how to sell your house as is in Denver

How To Sell Your House As Is In Denver

If you are searching online for answers about how to sell your home now in Denver Colorado then you are in luck because we are a professional home buying company that operates locally, and we buy houses fast for cash in Denver Colorado and the surrounding area in as little as seven days.  We are not licensed real estate agents, we are professional home buyers, and our company HBR Colorado has been working with sellers all along the front range and helping them sell their homes quickly for cash for several years now.  We provide free online quotes and can make you a fair cash offer on your home in under 24 hours.  If you are interested in seeing if your property is a good fit for our home buying program then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and someone from our team will analyze your situation and tell you exactly how much we can offer in under 24 hours.

Some Home Owners Can’t Afford To Wait To List With An Agent

A lot of times people who own distressed properties don’t have the option of listing them on the standard local market through a real estate agent because of the timeline that they are working with, as well as a variety of other factors that are forcing their hand and making them more inclined to sell quickly on a much shorter timeline.  We are able to get you cash in your hands in seven days, which is much faster than a lot of the other “we buy houses” companies out there on the market.  Our process is simple, proven, and effective.  We buy houses with our own cash and can close literally in a couple of days, so feel free knowing that we are going to perform on our promises and back up our words with actions.  Most homeowners think that selling a house as is will be difficult because they are used to dealing with extremely stressful situations when it comes to buying and selling real estate.  Most people are indoctrinated into thinking that every single real estate transaction that you go through in life has to be extremely difficult, time-consuming, and stressful…but this isn’t true.

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Our Home Buying Program Is Fast And Effective

Our company is living proof that selling your home doesn’t have to be difficult, because we have created a 100% streamlined process that allows you to effortlessly sell your home in seven days flat, without having to pay any closing costs, repair costs, commissions, licenses, listing fees, or any other out of pocket, upfront expenses.  We run a strict no pressure, no BS, cash for houses program that delivers on our promise to get you cash in your hands fast, without all of the added stress and hassle.  Are you going to sell at a discount?  Yes.  If you’re looking for full retail price on your home then by all means feel free to list it with an agent, who is going to tell you to fix it up while they list it on the market at full value and start looking for a buyer, a process that normally takes anywhere from 3 – 6 months.  Or you can opt to simply auction your house off immediately and be done with it once and for all, and skip the added hassle that comes with listing it through a local agent.

Top Benefits Of Using Our Cash For Homes Program

  • Cash in your hands in 7 days.  Our home buying process is fast, simple, and effective.  We can get you cash in your hands in as little as seven days from signing the contracts.  All you have to do is give us a call or text, we evaluate your property, make you an offer, agree on a price, and then sign the contracts and close the deal.  No stress, no hassles, no costs, no fuss!
  • Reasonable fair offers.  We will be 100% flat out up front and honest – we are in this business to pick up investment properties and make money.  We fix them up and either resell them for a profit or rent them out for monthly cash flow.  We are entrepreneurs.  And we are looking to find win-win deals where people are in a tough spot and need to sell fast, but still can walk away from the deal with some equity in their pocket after all expenses have been paid for.  So we’re looking to find that sweet spot where we will both benefit from the transaction, and we are completely fair and reasonable with our offers and expectations when it comes to price.
  • Simple, straight-forward home buying formula.  We use an extremely simple, straight-forward, and easy to understand formula when buying homes along the front range.  Basically, we take 80% of the full market value of the property and we subtract out all of our expenses including repair costs, profit, and closing costs, and that gives us the final number that we then use to make our cash offer.  You can take as much time as you need to think it over and shop it around, talk it over with family, whatever you’ve got to do, and then get back with us and let us know your decision..and if you decide to move forward, then we sign the contracts, open escrow at a local title company, schedule an inspection (if necessary), and then set a closing date!  That’s it!

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Get A Risk Free, Fair Cash Offer On Your Property Right Now!

If you like the sound of how our cash for houses Colorado program works, and you’re ready to take the next step and find out how much cash we’d offer you for your home then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and we’ll give you an instant free quote on your home.  You can also contact one of our live customer representatives using the live chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to get an instant cash offer right over the chat!  We have advanced computer software that allows us to see the full market value of any house in the entire country, so all we need from you is a good ballpark estimate of what repair costs are going to be necessary in order to get the home fixed up to it’s highest value, and then we will take it from there.  We will run the numbers against recently sold homes in the area with a similar design and floor plan, and then we will present you with a final cash offer based off of our proprietary home buying formula that we discussed earlier in this article.

We will then give you some time to think it over, and if you decide that you’d like to move forward with our company, then the next step would be to open escrow at a local title company where we will make a small deposit to secure the sale, and we will then schedule an inspection period and then set a closing date which is contingent upon the inspection.  This inspection clause is the only one that we put into our contracts, and it’s strictly to protect us and make sure we don’t find something that could cost thousands of extra dollars, and then we lose a bunch of money on the rehab.  Other companies use other hidden tactics, clauses, and contracts to deceive sellers and even force them to pay the taxes, closing costs, and other associated fees.  We don’t force you to pay any of that, and we like to cover it on our end.  So rest assured knowing that you are dealing with a transparent, honest, up front, ethical company that seriously values your business and will do anything that is necessary to solve your unique real estate problem in the fastest amount of time possible.

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