3 Great Ways to Invest Your Money in Colorado Springs

3 Great Ways to Invest Your Money in Colorado Springs

Instead of having to work for every penny of income in the future, investing money is much like planting seeds; given time, with careful planning and a bit of attention, they will multiply and bloom into financial independence and the freedom to do as you wish in your retirement. Therefore, investing should become habitual at a young age, starting with your first paycheck. The topic of investments should be a never-ending educational experience, which requires you to make investing a priority and set aside the time necessary for success.

Just as unforeseen events can damage crops, so too can circumstances affect your investment. However, there are many investment options, just as there are many profitable crops and different areas available for farming to ensure that you have fields to harvest. Wise investors utilize this to their advantage, understanding that diversification helps spread the risks among several sectors. Remember, patience is required to ride out small storms and reach the full potential of your investments. 

It’s helpful to set out your long-term goals when you are beginning to invest and create an investment strategy, making adjustments as needed along the way. So read on as we explore these three great ways to invest your money in Colorado Springs. 


Stocks are considered a liquid investment or an investment that investors can convert into onhand cash without realizing a significant loss from the sale. Stocks offer a system with many entry points and many types of investment vehicles to invest your money in Colorado Springs. For example, you can manage your portfolio if you feel confident or work with financial advisors to guide your investments. Often, employers offer programs that will enable you to invest a percentage of your paycheck each week to help ensure you have a better retirement income. In addition, there are methods of investing in which you can make more frequent exchanges; however, it is well worth investigating the costs before beginning trading, either selling or purchasing shares of stock. Finally, it is difficult to further diversify your investments by spreading your trades among different types of stock when you have a small amount to invest. Instead, you may be wise to select a fund that is a collective of several investments under the banner of one mutual fund or ETF, an exchange-traded fund.


There are three ways you can invest your money in Colorado Springs directly into a business. By investing in companies that match your area of knowledge or expertise, you also generate benefits for Colorado Springs such as job opportunities and allow businesses to move past challenging periods and expand, with the hope of the corporation existing for the long-term. First, you can make an equity investment, providing capital for a specified percentage of the profits or the losses, which are a risk in this high return scenario. Or, you can finance the business, investing by providing a loan to the company, earning interest, and a fixed income. You may find these investment opportunities in Colorado Springs among your family or friends you feel excited about, or you may need to do some digging to find a new start-up business. Finally, founding your own business will allow you to keep more of the profits for yourself, creating a long-term path towards providing monthly cash flow in your retirement as the company successfully carries on.

Real Estate

Last but hardly least, you could invest your money in Colorado Springs real estate. Real estate has been the source of the creation of great wealth and offers several sectors to diversify your portfolio further. From raw land to multi-unit rental complexes, commercial buildings, and farmlands, you are likely to find an area of interest that you can become an expert at over time, eventually picking up more and more experience as you branch out into new sectors for diversification. There are many ways to gain entry into real estate, and you can partner with others or invest on your own, though it is advisable to work with an expert for guidance. Real estate, not considered a liquid asset, is a slow-moving ship, so changes in direction require careful monitoring and flexibility in your investment strategy. However, even seasoned investors appreciate the input of others who keep their eyes on the horizon, guiding portfolio adjustments far ahead of the impact of changes in the market. 

When you are ready to invest your money in Colorado Springs real estate, let the professional investors at HBR Colorado help guide you. From beginning investors to those with hundreds of properties, HBR Colorado offers a full-service team from every walk of the real estate industry as your dream team for real estate investments. In addition, HBR Colorado can help you zero in on the best investment properties available in Colorado Springs today, often from our steady inventory of listings. Call HBR Colorado at (719) 286-0053 or send us a message to learn more.


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