talks with your audience. This fosters brand loyalty and a community around your message.

5. Promote Events and Sales. Announce upcoming events. Launch new products. Or run special promotions. These will drive sales and engagement.

Here is an example of a Facebook Ad:

Key Features of Facebook Ads:

  • You can target your Facebook ads based on many types of criteria. These include demographic, geographic, and psychographic factors. You can ensure that your message reaches the people who are most likely interested.
  • Choose from images, videos, carousels, slideshows, and collection ads. Use the format that best resonates with your audience.
  • The tool provides detailed analytics and reporting. You can track your ad’s performance in real time. You can analyze metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement. This helps you optimize your campaigns for better results.
  • You can set a budget that fits your needs. Then, choose bidding strategies. They control how much you pay for each impression or click.

Are Ads For Motivated Sellers Allowed On Facebook?

Yes, you can post ads for motivated sellers on Facebook. But, they must follow important guidelines and restrictions. Here’s a breakdown:

What Facebook allows:

  • You can target users based on potential seller motivation. These are users who show signs of selling interest. They may engage with content about home improvement or relocation. Or, they may search for cash buyers or quick sale solutions.
  • You can run ads promoting your services as a house buyer. You can make direct CTAs such as “get a cash offer today” or “give us a call for a free quote”.
  • Share success stories and testimonials. They highlight satisfied sellers. They showcase your buying process. This can build trust and attract motivated leads.

What Facebook prohibits:

  • Making misleading or exaggerated claims: Don’t guarantee quick sales or promise unrealistic prices. Be clear about your buying process. Avoid using urgency tactics like “limited time offer” or “act now before it’s too late.”
  • Using discriminatory language or imagery: Avoid stereotypes. Also, avoid discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or other protected traits.

More tips for compliant and effective motivated seller ads:

  • Focus on the benefits you offer. Highlight the perks of selling to you. These include a quick closing with no hassle. They also include fair cash offers and flexible closing dates.
  • Use clear and short language. Avoid jargon and technical terms. Those might confuse sellers.
  • Follow all Facebook ad policies. Review and follow Facebook’s rules. This way, you can avoid having your ads disapproved or your account suspended.

Here are some examples of compliant and effective motivated seller ad headlines:

  • “Sell your house fast and hassle-free! We buy houses in any condition.”
  • “Get a fair cash offer for your house in 7 days or less.”
  • “Skip the traditional listing process and sell to us.”

Best Types Of Facebook Ads For Motivated Sellers

To grab the attention of motivated sellers on Facebook, make ads that fit their needs. Offer a clear solution. Here are some of the best Facebook ads for motivated sellers:


  • Life Transitions: The target users are likely going through changes. These changes may motivate them to sell. They include divorce, job relocation, empty nest, or inheritance.
  • Financial concerns are the focus. Users want to find relief from debt. They also want to stop foreclosure or get quick cash. You can do this through interest-based targeting. Or, you can make custom audiences from financial websites or loan calculators.
  • People looking for loans. If someone has been searching for a loan they may be interested in selling their house fast.
  • Geographic: target users based on where they live. Select users in specific states and counties where you want to find motivated sellers.
  • Demographic: target users based on specific demographics. For example, property owners over the age of 55.

Ad Formats:

  • Video Ads: Use storytelling to show your buying process. Highlight happy seller testimonials. Emphasize the benefits of selling to you.
  • Carousel Ads let you share images or videos. They can show run-down houses that you buy. They also show the options you offer for selling. They may include testimonials from diverse sellers.
  • Use compelling visuals in static image ads. They should have clear headlines and calls to action. For example, “Get a free cash offer,” “Sell your house in 7 days,” or “Talk to a buyer today.”
  • Test various ad sets and ad copy and split-test them.  Find which ones convert the best and cut the others.


