5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Multi-Family Property to HBR Colorado in Colorado Springs

We buy multi-family houses fast and for cash.

1. You do not want the long-term property management responsibilities involved with multi-family property ownership: You bought a multi-family property because it was a good investment and you wanted to make money off of it by letting other people pay your mortgage and taxes. However, as we all know, landlords are not the most popular people in town as evidenced by the lack of landlord jokes. Now that you have found out what a headache it is to own such a property, you realize you never should have taken on those responsibilities nor will be able to find someone else willing to take them over.


Closing quickly allows you to get on with your life.

To learn more about how HBR Colorado can give you a fast, fair, all-cash offer for your multi-family property in Colorado Springs, click here or contact us at (719) 286-0053. We look forward to hearing from you!

Simple Process

A direct home sale will ensure a smooth transaction for everyone involved, including your tenants; who will continue to reside in their homes uninterrupted throughout the closing process. For those homeowners that are looking for cash but may be hesitant about selling due to privacy concerns, now is the time to contact us today. Your privacy is protected by law and we can guarantee that any information given will stay strictly between you and our company; this includes bank statements, tax returns, personal identification documents, etc. We know there are other companies out there claiming they can provide quick cash for multi-family properties like yours, but don’t believe it until you see it!


Listing on the market and selling to a cash buyer, our process is typically much faster than traditional sales.

In fact, we have buyers lined up waiting for the right multi-family properties to be listed, and it’s likely you’ll sell within 30 days. In some cases, you may even see an offer in as few as 5 days! You won’t be forced into a bidding war where your property will sit on the market with dozens of other listings that demand immediate attention from potential buyers. We do not list properties on the MLS board because they are sold “As Is”, without contingencies. There is also no appraisal contingency with a cash purchase either. Every offer we receive from one of our pre-qualified buyers includes all the terms and conditions required by investors that pay cash.

Fair Offer

Maintaining a high-profit margin on the home is important when you sell a multi-family property in Colorado Springs. You can be certain that we will not take advantage of you when it comes time to close the deal. We want you to have a good experience dealing with us and have enough money left over from your sale to put in a new financial cushion for yourself after closing on the sale.

Cash in Hand

Qualifying for a loan can be a time-consuming process that can take months, but since we pay cash, closing takes just weeks. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying any fees associated with a loan such as commissions and origination points. 

Also, since we are buying the property “As-Is,” it reduces your liability to provide costly repairs or updates that might be required by a lender before they will fund your deal. If that’s not enough to convince you how great we are, we also make our offer without placing contingencies on the sale.� Contingencies could include financing and appraisal requirements which would prevent us from purchasing your property in case one of those steps goes wrong.

Why worry another day? HBR Colorado is here to help you solve your problems. Are you ready to end your sleepless nights worrying about your property? Our experts at HBR Colorado can answer more about all of the reasons you should sell your multi-family property to HBR Colorado in Colorado Springs? Contact HBR Colorado today for a no-obligation consultation at (719) 286-0053.


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