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If you are looking for local home buyers in Colorado who buy houses fast for cash in 7 days then give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 to get an instant free quote on your home today.  Our cash for homes program is designed to streamline the home selling process to get cash in your hands in the quickest time frame possible.  We have a large network of business professionals that we work with on a regular basis, and we can get deals closed quickly and efficiently without any delays or deliberation.

Avoiding all of the hassles of listing your home on the open market is an extremely attractive idea for a lot of home sellers who have dealt with the stresses and headaches of having to sell your home on the MLS and pay commissions.  Selling to investors allows you to sell the property in as-is condition without making any repairs whatsoever, and it will also allow you to operate with much more flexible terms and conditions on the sale, such as allowing for occupancy of the property even after the closing has already taken place.

Listing Vs. Selling To Investors For Cash

Listing your home on the open real estate market through a licensed real estate agent is not a reasonable option for a lot of home sellers who are facing difficult life situations which are forcing their hand, and making them look for faster solutions that are able to close quickly in around one week instead of 60 days like your standard real estate transaction that is listed through a licensed agent.  Agents will have a series of stipulations and requirements that are necessary to perform before the deal can finally close…when you sell directly to a cash buyer and private real estate investment firm such as us here at HBR Colorado, we can close quickly in as little as one week with no fees.

Situations That We Typically Help In

  1. Foreclosure.  If you are facing foreclosure, then you know the pain and hardship that comes with the late notices, bank letters, and overall general feeling of shame that overtakes you once you start to go through this stressful, undesirable process.  Nobody wants to go through this painful experience, so a lot of times having the option to sell your home quickly and privately to an investor is an extremely attractive option that can prevent the foreclosure from going through and impacting your credit report.
  2. Divorce.  If you and your spouse are going through a painful divorce then the judge may have ordered you to liquidate all of the marital assets in the fastest time frame possible.  When you are tasked with this problem, it is invaluable to have a professional home buying company there who can make you a fair cash offer on your property and buy it with no fees in a flat seven days.
  3. Job loss/relocation.  If you have recently lost your job, then you will certainly resonate with the difficulties that life can bring, and how hard it can be to maintain your monthly mortgage payments while you are facing this terrible life circumstance.  When the bills start to pile up and the late notices start coming in…don’t wait!  Get an instant free quote on your home today and consider selling quickly for cash to pay off all of your debts and start fresh!
  4. Bad tenants / rentals.  If you are a landlord who has been put through the wringer with a problem property or tenant and you would love to get out from under your property today then feel free to give us a call to get an instant free quote on your home to find out how much you can sell for today.  Squatters and problem tenants are all okay!

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Avoid Commissions And Fees And Close Quickly!

Selling your house directly to an investorcash for homes colorado has many benefits that we are going to cover here in this article, but the main thing is speed and reliability.  The fact of the matter is that investors are able to close deals much faster than listing your home through a licensed agent, so please keep that in mind when you are weighing the different options for liquidating your property.  Not to mention the fact that when you sell directly to an investor you will be able to sell in as-is condition and you will also be able to avoid paying listing fees and commissions entirely.

This is something that not many people are aware of, and they are under the false impression that they will still have to pay closing costs when they choose to sell privately for cash.  The truth is that it’s up to the specific home buying company that you are dealing with, and what their policies are…Our privacy policies exist to benefit the seller because that’s who our home buying program is optimized to serve.

The Home Selling Process Streamlined…

We aim to streamline the entire home selling process from start to finish, and our goal as an organization is to get a check in your hands in the fastest amount of time possible for your house.  We realize that you aren’t choosing to sell your home to an investor out of the goodness of your heart so that we can make a profit…which is why we have designed every single aspect of our home buying services to help and assist stressed out sellers who are simply looking for a simple solution to a complex problem that they have in their life at the moment.

If you are interested in our local home buying program, and you are ready to take the next step by getting a no-obligation, risk-free, no pressure, fair cash offer on your property right now then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and someone from our team will take a look at your situation to determine exactly how much cash we can afford to pay for your home, and how quickly we will be able to close the deal.  Oftentimes, we can close extremely quickly, in as little as seven days, and even faster in certain cases.

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