how to sell your house without an agent in denver colorado

How Do I Sell My House Without an Agent in Denver?

If you are a local Denver homeowner who wants to sell their property quickly for cash, without paying any commissions, repair costs, or fees, then we can definitely be of assistance! We are professional home buyers that operate in the Denver Colorado area, and we have been working with clients here, purchasing and valuing real […]

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i'm relocating and need to sell my house in denver

I’m Relocating and Need to Sell My House in Denver

Relocation can be an extremely frustrating process, especially if you need to sell your home quickly and don’t have the time and money to put into fixing it up and selling it on the local market.  We have local Denver Colorado homeowners calling us or submitting their house info on this website every week saying “I’m relocating and […]

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who can buy my house cash in Denver CO

Who Can Buy My Home With Cash In Denver Colorado

Selling a house in this struggling economy is not an easy task, especially if you are dealing with a property that needs thousands of dollars worth of repairs before it can even be listed on the market by a licensed real estate agent.  If you have already received a notice of default from your lending institution, then […]

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cash for homes tips denver colorado

Cash House Buyers in Colorado Tips – Do I Need To Make Repairs?

The short answer to this common question that we get all the time is “no, you do not have to make any repairs in order to sell your home for cash”. We are professional home buyers that have been operating in the Colorado marketplace for several years now, and we are dedicated to helping our clients […]

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how to avoid property tax foreclosure in Colorado

How To Avoid Property Tax Foreclosure In Colorado

What Happens if I Fall Behind on my Property Taxes in Colorado? The tax office in Colorado typically will sell the property that is in tax foreclosure within 4 years of when the tax liens are first placed.  If you have been looking online, trying to figure out how to avoid property tax foreclosure in Colorado, […]

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foreclosure notice of default colorado

Foreclosure – Notice Of Default In Colorado

What is a Foreclosure Notice of Default in Colorado? If you were wondering what is a pre-foreclosure then listen up as we are going to explain the entire process from front to back.  In a nutshell, a notice of default is a letter that is sent from the lending institution during pre-foreclosure to the borrow […]

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co springs foreclosure specialists

What Is A Pre-Foreclosure In Colorado?

Since the housing market crash of 2008, millions of Americans have suffered the very personal pain of foreclosure, so we are going to outline the entire process here to educate our clients of what you can expect when dealing with this unfortunate process, and what methods are effective at delaying and stopping the process. So […]

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cash for homes denver

Cash For Homes in Denver Colorado – How The Process Works

You have probably noticed that there are a lot of companies around Denver advertising “We Buy Houses”, and you were probably curious as to what that is and how the whole process works.  As one of the Colorado area’s most reputable home buyers, we wanted to weigh in on this process, and how working with […]

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sell my house online free quote

Sell Your House Online in Colorado – Free Online Quote

Most Colorado homeowners who are looking to sell their property will typically go to a local real estate agent, but there is another method that can be used by property owners to sell their homes online for cash in a few simple steps. It can take a long time to figure out how to sell […]

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sell my house myself colorado

How To Sell Your House Yourself in Colorado Springs

Most homeowners in the Colorado area immediately run to a local, licensed real estate agent when it comes time for them to sell their property, but these days many sellers are finding that it can often be a much better option to sell their homes by themselves to avoid the expensive commissions and fees that […]

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