Top Five Benefits Of Selling Your Denver House As-Is

There are many reasons to consider selling your Denver house in its current condition without opting to list it on the open market with a licensed realtor.  Perhaps the most common reason that we see as investors are people who are simply fed up with the traditional process of listing a home on the MLS and waiting for the appropriate buyer to get approved for their financing.  A lot of Denver homeowners are fed up with these standard methods and are now seeking alternative options for liquidating their properties such as being able to sell their homes directly to a private cash buyer such as us here at HBR Colorado.

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We are real cash buyers who can close fast, so please give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get a risk-free, no obligation, fair cash offer on your Denver property today.  We buy Denver houses in as-is condition without you having to invest anything into repairs or construction work.  We are cash buyers who are able to close in one week and there are never any fees because we cover everything on our end.  We are the house flippers who stand to earn a profit from fixing up your home and reselling it, so we figure that it’s only right to keep you from coming out of your pocket to close the deal.

Our team of Denver House Flippers can have a cash offer on your desk in under 20 minutes once you have given us your property address along with the estimated cost of repairs.  We will then give you some time to think the offer over and discuss it with any important people in your life to decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your current situation and life goals.  If you decide that you would like to move forward with the deal, then the next step is to sign the appropriate paperwork and then send the contract over to a local title company where we will then set the closing date for sometime in the near future.

Top Five Reasons To Consider Selling For Cash In Denver

  1. Fast closing times.  We are able to close each transaction extremely fast without any delays in the process.  We offer fast quotes on homes and can make you an instant offer without forcing you to wait around for hours or even minutes.
  2. We buy as-is.  We are the only company that will literally buy any house in any condition in Denver.  We don’t care if there is mold damage, fire damage, or whatever.  We will literally pay cash for any house in any condition in the city of Denver and the entire metro area.
  3. Customizable contracts.  We are able to draft custom contracts for our clients which give them an added layer of flexibility and control in the transaction that they normally wouldn’t have.  We are willing to work with our sellers to craft the perfect solution with them so please let us know what your goals are and we’ll do our best to fulfill them.
  4. Experienced team.  We are partnered with a serious team of experienced local investors, agents, attorneys, closing agents, mortgage brokers, and other real estate professionals.  These connections enable us to close deals fast without any delays, and we remain dedicated to providing a top level of service to our clients.
  5. No commissions.  Since we are the investment team who will be listed as the actual buyer on the closing paperwork, there will be no need to involve any real estate agents in the transaction.  This means that you won’t have to worry about paying any commissions at all.

Our Investment Company Will Buy Your Denver House Today

Our home buying company will purchase your Denver house today with our own cash and we will spend a good amount of time listening to your concerns to see which options are the best fit for your specific situation.  We always make sure that we spend enough time with each individual seller to discover how we can best help them with our program.  The first step in our process is to ask you a series of questions to determine how much repair work is needed to get your home fixed up to market value.  We will buy any house fast in Denver and we’ll pay cash and close fast.  Our team of Denver flippers is looking for more unwanted houses to buy fast in the metro area.  We close without any complications or fees and in one week or less.

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Our streamlined home buying process has already helped literally hundreds of sellers liquidate their homes fast for cash without having to invest any of their own funds into the deal for fees or closing costs.  We are a real estate investment company who focuses on helping homeowners out of difficult situations by purchasing their homes quickly using our own private cash reserves.  Our team focuses on making deals work, and we will stop at nothing to make that happen.  Our highly motivated sales staff will never pressure you into selling at a price that you aren’t comfortable with.  We will simply take you through our home buying process step by step and make our offer and leave you to decide whether or not it’s something that you would like to pursue.

Our team of investors and other real estate professionals is standing by to assist you in any way, shape, or form humanly possible.  We have the resources and experience to close deals fast, and we have already worked with hundreds of sellers in the Denver Metro Area and now we look forward to working with you next.

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