5 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

5 Signs of a Bad Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent

1. You are constantly hounded to list your home for sale, even when you tell them not to. The right agent will respect your wishes and show you houses only when it is convenient for you. They also won’t pressure you into making a listing decision that may be premature.

2. No sooner than they get named your agent, they try to lock in your listing through signing an Agreement of Sale with no contingencies or exclusions on the contract wording which means everything goes through agreement regardless of their poor performance as your real estate agents. A good agent respects their client’s final authority so they ask before taking actions on behalf of the seller like signing contracts while a bad one will sign anything just to make the commission


This can make for a tense and difficult transaction, but one thing to keep in mind is that these poor agents are just doing what they believe will work for them.

Know your Colorado Springs real estate agent: Ask questions of candidates ahead of time, such as asking how many years they have been working in the field or if they have any achievements. Use social media to find out about their former clients and colleagues, read reviews from past customers, and use online testimonials. The more you know before selecting an agent, the better chance you have of avoiding a bad Colorado Springs real estate agent who will try to negotiate against your best interest.

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If you are seeking a real estate agent in Colorado Springs, remember: Not all agents are created equal! Being responsive and attentive is what separates the good from the great.  At HBR Colorado, our calling hours, even on weekends and holidays are clearly posted on our website to show that it’s never too late for your call or inquiry.

To learn more about how we provide excellent service to clients, please feel free to give us a call or text at (719) 286-0053. You can also visit us online anytime here to sell a home quickly and find out why hundreds of sellers have chosen HBR Colorado as their go-to cash buyer in Colorado.


If you don’t want to be left out in the cold, pay close attention to these 4 business blunders.

1. Poor Communication through Forms and Systems 

Day in, and day out, your agent should keep you in the loop regarding their marketing strategy (or lack of). If you have not received any details about how your agent is going about finding buyers or following up with potential clients, perhaps you should consider taking over this work on your own. Often times an agent will buy a listing without ever considering what critical questions need to be answered. They may fail to communicate all of the key facts about timing, price points, and market conditions for selling a home quickly because they simply do not know how to conduct solid market research or take time to understand the client.

Methods and Means

You don’t want to be forced to walk into a room full of strangers and negotiate the terms of your deal; this is why you have an agent. Negotiating is their job, so if they leave you to do it on your own, they are not doing their jobs.

#2 No Support From A Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent for Short Sale Fees: If your short sale agent does not work with you and for you throughout the entire shuffle of other agents that may also be involved in selling your home, then they are most likely not giving the service that was promised when they accepted their commission to sell your property. When choosing a real estate professional to help sell your home, make sure that there is proof that all parties (including buyers) will share


If the agent is working for a buyer’s agent, then the agent may be leveraging your listing to get more listings for the buyer’s agent.

If you think about it, if you are in the business of buying and selling homes as an agent, then your goal is really to sell as many homes as possible just so that you don’t have to worry about overhead. If you’re not worried about overhead, then there isn’t any reason why you would present yourself as having specialized experience or knowledge in helping others. You will do whatever it takes to close a deal because the only thing that matters is getting paid from commissions from both sides!

Many Colorado Springs agents claim they are the best when, in reality, there are other real estate agents that are better suited for your desires and needs. The most important thing to keep in mind is selecting a real estate agent who meets all of your criteria and expectations. This way you can be sure to find the right one and avoid any negative experience. One area where people frequently make mistakes is by picking an Colorado Springsagent without speaking with them first before signing anything or paying any money upfront. Don’t fall into this trap! Always know what you’re getting yourself into before hiring any professional person – especially a real estate agent.


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