sell my house fast denver coIf you are interested in selling your house fast in Denver CO then feel free to reach out to us immediately at (719) 286-0053 to get a risk free quote on your home and find out how much you can get when you sell your property in seven days fast for cash.  Our team works with local homeowners on the front range in Colorado, in Denver and the surrounding area with the goal of fixing them up and putting them back on the open market in order to earn a substantial profit.  Since we are in fact investors, we are looking to make money on every deal we participate in, so the idea behind our program is to make offers on properties using a specific formula which equals 70 – 80% of the full value minus estimated repair costs and fees, and find win-win situations with sellers where we can solve their specific real estate problem by purchasing their home at this price point and accomplishing two tasks at once.

Selling your home privately to a real estate investor is an alternative option to listing it on the open market with a licensed real estate agent and paying a listing fee on top of a commission when the home sells to both the listing and buyer’s agent.  When you sell directly to the investor who is going to fix and flip the home themselves, you will sell at a discount but you will not have to pay any up front, out of pocket expenses, so it’s really a good fit if you have a house that you would like to get rid of quickly without having to go through the traditional listing process that most home owners around the country are familiar with.

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