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HBR Colorado offers the best services for area property owners who want to sell their homes for cash. The Colorado Springs company has posted some testimonials from actually sellers on their website.

Colorado Springs CO, USA – July 18, 2019 / / —

HBR Colorado and Brian Rudderow are pleased to announce that the firm has posted recent testimonials from We Buy Colorado Springs Houses Cash sellers. The positive remarks from Michael Johnson and Andrew M are appreciated by the property buyers and serve as a reminder to others who may be considering the sale of their residence that the expertise and ready cash is the reason to contact HBR.

Michael Johnson and the Johnson family explained, “We asked Brian to flip and sell our house in Arvada, CO one year ago. He and his wife were very professional and quick in the work they did on the house. I would recommend them for anyone that wants to sell without having to sink a lot of money into it. I would give them an A+” – The Johnson’s.

For more information click here https://www.hbrcolorado.com/testimonials

Andrew M., another seller had a different and more complex issue. He explained in his posted testimonial, “Selling a townhome with a demanding HOA is hard enough, especially when you accrue a home damage assessment of $10,000 added on to your HOA bill. No realtor would agree to post a property for sale in this situation, which is why I went with Brian and his company. We probably set a world record in the time expected to close and officially sell any property, but with Brian’s continued diligence and assurance (to me), the home was finally closed after almost five months. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is in dire need to sell their home. Great job to Brian and his crew.”

There are many reasons who the property owner might decide to sell an existing property. These can be financial, divorce, death, or even poor tenants. The property may also have assessments and liens which would present a financial hardship to the owners.

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