Cash Offer Versus Financed Offers On Denver Property

How Is A Cash Offer On A Denver CO House Different?

sell house as is, cash offer on a houseThere are a few main differences between cash offers and traditional bank-financed offers when buying or selling properties quick  in Denver CO, and we are going to go over those main differences in this article so that you can fully comprehend the small nuances that could potentially affect your decision when choosing which method to use for selling your home.  Various factors can affect your decision, such as the time frame that you are working with, your financial situation, and the overall condition of the property.  These factors will have the largest impact on which route will make the most sense for you when selling your home, so pay attention closely and use this information to help analyze your specific situation to accurately determine which method fits your situations criteria.

A cash offer on a house differs greatly from a regular financed offer in a number of ways.

Here’s how a cash offer on a house is different:

  • Cash offers are more likely to close because there are no financing requirements (which can take time).
  • Cash offers can close much faster than traditional financing because there is no waiting period to obtain the money.
  • Cash offers have less sales costs and fees associated with them. I.E. no financing costs, etc…
  • You often do not need appraisals from property inspectors when accepting an all cash offer.
  • Buyers are less likely to pull out when giving cash offers.
  • A cash offer on a house usually comes “As-Is”; the buyer typically purchases the property “As-Is”.

When cash offers make sense:

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When cash offers don’t make sense:

  • If your house is in excellent condition and doesn’t need any repairs.
  • If you want full market value and can afford to wait it out for the best offer.
  • If you don’t mind the extra steps that are needed to obtain lender financing.
  • If you don’t mind paying commissions and fees to a licensed real estate agent.

It’s important that you really sit down and accurately assess your situation, carefully weighing each option so that you make the right choice.  Sometimes it’s more important to know that you have a concrete option available to you, instead of relying on unsure circumstances to take place which are entirely dependent on getting your property sold.  If you don’t want to pay commissions, repair costs, and holding costs, then selling cash right now without making any repairs is probably your best option.

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