What Home Sellers Need to Know About Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains on a real estate sale can be something that you want to avoid and can be something that you do not have to pay if you know the rules.

Capital Gains Tax is also known as Capital Gain Tax, CGT, or just Gain. Capital gains tax applies when the property owned by an investor is sold for a profit.  Any asset held by an individual who qualifies as a capital asset may experience price change due to inflation or otherwise, resulting in a significant gain. In most countries, this gain attracts taxation on behalf of local authorities as it is considered income from the investment of capital.

There are some ways for an investor to avoid the payment of capital gains tax (CGT). For example, if you are planning to sell your home or any other real estate subject to CGT then you should consult with an attorney to figure out what type of taxes you’re owed.

Capital gains tax is similar to regular income tax in one key respect: it is determined on your annual taxable income and you must file a return before any payments are made. However, there are important differences as well that all real estate investors need to know about capital gains. These include: You determine the amount of investment profit by subtracting cost basis or purchase price from the sale price. The sale price minus the cost basis typically results in capital gain. If your sale price is less than your original purchase price, this is considered a capital loss that can offset other types of income or be used to reduce taxable profits from investments.


If you want to learn more, there is an entire section on the NIIT in this draft legislation.

Please keep in mind that this article concerns federal tax changes only. Tax rates and rules vary from state to state. You may face significantly different capital gains and income thresholds depending on where you live.

Now here is a list of what qualifies as a short-term versus long-term investment for these purposes:

Short-Term Capital Gains

These are gains or losses deriving from the sale of securities held for less than 366 days (one year). The election to use marks to market does not apply to short-term transactions. Short-term gains will be taxed at ordinary income rates up to 39.6%.

Investment Property Taxes Capital Gains – What Colorado Springs Investors Should Know

Married vs. Single

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Dealing With Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains taxes are by far more complicated than basic income taxation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that any profits realized from selling an asset at a greater than cost basis is considered a capital gain, which is taxable at a certain rate depending on how long the assets were held before being sold. Many investors may not understand just what kind of “gain” falls under this umbrella definition because there are many factors to consider in determining cost basis: the original price paid for the asset, minus inflation.

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