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If you are searching for the best online company that advertises we buy junk houses Colorado Springs then you are in luck because our professional home buying company HBR Colorado – Colorado Springs Home Buyer has been purchasing houses fast in under seven days for several years, and we would like to make you an offer on your property today.  When you sell your house to a private real estate investment company such as us, you won’t have to pay any listing fees or commissions, and you will also not be responsible for any closing costs or other associated fees that normally come along with a traditional real estate sale.

Other “we buy houses” companies in the Colorado market will usually force you to cover at least 50% of the closing costs, and some of them will even try to get you to cover all of the closing costs, which is an outrage.  Our philosophy is that since we are likely going to earn a profit on the sale of your property, that we can afford to cover the closing costs on the transaction, so that’s what we do for each and every single one of our customers.

Selling Your Junk House To An Investor

Many homeowners are now realizing that selling their house through a traditional real estate agent is not a good option for them, and many people don’t want to take the time to go through that long, drawn-out, stressful process because it takes a toll on them emotionally.  We are looking to buy houses from people who are in stressful situations and need to sell immediately.  Since we are investors and we’re looking to make money on the deal, we only buy houses at a certain percentage of the after repair value, meaning how much the house will be worth on the local market once all of the repairs have been completed and it finally sells to a qualified buyer.

Our formula works as follows: we pay up to 80% of the full market value of the home minus any estimated repair costs that the home needs.  So if you have a $100,000 home that needs $10,000 in repair work then we would offer you $70,000 cash for that house, and we would even cover all of the closing costs.  We do realize that not every situation is a good fit for our home buying service, and if you’re looking to get full market value for your house then the best option is to list it with a local agent.  But if you value speed and liquidity over time and a higher price point, then give us a call right now at (719) 286-0053 and we’ll get you a free online quote for your home in under 24 hours.

Main Reasons To Do Business With Our Organization

  • Fast closing times.  We can close our deals much faster than listing your home with a real estate agent, and often times much quicker than our competing “we buy houses” companies in the Colorado area.  We have special people who are dedicated to working these leads around the clock, and they are willing to put the time and effort into moving your house quickly and efficiently.
  • Sell your property as-is.  When you list your home with a licensed real estate agent, they will likely ask you to perform a number of upgrades on the property in order to get it ready for the end buyer.  When you sell your property to a cash investor such as us here at HBR Colorado, you won’t have to perform any repairs on the home, and you can quickly sell it in as-is condition without any trouble whatsoever.
  • Trusted home buyers.  We have been doing this a long time, and we have the cash to close, so when we make you an offer you can rest assured knowing that we are professional home buyers and we’re going to be able to deliver on that offer.  We make good on our promises, and we are only interested in helping clients where the deal will be a strict win-win situation where all parties involved will benefit.
  • No commissions or fees.  Unlike listing your home with a traditional real estate agent, when you sell your home to us you will not have to pay any commissions, fees, or closing costs on the transaction whatsoever.  We will also cover 100% of the closing costs, which is something that not a lot of home buyers out there are willing to do, so please keep that in mind as well.

For more information on selling your Colorado house quickly online please read Cash For My House In Colorado

Are You Ready To Get A Free Quote On Your Home Today?

We laid out the entire process that we use with our Colorado home purchasing program, so the next step is for you to get a free quote on your home, 100% no obligation, no hassle.  We will simply run our 80% minus repairs home buying formula on your home and make you a fair cash offer and you can decide if it works for you.  If we’re not even in the same ballpark, and you want to sell your house for a much higher price, then no problem, we part ways and that’s that.  Alternatively, if you decide to accept our offer then we can close out the deal using our own cash at a title company of your choice on the date and time of your choosing.

We are extremely flexible with our terms, contracts, and clauses, and the only thing extra that we add-in is a contingency which allows us the ability to inspect the home to make sure that there aren’t any major repairs that could drastically increase the expenses and shave off a good deal of the profit margin on the deal.  We have been burned as investors before, and have lost a lot of money on a deal, so please try to think of it from our perspective as well so you have a good understanding of why we are structuring our deals this way, and what you can expect if you do choose to move forward with selling your home to our professional home liquidation service.

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