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We Purchase Colorado Properties Quickly For Cash

Our company HBR Colorado buys houses in Colorado for cash in as little as seven business days, and you won’t be responsible for any of the closing costs, repair costs, real estate agent fees, or other associated costs.  Our team works quickly and efficiently, and we can make you a reasonable cash offer on your home in under 24 hours and close on it at a local title company whenever you are ready.  We have been researching different ways to perform these tasks to the best of our abilities, and we will work with you in any way necessary in order to achieve your home selling goals this year.  If you are interested in learning more about our cash house purchasing options today, then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and one of our highly trained customer service representatives will get in touch with you to let you know exactly how much we’d be able to pay for your home.  Our team specializes in helping homeowners who are facing difficult, stressful situations, and we are here to help!  So please contact us today using the live chat, or simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How Do Our Cash Offers Work?

Basically, we will analyze your property and determine it’s full market value, and how much repair work is going to be required in order to fix it up to it’s full market value.  We then use this figure to come up with our cash offer, which we will present to you in a formal letter or contract for your convenience.  If you decide to accept our offer, then the next step will be to sign the purchase agreement, and then take the executed contract down to a local title company who will act as the middle man during this entire process.  When you deal with an all-cash buyer such as us here at HBR, you don’t have to pay a real estate agent any commissions, listing fees, or other associated fees, because this is strictly a sale between you the seller, and us the buyer.  This is an extremely attractive option for some sellers who are facing difficult situations such as divorce or foreclosure, and it is an excellent option for those who have recently inherited a house or have lost their job, or received a job out of state and have to relocate quickly.

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No Obligation, No Strings Attached, Risk Free All-Cash Offers

Our cash offers have no strings attached, they are risk free, obligation free, nothing to do or sign (unless you accept the offer of course, then we will sign a purchase agreement), and no pressure.  We aren’t looking to force anyone into doing something that they aren’t comfortable doing, and that’s why we don’t put any hype or sales pressure into our offers.  We will simply draw up a formal letter for making our offer and send it to you for you to review, talk over with relatives or spouses, and even shop it around to other home buying companies in the area to see if you can get something higher.  But keep in mind, even if you are able to get a higher offer through another company, they might not have the skills and manpower needed to close the deal in the time-frame that is ideal for you.  We are purchasing homes strictly with our own cash, and this gives us a lot more flexibility than our competitors, who mainly have to rely on traditional lender financing to fund their deals.

Get Your Free, No Obligation Cash Offer Right Now!

If you are interested in using our professional home buying services, and want more information, or simply want to find out how much we would pay for your house in cash, then please get in touch with us right now by calling or texting (719) 286-0053 or simply fill out the form below with your name and property information, and someone from our home buying team will contact you with a free quote within 24 hours.  Alternatively, you can contact us using the live chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.  Thank you for reading this article, and we look forward to helping you find the best home solution for your specific needs!

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