Costs to Expect With a FSBO Listing in Colorado Springs

Costs to Expect With an FSBO Listing in Colorado Springs

Selling your house yourself takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work. Although there are some clear benefits to selling your home on your own, such as saving money on commissions and keeping 100% of the final sale price, it is difficult to sell a house without professional assistance; most FSBO sellers end up putting their homes back on the market with the help of an agent after giving up on finding a buyer themselves.

To avoid this scenario and ensure that the sale goes smoothly in Colorado Springs, contact an experienced real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the local housing market. It’s free for you to list your home on [ZILLOW].  A local agent can price your house competitively compared to listings in the area while providing you with a valuable resource for asking relative questions about the sales process.

Screening Calls

Once you have found a buyer, several more hours are needed for arranging home viewings, negotiating the price, and making arrangements.

It’s challenging to put a specific number of hours together because every transaction is different. In addition, you should also be mindful that you will need two days per week for open house events once your FSBO listing goes live. The nature or size of your property might require additional time; this can include attending to repairs before market day or preparation on any items such as paint touch-ups and landscaping so it shows in its best possible light. A couple of hours here and there means you’ll want to factor an extra 5 – 10 hours into your weekly schedule.

Emotional Attachment

If you are prepared for this, you will be better equipped for the sale.

Before any offer is made, an agent may be called upon to reveal information and disclose details about the property that would normally have been kept confidential. This can seem shocking and intrusive to some FSBO sellers, but a good agent understands that selling homes is simply business and holds no personal grudges or feelings against either of the parties involved in the transaction. He or she has likely seen it all before. The buyer needs only to ask regarding facts concerning commission disclosure with their seller’s broker, who will provide answers as required by law. [Buyer-Provided Information]

Some buyers are most interested in being a step ahead of other potential buyers so they often inquire about school districts and other things such as local tax rates.


This can create some challenging situations, especially when it comes to scheduling home inspections and termite inspections.

The good news is there are several ways to avoid having strangers walk through your house while you’re still living in it. There are FSBO alternatives that can help keep your sale on track while mitigating the inconvenience of showing the property and keeping the privacy of your family intact. In fact, online options like [listing_city] real estate search engines have grown exponentially over recent years as sellers have become more tech-savvy! Read on for some alternative solutions to selling a home FSBO in Colorado Springs.

What Are The Expenses Associated With House Flipping In Colorado Springs?


Having this type of marketing plan is crucial to have your property stand out.

This helps connect potential buyers in the surrounding areas to your listing, resulting in more exposure and possible showings while helping you save on your marketing dollars.

You should be aware that cameras will be installed throughout the house, including inside and outside the home. While a security measure for both agent and homeowner, it can take some getting used to for sensitive homeowners or business owners who are not typically photographed by strangers as part of their daily routine.

And finally closed? The best option depends on how long you need the funds held by your bank before they can be disbursed. If this appeal is lost, the lender may require an appraisal first to determine the value of the home. 

Bargaining Table

Ultimately it is worth it to avoid such negative emotions and get an expert involved in your FSBO listing. A real estate agent, by taking over the process of showing your house, can provide you with two essential benefits during negotiations:

1) Save money on a listing presentation that could be undervalued due to an emotional reaction rather than using more accurate market analysis to set the price

2) Willingness to negotiate without feeling emotionally attached due to their expertise as well as their objectivity (seeing offers through a “business” lens). In short, letting go of some emotional attachment will help save you money. As well as providing you with more long-term profits.


Selling your home quickly is one of the best ways to maximize your investment.

These home inspection costs vary depending on the location and size of the house. Also, whether you hire an individual inspector or go with a company will influence how much you spend on inspections. Of course, inspectors’ fees increase significantly if they have to visit a second time since most FSBOs are unprepared for their own inspections, but that is not always up to you; sometimes it’s due to inclement weather like snow and ice or tornadoes. Luckily, there are places like [article_city] where inspectors do not charge extra for re-inspections: charging more than $60 per hour is unethical in any case as legally mandated state minimum wage laws only allow $8 per hour plus mileage so keep that in mind as well.


This will ensure that the funds are not mishandled by an inexperienced real estate agent.

For example, you have a $200,000 home that is going up for auction on September 1st. The earnest money amount agreed upon by the participants of this agreement is two percent, or $4,000. This buyer’s realtor ensures that the funds hit an escrow account at the title company and remain there until all contractual requirements have been settled at which time the funds will be released to the seller.


Most sellers work with a professional, preferring not to carry the load of all of the FSBO listing responsibilities in the Colorado Springs real estate market.

Avoiding these beginner mistakes is crucial to not only closing your deal but also avoiding penalties for late filing that can add up to thousands of dollars.

#1 Not Understanding the Seller’s Disclosure Requirements

In some states, a seller is required to complete a disclosure form and give it to you before you enter into negotiations. Check with your state department of real estate before contacting or negotiating with a seller. The ALTA website provides information on title companies that administer the forms in various states.

You’ll want to review these reports closely. Look for any disclaimers about what might be found under the further inspection of the property—including termites, lead paint, flood risks, and environmental hazards like asbestos or mold. Also, check if there are any legal proceedings against the home regarding neighborhood liens or contractor judgments by checking with the county clerk.

Skip Listing Altogether

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