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Selling your home with a real estate agent can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process, and it is simply not a viable option for many home owners who are faced with dire situations, such as foreclosure and divorce.  Dealing with a private investment company such as us has many added benefits that dealing with a realtor does not, such as no commissions and fees, and not having to fix up the property to list on the local MLS.  If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with a typical real estate agent, and you want to sell your house quickly for cash, then you should contact a member from our team today to get your free online quote to see how much we’d be willing to pay for your home.

Selling your unwanted property in Palmer Lake can be an extremely long, drawn out process, especially if you take the standard route and decide to list your home through a licensed real estate agent, who will list your property on the local MLS and then attempt to find a buyer.  You will then have to show the property to a bunch of interested buyers, sort through the tire kickers and uninterested parties, and then finally find a qualified buyer who will actually follow through on the transaction and buy the home.  We are an alternative to listing your home with a licensed agent, we are private real estate investors who use our own cash to invest in properties all across Colorado, we then fix them up and remarket them for a profit.  We can pay up to 80% minus estimated repairs on your home, so don’t hesitate, give us a call today and we will provide you with a risk free quote on your property without delay.  If you are interested in moving forward, simply let us know and we will set a closing date for sometime in the near future, which is when the money will be exchanged and you will receive your payment.

We work with clients in Palmer Lake CO every week who need to sell their house fast.

We have been helping clients in Palmer Lake for several years now, from people in foreclosure and divorce, to folks who have recently lost their jobs and need to relocate to another state while still being able to walk away from the deal with some cash in hand.  We also help many people who are going through a painful divorce, and need to divide up their assets to split with their partner.  There are a variety of different situations that we can help you out of, so if you need to sell quick and don’t want to deal with a standard realtor then you should definitely get in touch with us today.

What all of these people we help have in common is…

  • They deserve to receive fair treatment as respectable individuals
  • They need an immediate solution that puts cash in their pocket right away
  • They shouldn’t have to pay all of the extra cash for real estate agent fees, closing fees, etc.
  • They just want to end the headaches and stress that this house is giving them

… and we can help them achieve this in as little as 7 days!!

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So Who Are We?

HBR Colorado is the Palmer Lake area’s most respected house buying service.  We are a highly experienced, and locally respected home buying company that is dedicated to helping distressed property owners sell their homes quickly for cash, without any stress, paperwork, bs, or fees, and we’re 100% committed to consistently providing this amazing service with the utmost transparency and highest integrity throughout this entire house-selling experience.

We have bought houses all over Colorado, including Palmer Lake and surrounding areas. We know the area extremely well, which means that our professional home buying team can help you sell your Palmer Lake house fast for cash no matter what location the property is at, or even if there are existing tenants on the property.

Our team of professional home buyers has been operating in this local marketplace for a long time now, and we have perfected our home buying process to allow us to make extremely competitive offers that rival that of our competitors, and will far exceed your overall expectations.  We have also developed close contacts with many agents, brokers, and title agencies, as well as attorneys in the area, who can assist us with the deal if necessary.  It’s important to realize that selling your home to a private investor is something that is an excellent option, especially for those people who can’t afford to fix up their home and list it with a local real estate agent.  We have been buying homes in this area for years now, and we are only getting better as time goes on.  If you have a property that you would like to get a 100% free, no obligation quote on, then please contact us today.  Once again, we operate with a very strict, no pressure policy and there is absolutely no obligation for you to accept the offer, and there is nothing to sign up front.

Is it possible to avoid foreclosure by selling my house?

Yes, in many cases.  When you sell your house it stops foreclosure and may help save your credit.  Download our “How To Stop Foreclosure” free report for more information.

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