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If you are considering selling your property quickly for cash in Parker, Colorado then please get in touch with us immediately via call or text at (719) 286-0053 to speak with one of our home buying specialists right away to get a risk-free quote on your home.  We are HBR Colorado – Colorado Home Buyers who can close fast using our own cash without you having to make any repairs, pay any closing costs or realtor fees.  Selling your home privately for cash is an interesting alternative that many homeowners are choosing these days because of the speed and flexibility at which these types of transactions can be orchestrated.

We buy homes in Parker using our own cash and there are never any middlemen involved at all which means no upfront fees or commissions on the final sale.  It’s just you, us, and the title agent working at the title company who show up at the closing table and that is all!  We cover 100% of the closing costs during each and every single transaction that we participate in, so please keep that in mind when you are considering this option for selling your home in the fastest time frame possible.  You can reach us via call or text directly at (719) 286-0053 to request a free quote or ask any questions that you may have about our service.

Our team is highly experienced with a variety of different circumstances and situations, and our flexible nature allows us to quickly adapt to any random factors that make the deal difficult to close.  We are confident in our decisions and we can make them quickly and efficiently without much delay or deliberation.  We act quickly and swiftly and we buy houses in Parker that need work and are in bad condition.  It doesn’t matter how much work the property needs, we would still like to present you with a fair, all-cash offer in less than 24 hours once you have provided us with the basic details.

Benefits Of Choosing To Sell For Cash

  • Added flexibility.  Since we are private cash buyers who don’t involve realtors in any of our transactions we are able to use much more flexible terms and conditions with our clients which gives them a much-needed extra layer of flexibility that helps them tremendously during this difficult life period that they are now facing.
  • No upfront costs.  Since there will be no real estate agents or brokers involved in the deal there will be no upfront costs, fees, or commissions on the final sale of the home.  This allows you to worry about how much money you will be receiving instead of how much you will have to spend in order to hopefully receive down the road once the house sells to the right, qualified buyer.
  • Avoid making repairs.  We are the professional rehabbing company that will handle all of the repair costs and rehab work, so you as the homeowner can simply focus on signing the appropriate paperwork to close the transaction.  No hassles, no fuss.
  • Stop paying monthly fees.  A lot of homeowners choose to sell their homes quickly for cash because they are sick and tired of paying expensive monthly costs to cover utilities and other fixed monthly expenses.  End your headache once and for all by selling your property for fast cash.

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Find A Real Home Buyer Who Can Close Fast!

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Look, we’ll just come right out and say it: most homebuyers who advertise that they buy homes don’t actually have the money in their bank accounts to buy anything – including a home.  Heck, some of them can’t even afford to pay their rent.  The point is that you want to make sure that you are dealing with a certified home buying company that has real customer reviews before you move along any further and taking the next step to selling your home to them.  Our team has been fortunate enough to build up a sufficient amount of home buying capital which allows us to truly buy any house for cash in 7 days, unlike most of our competitors out there in the marketplace who falsely advertise “we buy houses”.

Why mess around with inconsistent, unreliable homebuyers who can’t follow through on their promises and price quotes.  What good is a higher price quote if the buyer can’t actually close the deal in 7 days, and they start giving you stories about how their funding fell through the day before closing?  Our team aims to provide our clients with the most streamlined, hassle-free home selling method possible.  Our results will speak for themselves, all we ask is that you give us one opportunity to prove that we can buy your house, and we guarantee that you will never regret it!

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