How to Avoid Spending a Fortune When Selling Your House in Colorado Springs

If you want to sell but are concerned about the expenses involved, it’s still possible to present your home in the best light on a limited budget. However, when you list with a property estate agent, you must keep in mind that potential buyers will quickly review how while foraging for photos online as they search listings. So you need to gain their interest at the very least before they take the time for a deeper look into your listing. Selling your home without cash reserves and a large reserve fund can be challenging, but it’s not impossible – you just have to plan your strategy carefully.

Here are four tips for setting up your home for selling on a small budget:

1. Create curb appeal on the cheap. This is often where many sellers blow their cash, given that they feel pressure to invest in upgrades only visible from the street (clean paint job, landscaping). But this can eat up too much of your investment money to gain any real advantage. A much cheaper way is to spruce up your front door by replacing the hardware or even simply adding some bright flowers to the welcome mat. Just make sure it looks nice.

2. Add small upgrades like paint, fencing, trim, and new doors to quickly spruce up your property.

So, are you ready to find out how to avoid spending a fortune when selling your house in Colorado Springs?

Cosmetic Fixes

After you have updated your home’s exterior to get buyers’ attention, consider giving the interior a few makeovers as well. Now is a good time to check for any evidence of water damage in bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure there are no small broken windows or damaged floors in need of repair; if you do find things in disrepair they can be addressed with an estimate from a local contractor and then fixed prior to putting the house on the market for sale. To begin freshening up your interior spaces you can start with the walls; go ahead and repaint them or install new wallpaper whether it is classic or trendy! Some rooms will need to have some small upgrades to increase the appeal to your buyer so get the paintbrush ready and pick out some neutral colors that will spark the interest of the purchaser.


Either way, we offer an easier and less stressful option for selling your house because instead of paying a percentage commission to real estate agents who may or may not sell your home effectively, you’ll pay us only the amount that we successfully recover from the buyer – no money down. We have a full-time team ready to help you with any questions and concerns.

If you prefer another avenue to sell your home such as listing it on Craigslist or asking friends/family members if they know of anyone looking for a property like yours, please let me know during this call and I can provide more information about those options. When you call our company you will speak directly with the owner unlike many of the other “we buy houses” corporations in the marketplace.

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