5 Routine Tasks Every Colorado Springs Landlord Needs to Stay On Top of to Keep Tenants Happy

5 Routine Tasks Every Colorado Springs Landlord Needs to Stay On Top of to Keep Tenants Happy

Property managers are supposed to be professionals and as such should have a well-laid-out plan for avoiding unhappy tenants that may lead to costly lawsuits.

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Gaining Access

Tenant moved out with no forwarding address or contact information; Owner needs the property back in order to put it on the market; Owner needs access beyond what state law allows; Tenants not paying rent; Pets kept despite a prohibition and other similar problems.

When you are dealing with potential criminal activity, it becomes even more important to maintain good relationships with your tenants because you can be summoned at any time to act as a witness or stop the event. This is especially critical in mitigating gang problems on rental property.

Over the past few years, I’ve been involved in hundreds of eviction cases where I have only had one case thrown out due to my clients not following proper procedures. As a result, many of these evictions were found by judges to be valid and the tenants were required to vacate their unit no matter how much they protested. You may think this kind of procedure produces results that favor landlords but it doesn’t


Pests can quietly destroy property before your tenants may come to realize there is an issue and bring it to your attention. To avoid severe destruction, every Colorado Springs landlord needs to stay on top of performing monthly treatments as a preventative measure for the property and keep tenants happy. If this isn’t a job you’re willing to take on, you can always call professional pest service providers.


Maintaining your property can be time-consuming and costly, so it is important to create an efficient routine. Begin by identifying the most time-consuming tasks for your property. This will help you prioritize what needs to be done first. Use this guide to efficiently maintain your landscape design:

Landscape Design Maintenance

Artificial grass may seem like a simple installation but there are some factors that are often overlooked that could affect its performance or even damage the grass itself. Proper installation of artificial grass involves multiple steps over years of exposure to elements including heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation, rain, snowfall, and other weather-related issues common in Colorado Springs. The following should always be considered when installing artificial turf grass on your commercial lawns: Artificial Grass Installation Guide

Routine Maintenance

Keeping your tenants happy and satisfied with their residence is of the utmost importance.

Putting new paint on a wall doesn’t seem like much work, but it’s something that must be done before you rent to new tenants. If the previous tenant damages the walls before moving out, this is your responsibility to repair them properly. The cost of hiring someone to repaint can get expensive depending on how high of quality you want it done. It makes more sense just to do it properly at first than not do it at all and then have to hire someone else in addition to having your new tenants wait while everything is completed. It’s never fun for anyone if they are required to live somewhere temporarily due to inadequate maintenance prior to moving in.

Annual Checkups

Keeping your tenants happy can be a challenge. Rental laws and increasing fees place a lot of pressure on landlords to make sure they are complying with their legal obligations. HBR Colorado can help Colorado Springs landlords stay informed about the law. HBR Colorado‘s website has lots of articles that cover all aspects of being a landlord, from rent collection procedures to reporting new housing laws in [market_jurisdiction]. In addition to regular articles, you can use our free online payment service portal or request paperless payments through our mobile app, which saves you time and money while making tenant collections more convenient for everyone involved. Who says being a landlord is easy? Well if you choose to work with us, it will be!

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