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If you are searching around the “we buy houses” marketplace looking for the best company in Aurora, Colorado who buys houses quickly for cash then rest assured that you are dealing with the number 1 home buyer in the area who can close fast without any delays.  We are the number one home buying company in Aurora, Colorado simply because we offer our clients a 100% transparent, no BS policy where we actually do this crazy thing called “telling the truth”.  For more info please read our other page We Buy Houses Aurora CO –

Some of our past customers have tried to accuse us of being dishonest, and one customer even went as far as to write a negative BBB review about our company, but we maintain our high standards of honesty and ethics without wavering.  Yes, the truth isn’t always easy to swallow, and sometimes the results are less than favorable, but we always shoot straight with our clients and tell them exactly what the score is, and what to expect when selling their home privately to a cash investor (or one of their private money partners).

How We Partner With Other Investment Firms

aurora colorado home buyersA lot of times during the busy seasons of the year (or if a home is above our current purchasing power), our company will have all of our funds tied up in other investment projects, whether it’s fix and flip deals or buy & hold rental projects.  Since we only have so much liquid capital available on hand, when we come across a deal where the numbers look good, but we don’t have the cash on hand at the moment, we will do what is called an “assignment of real estate” where we will pass the right to purchase the property along to another investor who may have more capital on hand at the time to purchase the home.

We are still the ones doing all of the legwork for the transaction and putting the deal together, so why shouldn’t we be paid a fee for our work?  That is the question that I have for those who consider real estate wholesaling to be a scam.

Some People Try To Paint “Assigning” Contracts As Bad

Some people try to make this wholesaling and assigning of contracts out to be some sort of “scam” or “con”, when in fact it is the opposite.  We are doing the extra legwork in finding an appropriate investor with the proper funding to help you sell your home in the same sort of the same fashion as a real estate agent (but not really), so what difference is it to you where the money comes from, as long as you sell your house for the agreed upon price?  I mean, that is the goal after all, right?


Anyway, some people try to paint investors out as being dishonest since they won’t be the ones who are actually buying the property, but we disagree.  As long as you are willing to disclose that information to the seller (if they ask), or some investors choose to offer that info up front, then I see no problem.  Some people would probably disagree though, and all I can say is I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

In the end, though, we can’t make everyone happy…all we can do is try to offer the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients during every single real estate transaction that we participate in, and that’s exactly what we’re going to continue doing into 2018 and beyond!

Yes, We Do Actually Buy Houses!

And finally, yes, we do actually buy houses with cash…sometimes, when the numbers are right and when we can afford to do so.  How is that dishonest?  We are constantly looking for a specific number of houses to purchase in different cities, suburbs, and states all across the country, and we are ready to make fair cash offers on all of them because we are actively working towards increasing our purchasing power and capital on a national level, so that we can really buy any house using our own private funds, or those of our partners.

How Many Houses Do We Buy Per Month?

We purchase between 2 – 5 houses every month, and we are consistently trying to increase that number to move more properties for our sellers and buyers.  For example, we are actively rehabbing and flipping two properties right now that are both valued above $150,000 full market value once all of the repairs have been completed.  In fact, the second property that we are working on right now has actually been valued a lot higher since it is near a prominent area in Southern Colorado Springs near Fountain, an area where single family homes are in extremely high demand, so the values keep on skyrocketing…this is great for sellers, but bad for buyers, because buyers are having a very tough time finding an affordable house for sale in this crazy market with pricing that keeps steadily increasing 3% every 30 days or more.

Even the banks are having a hard time keeping up, as they frantically attempt to stay on top of the river of foreclosures that still exist, and the huge number of new loans going out and being written on a daily basis.

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