How to Sell Your Colorado Springs House if You Live in a Bad Area

1. Start by Assessing the Problem First, look closely at all surrounding houses and their condition. This will give you an idea of what your home is worth in relation to the most desirable property on the block. If any neighbors have already attempted to sell, check out their listing price compared to how much they are currently selling for. Typically, properties that have been listed for sale for an extended amount of time will be priced below market value as sellers become desperate and accept less than what a house is worth. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should drastically undervalue your own home either; try and find a reasonable middle ground between what comparable homes are going for.

Start Right

Starting with the price at the right point can give you a better chance at selling your Colorado Springs house if you live in a bad area. Remember, your buyer will likely be a first-time buyer limited to homes in your price range. Meeting the appraisal value for the loan will likely be of utmost importance. When homes are overpriced, no matter what area of Colorado Springs they are in, they tend to take longer to sell on the real estate market. The longer your home is on the market, the less profit you are likely to realize from the sale. Buyers tend to make insultingly low offers when a home lingers on the MLS, assuming that there are hidden problems the listing is not showing that are turning other buyers away. You should also consider that buyers are looking through hundreds of listings at their fingertips through online resources and can quickly assess how much home they are getting for the money. Most buyers will simply move on if the price for your property just doesn’t add up. When the price is right, your home is much more likely to sell quickly. For guidance, you should work with HBR Colorado to sell your Colorado house fast.

The home in the accompanying photo has a significant amount of updates and looks attractive. However, the owners went overboard with their remodeling efforts, which include new lights and windows. The pool was also expanded to allow for an additional bedroom on the back of the house. These renovations are attractive, but they are not appropriate for this neighborhood and will negatively affect its value once it goes on the market.

Buyers looking at homes in your area have probably come through several other neighborhoods that already look similar to yours; therefore they might overlook small improvements such as those made here. Also, buyers most likely prefer to buy adjacent properties that don’t compete with theirs when it comes time to sell them later on down the road.


Another great way to catch the attention of buyers is to refresh the home itself when trying to sell your Colorado Springs house live in a bad area. Think about curb appeal; you can achieve a more inviting look by adding thoughtfully placed landscaping. It is incredible how a few fixes and a fresh coat of paint can enhance your home, making it easier for buyers to overlook what may be less than perfect surroundings. However, you will want to remain on a budget and keep the updates inexpensive to prevent depleting your profits on the sale. In addition, you should limit the fixes so that the property still conforms to the surrounding property. Expansions or amenities that would typically raise the value of your house in another area of Colorado Springs may serve to work against you. As a result, your home will be out of the buyers’ price range looking in your neighborhood, and it will be impossible to recoup your investment.

HBR Colorado

When you decide to sell your home for cash there are many important factors that you must consider. If your home is in a bad area then you have even more things that you have to focus on throughout the sale. These are some of the reasons that you should consider selling your home fast for cash.

Gone are the days when only usual people used to sell their property and land.  Nowadays, celebrities also sell them in exchange for a fat amount of money than they otherwise would have had to pay via other means like loans or even selling directly. So if business is booming for celebs, why do we think that it may not be worthwhile for us too? You may be asking yourself just how you’re going to get paid such an enormous sum? The process is fairly simple but has its own complications. Check out some details below about how this works:

HBR Colorado wants to help you to earn the most you can when you sell your home. To learn more ways HBR Colorado can help you, send us a message or call HBR Colorado at (719) 286-0053.


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