  • Focus on Benefits, not Features: Don’t tell sellers what you do, tell them how you can help them. Highlight the advantages of selling to you. They include speed, convenience, flexibility, and fair cash offers.
  • Acknowledge their Pain Points: Consider the worries of motivated sellers. They include money, stress, and dealing with the traditional selling process.
  • Use Strong Calls to Action: Make it clear what you want them to do next. That may be contacting you for a free quote, downloading a guide, or scheduling a call with a buyer. Use a CTA such as “Sell Your House Fast in 14 Days” instead of something generic like “We Buy Houses”.
  • Use Dog Whistle Ad Copy: Dog whistle ad copy is content that highlights a specific pain point to call out to a certain type of person.  For example: Looking to sell an inherited house? Click here!

Pro Tip – Pay to have a professional commercial-style “sell your house fast” video created. This video should include some comedy, memes, and recognizable figures from pop culture. This will allow you to build rapport and increase conversions.

Best Practices For Creating Facebook Ads For Motivated Sellers

To craft Facebook Ads that hook motivated sellers, you must go beyond the basics. Here are some best practices to take your campaigns from good to great:

Targeting Precision:

  • Go beyond broad categories. Target specific demographics experiencing life events. Target events that motivate selling, like divorce, job relocation, or empty nest. Explore interests related to debt relief, inheritance, foreclosure prevention, or quick cash solutions.
  • Leverage existing customer data. Use these insights to reach users who want to sell fast.

Ad Format Finesse:

  • Show, don’t tell. Use emotional storytelling in video ads. Use it to highlight your buying process. Showcase satisfied sellers and emphasize the benefits of choosing you.
  • Feature images or videos showcasing different types of properties you buy. different selling options you offer, or testimonials from diverse sellers.
  • Personalize ad visuals and messaging. Personalize it based on user data. Also, incorporate their online behavior, increasing relevance and engagement.

Messaging that Makes a Difference:

  • Instead of explaining your services, tell sellers why they should choose you. Highlight benefits like speed, convenience, fair cash offers, and flexibility.
  • Empathize with potential sellers’ concerns. Touch on financial worries, stress, and the hassle of traditional selling. Offer a solution as a trusted partner, not a buyer.
  • Use data and testimonials to showcase your average closing time. Highlight typical cash offer amounts and positive seller experiences. Make your claims tangible and believable.
  • Tell users exactly what you want them to do next. Guide them to requesting a free quote, scheduling a call, or downloading a helpful guide. Use strong verbs and avoid generic CTAs.

What Are Custom Audiences?

Facebook Custom Audiences are powerful tools in Facebook Ads. They let you target your ads to specific groups. These groups have already interacted with your business.

You can use custom audience filters. They let you target people with specific traits that matter to your marketing goals. Imagine it like sending a personalized invitation to a party. Not like shouting across a crowded room, hoping someone will hear you.

Here are the key benefits of using Facebook Custom Audiences:

Laser-Sharp Targeting: It’s better than targeting a broad audience. The broad audience has unknown interests. With laser-sharp targeting, you can aim your ads at people who have shown an interest in your brand. They have visited your website and interacted with your content. This increases the chances of your ad resonating with them. It will help you achieve your goal.

More Engagement and Conversions: People who have seen your brand are more open to your messages. They are also more likely to engage with your ads. This translates to higher click-through rates, website visits, and improved conversion rates.

Enhanced Brand Relevancy: You show custom ads to specific audiences. This shows a deep understanding of their needs and interests. This boosts brand relevance and builds trust. This approach personalizes. It creates positive associations with your brand and sets you apart from competitors. They use generic ads.

Here’s what the Facebook Ads Custom Audience Dashboard Looks Like

Different Types of Custom Audiences:

  • You can target users based on their activity on your website. This includes visiting specific pages, adding items to their cart, or making purchases.
  • Engagement Audiences: They let you reach people. These people have interacted with your Facebook and Instagram content. This includes things like watching videos, commenting on posts, or sending messages.
  • Target users based on their activity within your app. This includes completing actions or reaching milestones.
  • Customer List Custom Audiences: Upload your existing customer lists. They can be email addresses or phone numbers. Use them to reach customers on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use Lookalike Audiences to reach new people. They have traits and interests like your existing customers or website visitors.

