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fill in the quick form below to sell your houseSelling a house can be nerve-racking, drawn out, and highly labor intensive. We can get rid of that stress that’s been eating away at you and make you a fair all cash offer that will allow you to walk away from your burdensome property with cash in your pocket and a smile on your face.  We can make you an all cash offer in as little as 24 hours and close in as little as 7 days if everything is a good fit, and a deal can be negotiated between us.  We are a private real estate investment company that specializes in buying houses that need work, fixing them up, and then renting them out to other tenants or reselling them on the local retail market.  It’s what we do for a living, and we’re extremely passionate about it.  We ONLY want to participate in deals that are mutually beneficial.  We aren’t interested in forcing you to sell your home for less than it’s worth, and we aren’t going to be super aggressive and in your face about this entire process.  Basically it’s the same as selling a car privately.  You approach the other member via email or telephone, talk over the terms to determine the value of the asset, negotiate a price, and if there is an agreement with both parties, we draw up contracts and take them to the local title agency to get it officially approved.  This is EXACTLY how the deal will go down when you deal with us, and we promise to be reasonable and approach this process with the respect and care that it deserves.

We work with people every week who need to sell their house fast.

We have worked with several different people in the local Colorado area, from Pueblo to Colorado Springs, up to Denver, and back again to Timnath and Berthoud.  Between all of the members of our team we have a TON of experience flipping houses, and we consider ourselves expert home buyers….which is why we are able to quickly analyze a deal and close on it fast in as little as 7 days.  We don’t mess around, and we hope you won’t either.  If it’s a deal, then it’s a deal.  If it’s not, it’s not.  There’s no two ways about it, we either agree on a price that works for both of us or there is simply no deal to be made.  We won’t over-complicate things if you won’t.  We always strive to offer our clients the smoothest transaction as possible, and make sure that we are serving THEIR NEEDS first, not simply looking out for our own interest in the deal.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with the price, and the entire deal as a whole.  And if you aren’t satisfied then there is no deal to be made…it’s as simple as that.

We deal with people in foreclosure, going through a divorce, relocating and can’t sell their home on the retail local marketplace, those who own a vacant house they don’t want to deal with anymore… to landlords tired of putting up with unruly tenants, people who inherited a house they don’t want to keep, good folks who lost their job and simply can’t afford the monthly payments anymore and don’t want to go the traditional route through a real estate agent, to people who are upside down on their mortgage and listing with an agent just isn’t an option.

What all of these people we help have in common is…

  • They deserve to receive fair treatment
  • They need a quick solution that puts cash in their pocket right away
  • They shouldn’t have to pay all of the extra cash for real estate agent fees, closing fees, etc.
  • They just want to end the headache this house is giving them

… and we can help them achieve all of these.

If you want to sell your house, just fill out the quick form below. Or give us a call right now at 7192860053. 

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So Who Are We?

HBR Colorado is the Fort Collins area’s most respected home buying service.  We buy ugly homes in Colorado and are 100% focused and driven on helping you succeed in selling your house fast, without any problems, issues, or fees, and we’re dedicated to offering this service with absolute transparency, honesty, and integrity throughout the entire experience.

We buy houses all over the United States, including Fort Collins and surrounding areas. We know the area, which means our professional home buying team can help you sell your house fast no matter where it is or what condition it’s in (and even if there are tenants).

Again, we’re not real estate agents who are attempting to sell your home to others. We are professional house buyers and flippers, which means we have our own money on hand and are ready to buy right now! We can even make you an offer immediately once we have the basic information for your listing. Once we make you an offer you can decide whether or not you want to accept the offer (and you can even shop it around if you want, talk it over with your significant other, and dwell on it a bit before deciding). We have a strict no-pressure policy, and our many previous clients have complimented us on our professional, business-like behavior.

Can I stop or avoid foreclosure by selling my house?

Yes, in many cases.  When you sell your house it stops foreclosure and may help save your credit.  Download our “How To Stop Foreclosure” free report for more information.

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