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Sell Home Quickly No Fees Cimarron Hills Colorado Springs

Our team purchases homes quickly using our own cash in Cimarron Hills, Colorado Springs in under one week without you having to pay any of the closing costs, listing fees, holding costs, or commissions.  We have been buying unwanted homes in this neighborhood for several years, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most streamlined user experience humanly possible.  We don’t force our sellers to pay any of the closing costs when they deal with our company, and on top of that, there are never any middlemen involved in the process at all.  This allows you to close faster, on your own timeline, and without having to deal with many of the hassles, problems, and headaches that normally face the typical person selling their home.

No agents, no fees, no extended wait, no hassles, no pressure, and no fuss!

If you are interested in our cash for homes program in Cimarron Hills then please get in touch with us via call or text directly at (719) 286-0053 to speak with one of our home buying analysts who can answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a fair cash offer that works for everyone involved.  We buy homes in as-is condition so you won’t have to worry about making extensive repairs that will likely cost you thousands of dollars and force you to manage a series of contractors coming and going to the home, and then once that is finished you get to go through the painful process of listing the home on the open market through a licensed real estate agent who will charge you anywhere between 3 – 6% commissions to go out there and find a qualified buyer.

You can also get a free quote right now by filling out the form on our homepage.

Benefits Of Selling As-Is For Quick Cash

  1. Flexible terms and conditions.  When you list your home on the open market through a licensed real estate agent, there will be a series of expensive transactions that will take place along with a lot of out of pocket expenses that must be paid up front to get the listing active on the MLS.  When you deal directly with a private cash buyer such as us here at HBR there are never any complications, and we allow for extremely flexible terms and conditions within our contracts.
  2. Faster closing times.  Since we are private investors, there is never any delay before the closing can take place.  We are able to instantly make you a fair offer right over the phone or live chat and then allow you some time to think it over while you make your decision.  If you are interested in hearing what your cash offer might be then please click on the live chat box in the corner of the screen or fill out the form at the top of the page for more details.
  3. No commissions or other costs.  Since there won’t be any real estate agents involved in the transaction at all, you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket to get the deal to close.  We will simply present you with a fair cash offer, and if you decide to accept it then the next step is to sign the contracts and send them over to a local title company where we will then set the closing time and date and put an earnest money deposit down on the property (if that has been negotiated in the terms).
  4. Sell without making repairs.  Everyone is well aware of the fact that if you plan on listing your home on the open market, you will definitely be forced to at least make some costly repairs in order to attract the right types of buyers who can get approved for the proper financing.  When you choose to take the alternate route and sell directly to a private real estate investment company, there are never any repair costs due by you upfront on the deal because we are the professional home flippers who will be responsible for fixing everything up and getting it sold on the open market.

Companies Who Buy Homes Cash Cimarron Hills, COS

We are the number one local company who buys houses quickly for fast cash in Colorado Springs and the surrounding neighborhoods of Cimarron Hills and other nearby suburbs.  If you are ready to speak to one of our professional home buying analysts then please give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and we will make you a fair offer right then and there over the phone.  Sometimes, it can be a much smarter decision to list your home on the market with a licensed realtor, and if that’s the case then we will be the first ones to tell you.  Heck, we will even recommend a local real estate agent that we normally use so that you can get a discount and sell your home for more money.

We handle any type of stressful situation that you can imagine.  We don’t back down and we don’t quit.  Ever.

We normally only buy homes that need a lot of repair work to get back up to their highest value.  If you want to learn more then please check out our FAQ page to see what questions other homeowners typically ask when they are thinking about selling privately to a cash investor.  We are a transparent, honest home buying corporation that truly puts our needs last and the needs of our customer’s first.  We don’t play games with people who are in desperate situations, we take massive action and get them the results that they are searching for.

When other companies fail to perform and get you the results that you need, we are the company that you should call or text – (719) 286-0053.