What A Stagnant Listing Really Costs You In Colorado Springs

Stagnant Listing

When your listing sits on the market for a few months or more, your chances of selling your home diminishes. This is because buyers start to wonder what could be wrong with the house that is not evident in photos on the listing site. Here are some tips you can implement to help sell your home quickly:

Update Photos    Add More Photos Of course, these actions require time and money — but only do so if it will add value to the home . If one window costs $1200 to replace, it may be beneficial financially to just leave well enough alone. The main thing you want to avoid is taking out-of-the-box measures that negatively affect your return on investment. There are many other factors involved in

One of the most important aspects for selling a home is getting it prepared. This can be difficult if you are trying to sell your house and move at the same time and, unfortunately, many homeowners try this approach. In order to have a successful sale, there were several things that needed to be done in preparation [for] listing including: decluttering, staining decks/patios/steps etc., repairing small damage such as broken door locks or holes in walls from family pictures being hung too hard, timing exterior landscaping tasks so that lawns will look healthy when buyers tour homes during spring or summer months, power-washing driveways/sidewalks etc.

Why It’s Not Selling

Priced Too High

If you are going to drop the price, you need to do it quickly.

A great realtor will understand this and be willing to work with you on a timeline that works for both of you. You don’t want to have the house sitting on the market forever but you also don’t want to lower your price so many times that people start calling it a foreclosure. Letting it sit too long without reduced prices may give buyers an impression of desperation which can lead them to lowball offers when they finally make an offer at all.

If selling houses in bad shape is their full-time job, someone like this might be worth hiring (if they are licensed). Despite what some think, not everyone has the expertise in property maintenance needed to get homes up in tip-top shape.

Bad Photos or Description

When you remove personal items, you will be surprised that you can show off your space more efficiently. You may even be able to raise the price of your listing!

Private information such as license plates and bank statements should not be visible from the street level. When prospective buyers walk through a house, they shouldn’t have any reason to worry about their privacy. It is important for them to feel safe and secure in the home they are potentially going to purchase. This article will help point out several things you can do to make your online listings look better.

Make sure there is a lot of light in the photos and even opt to bring in a professional when needed. Paying a little upfront will make a big difference in how your listing is received. You should also make sure the ad copy is on point. Highlight the positive features and amenities of the house, being sure not to leave anything out.

Dark and Dreary

Remove old dark paneling and other materials that make the room dark and confined.

The kitchen has cabinets everywhere and they line the walls, which may present an issue while you are trying to sell the house. If buyers do not feel like they can see everything that is in there, then they won’t want to purchase your lovely home. And if things aren’t easy enough already for buyers, put some holiday stuff in there! This will definitely shoot up the price and make people think twice about purchasing your house.

Major Repairs Required

When you are looking for a deal on a fixer-upper, make sure you are aware of the details upfront.

Broken Windows Are Not Always Bad

When you’re looking at properties that need major renovations, it’s easy to be turned off by broken windows and chipping paint. It might seem like just cosmetic damages, but in many cases, the entire property is teetering on the edge of collapse. Be aware that when you buy up properties in this condition, your capital will likely go much further than if there were no problems with the building itself.

Paying for Physical Repairs

Physical repairs can get expensive fast. Many lenders won’t loan money for properties that need big things fixed like roofs or foundations because they consider these too large risks.

What A Stagnant Listing Is Costing You

You don’t want your house to sit on the market for months, especially if it’s priced too high. You don’t want to adjust your price time after time, eventually giving up and taking the listing off the market. Your first price should be one that you feel comfortable with, knowing that it will likely need to be negotiated down at least slightly by an agent who is representing a potential buyer. The other thing about setting the first list price is there are no gimmies, so what does this mean? It means if you set your price too high, people won’t even bother looking at your house thinking it’s way out of their budget. If you price it too low, buyers might think something must be wrong with the house because it’s so cheap; there could be people who think that they can steal your home out from under you.

6 Benefits Of Adding Colorado Springs Condos and Townhouses To Your Real Estate Portfolio

What You Can Do About It

Avoid The MLS Altogether

Direct sales are among the fastest ways to sell a home. There is no waiting for an offer, and depending on the condition of your house, you could enter escrow within a day or two of listing it with us. No matter what your reasons for selling are, if you have been looking to get out from under the property without a great deal of hassle, this may be just what you have been looking for!

There is also no obligation when we ask about your house. If our agents give you an idea of how much it may bring in a sale then that will quickly tell you whether or not it’s something worth considering! The process will be simple and as convenient as possible, so there is never any reason not to explore the option.

Upgraded Marketing

You can even put up yard signs – it’s unlikely to hurt.

All else being equal (price, location), there are many reasons why your house might sell the second time around that do not necessarily have anything to do with you or what you did or did not do. All real estate is local; in addition to which, even national trends come down to specific neighborhoods and individual homes. With this in mind, you should know what happens when a house goes back on the market after failing initially:

1. A new listing will receive closer scrutiny than an initial offering because of the track record. The listing agent will get out-of-town requests for information about whether it sold through foreclosure, etc., and may get requests for proof of compliance with building codes.

Set The Price Right From Day One

If you are interested in a direct sale of your house, please contact us at (719) 286-0053. It is free to talk about your house with a qualified buyer.

“I’ve been trying to sell my home for months and I finally listed on the MLS. The buyers who are interested don’t want to make an offer until they see what it looks like inside. I’m relisted three times now but nobody wants to make an offer.” Whether you have lived in your home for several years or several decades, you likely have items that belong to previous owners. Disposing of these items can be complicated, especially if they are antiques or irreplaceable by any other means than re-acquiring them from the old owner directly.

Want to sell your house in Colorado Springs without the fear of a stagnant listing? We can help you! Contact us today for more information!


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