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We Buy Old Houses Colorado

Our company HBR Colorado is made up of a private group of real estate investors who fix and flip houses all along the front range, and We Buy Old Houses Colorado in any condition and at any price.  No matter what your situation is, from foreclosure, divorce, job loss or relocation, inheritance, bad tenants, fire damage, mold damage….it doesn’t matter.  We can buy your Colorado house fast, and we can pay cash, and you won’t pay any closing costs, commissions, or real estate agent fees whatsoever.  The great thing about selling your house to a cash investor is that we can close very fast, so if you are on a strict timeline and need to leave the state, or have a deadline that has to be met, there’s no way that listing with an agent is even an option.  In these emergency type of situations, homeowners can turn to private real estate investors such as us here at HBR Colorado, and we will buy your home for cash, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to move on with your life and make new living arrangements, and be completely rid of this burdensome property and situation that has been a major cause of stress in your life.

Should You Sell Your House To An Investor?

Selling your home in Colorado to a real estate investment company is an attractive alternative to listing with an agent, especially for people who are in tight spots, and cannot afford to make repairs on their property in order to fix it up to full market value, and get it listed with an agent.  We have been helping homeowners in all different types of situations sell their homes online, and we do it in a matter of days, not weeks.  Most real estate agents will need at least a few months to sell your home, and in that time you will still be responsible for paying the monthly mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, and any other bills that are associated with ownership of the property.  Think about all of those costs that will add up over those three months, and that’s even before calculating the closing costs and listing fees and commissions that the agent is going to charge you.  So yes, you will get top dollar if you list with an agent, but it’s going to cost you a premium, and it will take a lot of time to do so, and time is something that the motivated sellers we’re looking to work with don’t have.

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An Honest Look At Our Business Model

Look, we’ll tell you straight up that our business model is to make money off of your house, we’re not going to lie and attempt to skirt around the issue.  We buy houses to make money, but that doesn’t necessarily make us bad, it just means that the numbers have to make sense from a statistical standpoint in order for us to purchase the home.  Typically we like to make at least $15,000 – $20,000 profit off of anyone flip that we are going to pursue, and the reasoning for this is quite simple.  We are going to be responsible for hiring contractors, overseeing repairs, getting the inspection, paying for closing costs, and then finally listing and marketing the property with an agent, which is going to cost us a significant portion of money.  So we are essentially doing all of the legwork, and for that we feel that we deserve to make a profit on the deal, since we are going to do all of the work for selling the property that you are either unwilling or incapable of doing.  We are straight shooters, and while our goal is to make money, we are also out to help our clients, so we are strictly looking for win-win deals where we can make some money, and you can walk away from the table with enough cash to move on with your life and not be stuck in your current situation.

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If you are a Colorado Springs homeowner who is in a tough situation and is looking to sell your house fast for cash, and you want to get a free online quote today, then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and we will tell you exactly how much we can pay for your home.  If you decide to accept our offer, then we can close the deal at a local title company in as little as seven business days, or whenever it’s most convenient for you.

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