Getting Started with Custom Audiences:

Creating a Custom Audience is easy. It requires using Facebook Ads Manager. You can choose the audience type. You can define specific targeting criteria and upload your data if needed. 

Using Custom Audiences can boost your Facebook Ads. It does this by improving targeting accuracy. It also boosts engagement and conversions while strengthening your brand image. 

Be creative. Be strategic. You can use Custom Audiences to reach the right people with the right message. This will pave the way for successful seller campaigns.

Think outside of the box, and get creative with your custom audiences and who you want to target.

For example, targeting someone who recently inherited a property. Or, someone who is facing foreclosure will work better. This is better than a shotgun approach.

What Is A Tracking Pixel?

A tracking pixel is also known as a web beacon, pixel tag, or clear GIF. It is a tiny, see-through image (usually 1×1 pixel) embedded in website pages, emails, or ads. This pixel seems tiny, but it’s mighty. It’s great at tracking user behavior and online activity.

How it works:

  1. Loading the pixel happens when a user opens a page or email with the pixel. Their browser then asks the pixel’s source server for the image.
  2. During this request, the system sends data. The server receives and records it. It’s about the user and their interaction. This information might include:
    • The user’s IP address
    • Their browser type and operating system
    • The date and time they accessed the page/email
    • Whether they clicked on any links or buttons
    • Any extra data programmed into the pixel
  3. Data is then stored and analyzed by the pixel’s owner. This provides valuable insights into user behavior and engagement.

What are tracking pixels used for?

  • Website analytics show how users navigate your website. They reveal the most-visited pages and where users drop off. This data helps you improve your website. It does so by boosting user experience and conversion rates.
  • Email marketing tracks opens, clicks, and engagement in your email campaigns. It lets you see what your audience likes and adjust future campaigns for better results.
  • Tracking clicks and conversions measures ad effectiveness. It helps you use your ad budget better.
  • Retargeting means showing ads to users that have interacted with your website or ads before. It lets you stay top-of-mind and encourage them to return and do what you want.

What Is A Retargeting Ad Campaign?

Imagine showing personalized ads to people who have already interacted with your brand. It could be by browsing your website, watching your video, or engaging with your social media. 

That’s the core of retargeting. It reminds those who were once interested that you haven’t forgotten them. It shows offers or info that might entice them back to you.

Benefits of Retargeting:

  • It increases Reach and Recall. Retargeting keeps your brand visible after the first encounter. Being remembered is more likely. When they’re ready to convert, it also increases your chances of getting considered.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Conversions: Personalize your ads based on past interactions. This will help you resonate more with the user. It will boost engagement. It will also increase the chance of completing desired actions. These actions include purchases or sign-ups.
  • It offers precise targeting. Unlike broad advertising, retargeting lets you focus on a specific audience. This audience has already shown interest in your brand. It maximizes your ad budget and boosts conversions.
  • Tracking retargeting performance gives insights. It shows user behavior and their journey in your sales funnel. The data lets you refine your strategies for more success.

Common Retargeting Approaches:

  • Website Retargeting tracks previous website visitors. It shows them targeted ads based on their past browsing behavior.
  • Use social media retargeting. Retarget users who engage with your content. It drives further engagement or website visits.
  • Use email retargeting. Send personalized emails based on past website or email interactions. The emails offer incentives or reminders.

Remember, retargeting isn’t about bombarding users with relentless ads. It’s about giving gentle nudges and relevant info at the right times. These guide them back to your brand in a personal and valuable way.

