8 Tips On Downsizing Your Home

Clear Out The Clutter – Before you list your house for sale, you need to clear out all the clutter. This will not only help make it look bigger, but also present a cleaner appearance. You should go room by room and determine what needs to stay and what can be thrown away or donated without feeling guilty that it is going to waste. Don’t forget about closets – they can often hold items that are no longer needed or being used by anyone in the family anymore. Cleaning out closets is especially important because this makes more space for potential buyers who may want to stage their own belongings inside of yours during the sale.

Tip #1 – The One Year Rule

This rule can also apply to your finances. If you haven’t touched an item in two years or more, it’s time to consider getting rid of it.

If the clock was set back 2 years and nothing has been touched, is there anything you need to get rid of? What if we did this with our money? I’m not talking about spending on yourself here (we’ll cover that shortly), but rather what’s left over at the end of the month . In my experience, most people have an amount left over each month after living expenses and savings plans are taken out – usually between $100-$500 per person depending on household size and location.

Tip #2 – Repurpose And Give

And the same goes with your time. Are there some commitments you have that no longer bring joy to your life? A great way to cut down on what is weighing you down, is to remove things that are taking up your time and energy but don’t bring much back in return. Could this be one of them? It could be as simple as meeting a friend for coffee once/week instead of three times. Or maybe it’s being less critical of yourself and others?

You’d be surprised how many relationships we build by simply dropping the ones that aren’t serving us or making us feel good about ourselves . Also, every time you say yes to something, remember it means saying no to something else.

Tip #3 – Look Through All The Boxes

Letting go :

Maybe you keep stuff because it’s a reminder of an experience. But that also means that the memories won’t be as strong anymore if you move on. So why not let go of some physical items so your mind can focus more on the memories? Make sure to get rid of them yourself. If someone gives something to you, take good care of it and then give it away when you’re done with it or throw them out when you’re done with them . Don’t make other people do your dirty work for you just because “it’s easier”. Who cares about being easy? You shouldn’t anyway! The world is full of lazy people who lean on others .

Tip #4 – Assess Your Furniture

It’s amazing how many people hold onto old furniture simply because they’ve had it so long, or even worse, paid a lot of money for it. However, that doesn’t mean it will fit in your new place.


Rental Truck – can be rented at U-haul, Budget truck rental and other places (price varies). Be sure to reserve this well ahead of time ! I decided on a company while still living in my townhouse , so I would have time to get my stuff and load the truck up . When you call up to reserve the truck ask them if there is an inventory already there that you can use to fill out the rental paperwork.

Tip #5 – Digitize Where It Makes Sense

Here’s a great idea that will put a smile on your face. Send fun and thoughtful cards to all the people in your life who are a part of your support team. That includes, friends & family, those you get together with for Sunday football, or whatever group you have that comes together at least once a month –colleagues from work… whatever suits you best! This is especially easy if everyone takes the time to share their mailing address when it’s needed (i.e., RSVPing for an event). Not only does this let the other person know how much they matter to you but it helps them feel included which further strengthens that bond.

Tip #6 – Get Rid Of The Dupes

The best thing that I have found to help with this is a list of questions .  Start the discussion by asking “Do you love _____?” or “Could we live without ______?” Categories are completely up to you as your answers may differ from someone else’s but try:

Why don’t you start the conversation? Try not to be too critical and remember that there is no right or wrong answer, only what works for you. If sharing an item has worked in the past then it can work again. But if not, let go and let them enjoy! You deserve to be happy in your home too (and so does everyone else)!

Tip #7 – Organize Everything

Do you have lamps, entertainment centers and electronic items? Pack them last. Large boxes can be heavy. If you are moving a few miles, consider hiring a professional mover who will load your belongings onto the truck for you.

When it’s time to move in, unpack gently; avoid tearing anything while taking off a price tag or placing clothes into the washer. Be aware that if you are sharing space with other people, this is their home too! The morning after your move you may want to clean up and put away all of your things but everyone else will just want to sleep (and so do I). Let others enjoy their breakfast before beginning an organizing session.”

Tip #8 – Hire A Pro

I would recommend going to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore . There you can find gently used furniture, appliances and household items. You will feel better about making a purchase when you know that it has been donated by someone else and that money is going directly to help build more houses in West Michigan for those looking to move out of their current residence. ( I found my white office desk there this summer.)

Have A Big Clean Out Day! – The less time between moving day and your big clean out the better! Don’t let your new space become so filled with stuff that you have no room to do anything but sleep on the floor until everything is sorted through.

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