5 Tips to Help You Sell a House in Colorado Springs After Losing a Loved One

1. Decide why you need to sell the house in the first place. There are many reasons for selling a home, but one of them is not “to move on with my life.” You may wish to sell simply because you no longer love the house or no longer want it. However, if finances contributed to your decision, we recommend that you talk with a financial adviser or accountant before making any rash decisions about selling your Colorado Springs home.

If money is one of the issues influencing your decision to sell a Colorado Springs home and move to another house, remember that there are many sources of equity available from banks and other lending institutions.


The job of a home stager is to ensure that a property is showing its best by giving buyers only what they are looking for and nothing else (even recessed lighting or an extra closet will distract from that). This makes staging particularly important when dealing with related tax issues because distractions provided by personal items linked to loved ones can be avoided in most cases. Most houses are also left full of “treasures” that homeowners couldn’t bring themselves to part with, causing clutter which can be overwhelming when trying to sell a house.

Sell Fast

The team at HBR Colorado understands that losing someone you love can be a challenging experience. In fact, most people don’t even think about selling their home following the death of a loved one because they are dealing with funeral arrangements and coping with grief themselves. However, after making these arrangements, it is important to sell your house as soon as possible before additional expenses arise and you lose more money than necessary trying to keep up with property taxes or mortgage payments. Selling your home quickly will allow you to have access to any remaining cash assets quicker and put them towards other financial priorities.


Now get ready to make an offer on this special home! Before you can offer HBR Colorado a fair price on your house, you’ll need to have some idea of what it’s worth. You might be able to find the value of your house by searching online or doing a little research at the local library. If you still feel confused about how much your house is worth, ask someone like an appraiser or real estate agent who works specifically with homes like yours. Quickly determine your home’s full market value by hiring a professional such as an appraiser or real estate agent to perform a comparative market analysis on your property.


Whether you are selling your own home or a rental property, the good news is that today’s real estate market offers you many options for getting top dollar in the shortest amount of time. HBR Colorado has been assisting sellers in the Denver area find new homes since the 1980s and we have seen trends come and go during this time period. We can help you make a decision that will work for your lifestyle and achieve your financial goals.

To discuss how to get an offer on your house without ever leaving home, contact us at (719) 286-0053. One of our experienced representatives will answer any questions you may have regarding listing services, improving curb appeal, or even simply how to prepare your home for sale

HBR Colorado is here to help you. The experienced professionals at HBR Colorado know it can be painful to sell a house in Colorado Springs after losing a loved one. So at HBR Colorado, we stop and take the time to listen to all of your concerns. Our job at HBR Colorado is to offer solutions to help you make the most you can on the sale of your home. Call HBR Colorado at (719) 286-0053 or send us a message today.


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