Using Facebook Ads for Motivated Seller Leads in Colorado

1. Understand Your Target AudienceIdentify characteristics of motivated sellers in Colorado, such as age, location, and property type.
2. Create Compelling Ad CopyCraft engaging ad copy that highlights the benefits of selling to your real estate business. Use concise and persuasive language.
3. Utilize Eye-Catching VisualsInclude high-quality images or graphics that grab attention and convey professionalism.
4. Set Geographic TargetingSpecify the target location in Colorado where you want your ads to be displayed to reach potential sellers in relevant areas.
5. Use Facebook Ad Targeting OptionsUtilize Facebook’s targeting options, including interests, behaviors, and demographics, to narrow down your audience and reach motivated sellers.
6. Implement Lead Capture FormsInclude lead capture forms in your ads to collect essential information from interested sellers. Keep the form simple and easy to fill out.
7. Offer a Value PropositionClearly communicate the value proposition for sellers. Whether it’s a quick sale, fair offer, or hassle-free process, make it enticing.
8. Test and OptimizeRegularly test different ad variations, audiences, and messaging. Analyze the results and optimize your campaigns for better performance.
9. Budget WiselyAllocate your ad budget effectively. Monitor the cost per lead and adjust your budget based on the performance of your campaigns.
10. Follow Up PromptlyOnce leads are generated, follow up promptly with personalized communication. Build trust and establish a connection with potential sellers.

How To Target Motivated Sellers With Facebook Ads

So, now that we have covered Facebook Ads Retargeting in depth.

Let’s streamline the setup process and launch a campaign.

Enter the Facebook Ads Managing App: Adroll

Adroll works by integrating with your Facebook Ads Manager. 

It does take a little bit of work to get it set up and running, but it’s worth it.

Once you get it working, it will make custom audiences for you. Then, it will send them to Facebook.

The main custom audience that it builds are “users who have visited your website”.

Then, upload your ad creative and ad copy and let Adroll do the work.

It will retarget users who visited your website in the past.

It will show them your ads while they are scrolling through Facebook.

Next, track your conversions and adjust your campaigns.

How To Target Motivated Sellers Directly

If you don’t want to pay third-party software developers, listen up.  

This is how you create a campaign yourself from scratch.

Step 1: Create your business page on Facebook

Eg: Sell My House To Bob 

Use a real picture of you and/or a family member.  Personalize your page with relevant images/videos.

Link a domain name to your business.

Make the domain brandable. The business name should say what you do.

Get cheap hosting at Namecheap etc.

Set up a landing page to capture leads using

Alternatively, you can use Investor Carrot to host and build your site.

Step 2: Set up your Facebook Ads Center account and add a payment method.

Create a new ad

Choose your ad type

I recommend trying a two-pronged approach.

Create one campaign using the Automated Ads type.

Create a second campaign using the “create new ad” type.

Cut the one that doesn’t perform as well.

If you are on a budget, stick with “create new ad”

Change the goal of the ad campaign.

Click “change”

Change the goal to “Get more leads”

Click “Save”

It will tell you that a form is required for this ad.

To create a form, you must launch Ads Manager.

From the main Ad Center page…

Click on the 3 little dots next to “Tools”

Next, click on “Visit Ads Manager”

Click “Create”

Make sure the buying type is set to “Auction”

Choose “Leads” for the campaign objective.

Click “Continue”

Choose “Manual leads campaign”

Click “Continue”

Choose the “Housing” category

Choose “Instant forms” under Conversion.

Select the Business Page you created in Step 1.

Set your budget & schedule.

I recommend $20 a day with no end date.

Don’t select any custom audiences for this campaign.

That will come later.

First, run your initial ad sets to gather data.

Select “Manual placements”

Deselect “Instagram” and “Audience network”

Click “Next”

Click “Add Form”

Click “Create Form”

Click “Continue”

Name your form.

Choose “More volume” as the form type.

For “Background image” click “Use the image from your ad”.

Set your Greeting.

Choose a direct headline that has a clear action item.

“Sell Your House in 14 Days”

Use either a paragraph or a list to highlight the benefits of your service.

“No repairs”

“No closing costs”

“No commissions”

“No service fees”

“One inspection”

Add these five “short answer” questions.

Under “Description” you must inform people how you’ll use their data.

