5 Ways Bad Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients

5 Ways Bad Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients

It is the responsibility of a real estate agent to accept listings for their clients. Yet, there are some agents that do not assist their clients in finding and listing the property. If you are working with an agent who does not help you find properties, then they might be missing in action when it comes time to sell your home or buy one. Today’s market is competitive; therefore, buyers need all the information possible if they wish to make educated decisions on which homes to purchase. Oftentimes, this means ordering up other comparable homes data reports through third-party websites like Trulia or Zillow.


When you buy investment properties, you will meet with all kinds of people for whom it is sometimes difficult to keep your temper in check. You have to be able to make split-second decisions and act upon them immediately. An expert can tell exactly how much money an investment property might bring in under the right conditions by simply assessing its location, condition, neighborhood, etcetera. Always look at the numbers when considering whether or not you should make an offer on a particular property. In this current market, your agent must possess knowledge about rental markets which is more comprehensive than mere knowledge of average rents for your local area.

Letting You Lead

Last year, the average Realtor® across the country generated $125 in sales commission per transaction – If you take into account that agents work on a 5-12% commission basis for BOTH the seller’s and buyer’s share of the sale price, it should be clear that agents spend upwards of 10 hours JUST SELLING YOUR HOME. Most true sellers would like to get out from under their property as soon as possible and cut any costs they can without sacrificing quality service. Keep this in mind when asking your listing agent why you shouldn’t sell yourself.

Always Saying Yes

If there is anything you do not want to hear, tell them upfront and let them know it is appreciated if they will work with you on those issues for a compromise.

To truly help you sell your Colorado Springs house, an agent should be willing to look at your property from all angles, even perspectives that are not positive. An honest real estate agent will reveal any flaws or problems the house has to offer so you can address these before trying to sell your house. This can include minor annoyances like noisy neighbors or bigger ones like foundation damage from a nearby construction site that may explain structural changes in the home like cracks in the walls. Neglecting such information could result in buyers backing out and the deal falling through entirely so please make sure you pay close attention to these details.

False Promises

Making promises without any follow-through is another way bad Colorado Springs real estate agents take advantage of their clients. The agents should give you an estimated price for the property when you hire them and also let you know how many days it will take to sell the home at this price. If these estimates do not come true, or they ignore any changes that could affect such predictions, then there is a chance they may have been trying to mislead you into believing certain things about their efforts to sell your property that are untrue.

The main responsibility of a real estate agent is to get your [house_type] sold as quickly as possible, even if it means unearthing information about it that would lower its sale value. For example, Colorado Springs houses with carports in front can create safety issues

No Assistance

Continuing to work with this agent will do you no good. It is impossible to trust someone who does not respect their commitments; the chances for a successful outcome are slim to none. The much better option is to seek out an agent that shows respect for you and your time, one that returns calls and gets back to you in a timely manner, one that follows through on what they say they will do.

What could happen if you stay? This type of behavior will continue because it isn’t harming them personally as they likely have no goals or standards for themselves or their business. This situation can take many shapes and forms – You may be offered excuses about why nothing has been done yet, which translates into lack of performance and failure to get the home sold.

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