How Do You Get Rid Of A House Full Of Junk In Colorado?

Selling a house in Colorado can be a dream, but what if your dream home comes with a nightmare of clutter? Fear not, intrepid seller! Here’s a guide to navigating the unique challenge of selling a house full of stuff in the beautiful Centennial State:

Know Your Options:

  • Embrace the Clean Slate: This is the most traditional route. Tackle the clutter yourself, donate, sell, or haul away unwanted items. It’s time-consuming but maximizes selling potential and profit.
  • Cash Offer Companies: They buy “as-is,” taking the junk with the house. While convenient and fast, expect a significant price reduction. Research their reputation and compare offers carefully.
  • Creative Listing: Highlight the potential beyond the clutter. Consider virtual staging or “before-and-after” photos showcasing the space’s true potential. Attract buyers willing to do the clean-up themselves.

Tackling the Treasure Trove:

  • Prioritize ruthlessly: Start with easy wins – expired items, broken furniture, anything unusable. Donate, sell, or recycle responsibly.
  • Categorize and conquer: Sort remaining items into “keep,” “sell,” and “donate” piles. Utilize online platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for local sales.
  • Storage solutions: If a temporary holding zone is needed, rent a storage unit or consider pod services for larger volumes. Remember, decluttering takes time and effort.

Colorado Considerations:

  • Yard Waste Woes: Familiarize yourself with local bulky waste disposal regulations and fees. Consider hiring a junk removal service for efficient and eco-friendly disposal.
  • Garage Sale Savvy: Depending on your location and the quality of your items, a well-organized garage sale can be a goldmine. Advertise effectively and price competitively.
  • Charity Connections: Colorado boasts numerous thrift stores and donation centers eager to accept gently used items. Donate responsibly and maximize tax deductions.

Beyond the Clean-Up:

  • Pricing Psychology: Acknowledge the clutter in your pricing strategy, but factor in the home’s potential and location. Consult a local realtor for accurate market insights.
  • Staging Strategist: Consider professional staging to showcase the property’s true potential beyond the clutter. Virtual staging can be a cost-effective alternative.
  • Transparency is Key: Disclose the extent of the clutter upfront in your listing and be prepared to answer questions honestly. Potential buyers appreciate transparency.


Selling a house full of stuff in Colorado requires planning, effort, and strategic thinking. Choose the option that aligns with your budget, timeline, and comfort level. Partnering with local experts like realtors, junk removal services, and donation centers can streamline the process and ensure a successful sale.

sell everything and move colorado

How To Get Rid Of Everything And Move In Colorado

Moving can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you’re faced with the daunting task of getting rid of everything you own. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating to a new city, or simply craving a fresh start, purging your belongings and starting anew can be a liberating experience. Here are some tips on how to efficiently get rid of everything and move in Colorado:

  1. Assess Your Belongings: Before you start packing, take stock of everything you own. Separate your belongings into categories such as essentials, sentimental items, and things you can live without. This will help you prioritize what to keep and what to discard.
  2. Declutter Room by Room: Begin the decluttering process room by room. Sort through your belongings and decide what to keep, donate, sell, or discard. Be ruthless in your decision-making process and try to let go of items you haven’t used in a long time or no longer serve a purpose.
  3. Donate or Sell: Consider donating gently used items such as clothing, furniture, and household goods to local charities or thrift stores. Alternatively, you can sell items online through platforms like Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace, or host a garage sale to get rid of larger items quickly.
  4. Dispose of Unwanted Items Responsibly: For items that are no longer usable or in poor condition, dispose of them responsibly. Research local recycling centers, donation drop-off locations, or waste management facilities in your area for proper disposal options.
  5. Rent a Dumpster: If you have a significant amount of junk or debris to dispose of, consider renting a dumpster. This can make the process of clearing out unwanted items much more efficient, especially if you’re dealing with large furniture or bulky items.
  6. Organize a Moving Sale: Turn your unwanted items into cash by organizing a moving sale. Price items competitively to attract buyers and advertise your sale through local classifieds, social media, and community bulletin boards.
  7. Hire Professional Help: If you’re short on time or overwhelmed by the task of decluttering and disposing of items, consider hiring professional organizers, junk removal services, or estate liquidators to help streamline the process.
  8. Plan Ahead: Give yourself plenty of time to declutter and pack before your move. Create a timeline and stick to it to ensure everything is sorted and organized before moving day.
  9. Stay Organized During the Move: As you pack, label boxes clearly and keep an inventory of your belongings to ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced during the move. Use color-coded labels or a numbering system to keep track of boxes and their contents.
  10. Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle: Moving is the perfect opportunity to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and start fresh in your new home. Focus on keeping only the items that bring you joy and serve a purpose, and let go of the rest.

By following these tips, you can efficiently get rid of everything and move in Colorado, making your transition to a new home smoother and more enjoyable.

FAQ: Getting Rid of a House Filled with Junk and Moving in Colorado

  1. How do I start the process of getting rid of a house filled with junk before moving?
    • Begin by assessing the extent of the clutter and making a plan to tackle it room by room. Decide what items you want to keep, donate, sell, or discard.
  2. What should I do with items I no longer want or need?
    • Consider donating usable items to local charities or thrift stores, selling items online or through a garage sale, or disposing of unusable items responsibly through recycling centers or waste management facilities.
  3. Are there professional services available to help with decluttering and junk removal?
    • Yes, there are professional organizers, junk removal services, and estate liquidators available to help streamline the process of decluttering and disposing of unwanted items.
  4. How can I dispose of large items such as furniture or appliances?
    • You can schedule a bulk trash pickup with your local waste management company, hire a junk removal service to haul away large items or consider donating them to organizations that accept furniture donations.
  5. What should I do with hazardous materials or items that can’t be disposed of easily?
    • Research local hazardous waste disposal options for items such as paint, chemicals, electronics, and batteries. Many municipalities offer special collection events for these types of materials.
  6. How can I efficiently pack and organize my belongings for the move?
    • Start by decluttering and packing room by room, using sturdy boxes and packing materials to protect fragile items. Label boxes clearly and keep an inventory to ensure nothing gets lost during the move.
  7. Is it worth hiring professional help for junk removal and moving services?
    • Hiring professionals can save you time and effort, especially if you have a significant amount of junk to dispose of or if you’re short on time. Consider your budget and the scope of the job when deciding whether to hire help.
  8. What should I do with items of sentimental value that I can’t bear to part with?
    • If possible, find a way to incorporate sentimental items into your new home decor or consider storing them in a safe place. Alternatively, take photos of sentimental items before donating or discarding them.
  9. How can I prevent my new home from becoming cluttered again after the move?
    • Implement organizational systems and habits to keep clutter at bay in your new home. Regularly declutter and reassess your belongings to prevent the accumulation of unnecessary items.
  10. What are some resources available for finding help with junk removal and moving services in Colorado?
    • You can search online directories, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or real estate professionals to find reputable junk removal and moving services in Colorado.

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