I recommend saying something like this:

“We’ll use your information to contact you about selling your house for cash.  We will never sell or share your data with third parties”.

Add these three “prefill” questions.

This is where you need a website.

You must link to your self-hosted privacy policy.

You can use ChatGPT prompts to create this.

Give ChatGPT the following prompt:

“Create a privacy policy for the brand Sell My House to Bob – a we buy houses company based in Chicago, IL”.

Choose something similar to this under “Message for leads”.

You can also have them view your website.

I recommend keeping them on Facebook.

Thank them for filling out the form.

Inform them that someone will be calling shortly.

Also, give them the option to call now.

Finally, click “Create form”

Now it’s time to select your Ad Creative.

Choose your media, primary text, headline, description (ad copy), and call to action.

Click “Add media”

Select an image of an ugly house.

I chose one that we flipped.

Alternatively, you can choose a video.

I recommend paying to have a professional commercial created.

You can also record a video of yourself walking through an old house.

Highlight the benefits of selling your home to an investor.

Include a clear call to action at the end.

Click “Next”

Inspect your ad preview.

Choose five different primary text calls to action.

Choose five different headline calls to action.

Connect your CRM and set up tracking (Optional).

Do one final inspection of all of your settings.

Finally, click publish!

Now, let the ad run and gather data.

Next, run new campaigns for users who have engaged 50% – 75% and retarget them.

This is where it gets complicated.

Split testing is required.

Cut losing campaigns.

Let the winners run.

And that is exactly how you target motivated sellers using Facebook Ads!

I hope you learned something.

Check out the FAQ below if you have any unanswered questions.

Good luck!

FAQs About Facebook Ads For Motivated Sellers

What types of ad formats are effective for retargeting motivated sellers? Consider using a mix of:

  • Video ads can share testimonials from satisfied sellers. They can explain your buying process or show properties you’ve bought.
  • Carousels tell a story with many images. They showcase the solutions you offer for different seller situations.
  • Use static images. Make them engaging with clear headlines and calls to action (CTAs). For example, use “Get a free cash offer” or “Call us now for a free quote.”
  • What messaging should I use in my retargeting ads? Address their potential concerns and pain points. Examples include:
    • “Struggling with a difficult property? We buy houses as-is in any condition.”
    • “Facing foreclosure? Avoid auction and get a fair cash offer.”
    • “Need a quick sale? Skip the traditional listing process and sell to us.”
    • Use strong CTAs that encourage immediate action, like “Get a free quote now” or “Schedule a call with us now.”
  • How much should I budget for a Facebook retargeting campaign? Start with a small budget and experiment to find what works best for your target audience and niche. Track your metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions) and adjust your budget as needed.
  • How do I know if my retargeting campaign is working? Track key metrics like click-through rates (CTRs), lead generation costs, and conversion rates. Analyze which ad formats, creatives, and CTAs perform best. Then, optimize your campaign.
  • What are some common pitfalls to avoid with Facebook retargeting? Don’t be too aggressive with your ad frequency, as it can annoy users. Make sure your targeting is precise to avoid reaching irrelevant audiences. Track and follow Facebook’s advertising policies to avoid account suspension.

More Tips:

  • Focus on building trust and credibility. Showcase your expertise and testimonials from satisfied sellers.
  • Offer quick and transparent communication. Outline your buying process and response times.
  • Personalize your ad copy and landing pages. Address specific concerns and offer solutions tailored to their situation.
  • Test and iterate. Try different ad formats, creatives, and CTAs. See what resonates with your target audience.
  • Stay compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies and data privacy regulations.

Using Facebook Ads for motivated seller leads is a broad topic. You can tackle this challenge. Use Facebook Ads tools like Adroll.

Don’t rely on your inexperience in marketing. Instead, use this powerful ad platform. It will get you better results and more conversions.


Entrepreneur, online marketer, real estate investor, and owner of the Sell Your House To Tactical Investing Inc. franchise

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