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Sell My House Fast In Westminster Colorado

We are local home buyers who operate in Westminster, Colorado and we pay cash without you having to pay any fees or closing costs whatsoever.  Our team can have a cash offer in your hands in under 24 hours without you having to put up any of your own cash, so feel free to reach out to us at (719) 286-0053 for an instant quote.  We buy properties in as-is condition without you having to make any repairs, so you can leave that completely up to us.  Our company has been flipping houses for years in this local area, and we look forward to working on your home next, so please contact us right now for a free quote.

We are the only home buying company in Westminster that can close in 7 days using our own cash, so please keep that in mind.  You may receive competing offers from other home buyers, and heck they may even be higher than ours.  But, you will not find another company that is willing to close as fast as us, or one that has close-knit relationships with local title companies and closing agents, and can get deals done even faster with more flexible terms and conditions.  We specialize in buying houses fast, and these days with technology everything can be done electronically through DocuSign and other methods.

Top Reasons To Consider Selling Your Westminster House Fast To Investors

  • No closing costs.  Unlike listing your home on the open market, when you choose to sell your house fast directly to a private buyer such as us here at HBR Colorado there are never any closing costs or fees due by you the seller.
  • Avoid realtors.  When you decide to sell quickly to a professional home buyer such as us, there aren’t any real estate agents involved in the transaction at all.  This means that you can completely avoid paying any listing fees or commissions on the sale of your home.
  • Sell as-is.  Listing your home on the open market always comes with a set of complications and headaches.  This usually means that you will have to fix up the property in its best condition for your buyer.  Why go through the hassle, especially if you don’t have the money?  Go for the quick cash and sell fast to a company such as ours today!
  • Free quotes.  We are able to provide you with an instant free quote on your home in less than five minutes with some very basic pieces of information which will quickly allow us to decide on the best course of action, or recommend one to you.

More Benefits Of Selling Your Westminster House Fast For A Reasonable Cash Offer

If you are ready to sell your house fast and don’t feel like having a bunch of strangers come trampling through your property who aren’t actually going to buy it then please fill out the form at the top of the page and we’ll contact you within minutes.  When listing with an agent isn’t a viable option you have cash home buyers like us who can close fast without any delays or stipulations.  The only requirement we have is that we would like the opportunity to walk the property and perform a once-over inspection to determine our repair estimate.  That’s it!  No hidden clauses or fees or sneaky contractual workarounds!

Strictly cash in your bank account for your home!  Fair and simple.

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