Does Donald Trump Own Any Real Estate in Colorado?

Donald Trump, the former president and renowned businessman, has built an empire spanning hotels, apartments, casinos, and golf courses across the globe. But does Colorado figure in his real estate portfolio? The answer, as with many things Trump-related, is not straightforward.

The Official Story:

Donald Trump Colorado Real Estate

According to publicly available records, Donald Trump currently owns no real estate in Colorado. This lack of ownership isn’t surprising, considering his primary investments have historically been concentrated in New York City, Florida, and other major metropolitan areas.

A Brief Dive into the Past:

However, in 1997, a glimmer of a Colorado Trump property sparked headlines. The Trump Organization briefly considered purchasing a luxury development site in Colorado Springs, envisioning a potential “Trump Resort at Red Rock Canyon.” Despite negotiations, the deal ultimately fell through, leaving Colorado empty on Trump’s real estate map.

Political Theatre and False Claims:

More recently, some political factions in Colorado have made unsubstantiated claims about Trump owning property in the state. These claims have been debunked by fact-checkers and lack any credible evidence. It’s important to rely on trustworthy sources and verified information when navigating this politically charged topic.

The Bottom Line:

While Donald Trump’s name continues to evoke strong reactions, especially in the political sphere, the facts remain clear: as of October 2024, he does not own any real estate in Colorado. The whispers of Colorado Trump properties, both past and present, deserve scrutiny and verification to avoid perpetuating misinformation.

Moving Forward:

Understanding the truth about Trump’s property holdings in Colorado helps separate fact from fiction, especially amidst the noise of the political landscape. Remember to always seek reliable sources and critical thinking when encountering claims about powerful figures like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Colorado Real Estate Investing

Does Donald Trump Own Any Real Estate in Colorado? Unraveling the Business Tycoon’s Colorado Holdings

With Donald Trump recognized prominently as a real estate mogul and former leader of the free world, some wonder if the controversial businessman holds any property assets tied to investments in Colorado – a state experiencing immense housing growth and destination appeal over recent years.

Based on searches of public property records, corporate registrations, and documented holdings of the Trump Organization or LLCs affiliated with Donald Trump’s financial interests, no current real estate possessions get traced directly back to Trump-owned properties located within Colorado as of 2023.

While making definitive determinations proves difficult given the complex LLC arrangements often utilized in real estate transactions, no recent ties connect Trump’s ownership to residential or commercial developments, hospitality assets, or agricultural holdings based on current confirmable filings in the state.

Of course, changes occur frequently, especially amidst economic fluctuations, so opportunities may allow Trump to yet expand his American real estate portfolio to the Mountain West region if conditions merit future investments. Short-term rentals and ski properties represent potential segments holding interest as his company explores new domestic markets.

But when residents or visitors marvel at soaring property values and construction cranes dotting skylines across Denver, Colorado Springs, or recreational hubs like Vail and Aspen – they appear unaffected by Trump’s financial stakes as of now through his signature development pursuits made prominent on the East Coast landscapes and abroad over decades. The Centennial State seemingly escapes that influence within its attractive housing sector outpacing most competitors.

Does Donald Trump Own Property in Colorado?

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States and prominent real estate tycoon, has left an indelible mark on the real estate landscape across the nation. However, when it comes to the picturesque state of Colorado, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities, Trump’s real estate footprint is notably limited.

The Trump Organization’s Presence in Colorado:

As of the latest available information, there is no evidence to suggest that Donald Trump personally owns any real estate in Colorado. While the Trump Organization, the conglomerate led by the Trump family, has been involved in various real estate ventures globally, Colorado has not been a focal point of their investments.

Trump International Hotel and Tower – Denver:

It’s essential to note that while Donald Trump himself may not have direct real estate holdings in Colorado, there was a project associated with the Trump brand in Denver. The Trump International Hotel and Tower was proposed for downtown Denver, but the project faced challenges and delays.

In 2006, plans were unveiled for a 50-story luxury hotel and condominium tower branded with the Trump name. However, the project encountered financial difficulties and was eventually abandoned. The proposed tower would have been located at 17th and California streets, aiming to bring a touch of Trump luxury to the Mile High City.

Trump’s Relationship with Colorado:

While Donald Trump may not have personal real estate holdings in Colorado, his political influence has reverberated through the state. As in many parts of the country, the political landscape in Colorado has been shaped by Trump’s policies and the broader political discourse associated with his presidency.

It’s worth noting that real estate ownership is just one aspect of Trump’s extensive business portfolio, which includes golf courses, hotels, and residential developments. However, as of the latest available information, none of these holdings are specifically located within the state of Colorado.


In the picturesque expanse of Colorado, known for its Rocky Mountains, vibrant cities, and outdoor recreation, Donald Trump’s real estate holdings are not evident. While his brand may have briefly touched Denver with the proposed Trump International Hotel and Tower, the project did not come to fruition.

As with any public figure, the details of real estate ownership can evolve, and it’s essential to consult the latest reports and disclosures for the most accurate information. However, based on available records, it appears that Colorado is not a focal point of Donald Trump’s real estate portfolio, and his presence in the state is primarily associated with broader political and business considerations.


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