How To Sell Your House For A Fraction Of The Cost in Colorado Springs

Sell Your House For A

Discount brokers don’t offer some of the services of traditional real estate agents so you need to be clear about what they will and won’t do.

We have some friends who had great success selling their Colorado Springs home without an agent by putting up some clever for sale signs around town that directed interested buyers to their online listing . This is an effective approach but requires more time on your part than working with an agent does. If you are selling in winter, it may be harder to find motivated buyers as well as those who can physically see the home but, during other seasons, this method has been known to work very well.

Work With A Direct Buyer

Having an investor that will purchase your property even in bad times can save your credit, equity and in worst cases your home.

For instance if you are in the market to sell a house for $500,000 in Seattle area , you may have to pay between 1% and 5% to an agent if working with a buyer, whereas it could be absolutely free by dealing with HBR Colorado for example. You can’t beat that! No obligation to sign up though.

This is just one of many examples where the MLS transaction system beats private sales hands down. There are so many benefits linked to both sides of this topic that it is difficult not having access or being part of the MLS listing network.  Sure there are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

Sell Your House On Your Own

Selling your home as-is can provide for a faster sale, but you typically get a lower price.

Selling an “as is” home can be risky if the buyers need financing since most conventional loan programs require specific inspections for verifying that there are no major defects in the property.

When your house doesn’t have any major renovation work or repairs, then you just might go ahead and sell it “as-is” via a direct sale to a professional buyer. This type of FSBO process may bring top dollar on your home quickly, however, some costs still apply when selling this way so know what these fees are before you accept an offer from one of our real estate investors looking to buy houses as-is.

Clean Thoroughly

Should you decide to list, the house should be thoroughly cleaned.

Selling without making repairs or cleaning the property is called a “FOR SALE BY OWNER” or FSBO. You will want to take this into consideration when deciding to sell a dirty house.

Before you can even think about getting your home looking its best for sale, you will want to identify exactly who it is you will be selling to and what they look for in a home. Buyers have different interests and many factors play into their decision making process so it’s important to understand each potential buyer type before beginning your deep cleaning regimen. Knowing how much time is available along with the resources at your disposal, such as whether you have willing participants from family members or friends that are able-bodied enough to help out around the busy schedule of an individual working.

Choose The Right Repairs And Upgrades

Making these renovations can easily cost upwards of a few thousand dollars. Yet, with a little creativity and determination you can quickly make a positive impact on your home’s sale value to get it sold faster.

Here are 10 quick fixes for your house that will make the biggest difference in getting it sold fast!

1. Fix any front porch or entryway problems . If there is any damage or issues with this area, fix them immediately before showing the house to potential buyers. It should be inviting, not off-putting. Check out our article ” 6 Things To Do Before Your House Hunt For Sellers ” to get started with figuring out how to tackle these items yourself or what needs done at all by professionals you can hire to help do the work for you.

Sell Your House In “As-Is” Condition

Families that are buying homes want to know that they can move their family in at the earliest possible date. They will not buy a home as-is unless it is dirt cheap.

The biggest reason for this is their lender will not let them close without the house being repaired, rekeyed and any other remedy necessary to ensure they are now living in a safe property. If your property isn’t up to par with lenders standards, you may end up getting low ball offers on your house or no buyers at all once word gets out about the condition of your property. You’ll be lucky if you get an offer under market value! What most homeowners don’t realize is their lender base’s requirements on what needs to be done before they release their funds for closing day.

Know Your Buyers And Market Accordingly

Selling the home in a timely manner is also a great benefit to knowing the buyer base. We have a great marketing website that has more marketing ideas for you.

As of 2018, we are the sixth largest city in the Colorado Springs area and ranks as the fastest growing city from 2000-2016 in El Paso County with a growth rate of 159%, according to Census Bureau data. In 2006, Forbes ranked Colorado Springs as one of “The Best Places to Live” in America, using criteria such as housing, quality of education, economic strength, and recreational opportunities.. The same article states that its 2007 median sale price was $290,000

Utilize Free And Low-Cost Marketing

Posting in these groups can give you a lot of exposure and yield a lot of viewings.

Facebook is a powerful real estate marketing tool that can help you sell property fast. Be careful which groups you post in though – do some research first to make sure it’s the right audience for your listing! The more tailored your ad, the better response you will get from viewers. You might want to directly advertise your house by creating a FB page with all its details or even create an event where people can come check out the place they are interested in. These days not many real estate sites do free advertising so if you don’t mind spending $40 on Facebook ads promoting your listing there isn’t much competition out there! If Facebook doesn’t tickle your fancy try Instagram, Twitter, or other similar platforms.

Or you could use great photography, advertising the property on Instagram with the proper hashtags. Some people will create videos to share on youtube or other social sites.

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